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Run by House Andaris

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Andaris Gala and Winery

Andaris Gala and Winery

Luxury. If there was a common characteristic that ran through nobleman's blood it would be the need to celebrate extravagantly. The Andaris family quickly saw the opportunity to profit from that trait and thus, the intricately crafted gala was built for hosting any event a member of a royal family could desire, from elegant weddings to lavish parties.

Located in the top tier of the city, the entrance to the gala gave a taste of what lie inside. Two large oak doors swung outward, revealing a large staircase broken into two flights going upwards, it's smooth surface reflecting the lights that lined the walls. During events, formally dressed servants stood at the base of the stairs, greeting guests. At the top stood another set of servants, announcing the name and status of the arrival.

The gala itself was just as impressive as the entrance made believe. Beautifully decorated floors and a high vaulted ceiling welcomed the guests. A large room, filled with tables and chairs off to the right and long tables covered with every food imaginable lined the left, between where guests would spend most of their time. An empty square sat off in the back, reserved for dancing, five men sitting with instruments, cheery music playing in the background.

As successful as the gala had been, it was not always rented out or in use. So the Andaris family expanded the business, building a store front off to the right of the entrance. Inside was a simple but cozy shop, a counter in the far back. A door behind it led down into a large wine cellar. An impressive array of wines filled the cool room to be purchased by buyers both in bulk and individually.

Winery NPC List

Moderator's Note: Players are welcome to use these NPCs if they're writing about this location.

Rafael Valius

Race: Human
Age: 55 Arcs
Title: Shop Keeper
Skills: Business Management: 50, Winemaking: 55, Negotiation: 35, Appraisal: 30, Agriculture: 45

Rafael grew up outside Andaris City, working the fields alongside his family. He was a just a simple man living a simple life until his niece got married: to the Baron. Mary and Rafael had been close growing up but she had aspirations and moved into the city. From that point on, he rarely saw her. Until one day she came to him out of the blue and asked him to run the winery her husband had created. She felt it best to keep management within the family and he had the experience needed to make it a success. So for the last forty arcs, Rafael had been placed over the winery, making it thrive until one day, another from within the family would come and take his place.
Location Created By: Quincy Andaris
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