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The plot development forum is designed for players and groups to keep track of their plot lines, goals they wish their characters to complete in each season, and anything else that may tie into your character's past, present, and future. Please remember that this is not the Personal Journals forum and should not be treated as such. All information posted within this forum should be information that ties back to your character within the Standing Trials Roleplay.
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Faith's Archive

Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:35 pm

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"Every evil has its good, and every ill an antidote."

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Re: Faith's Archive

Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:55 am

Archive Money Ledger Post (Site Change)
Money Ledgers
ItemDebitCredit Total
Reward from The Humble Son -- 50gn 50gn
Food Shopping: 122nd Vhalar 176 16gn -- 34gn
From Alistar 121st Vhalar -- 275gn 309gn
Clothes Shopping 123 Vhalar 14g6s4c 294g3s6c
Supplies Shopping 10th Zi'da 102gn192g3s6c
Medicinal Supplies 10th Zi'da 130gn62g3s6x
Ingredients for Sintih's street party 5gn57g3s6c
Room in Welles: 16th Zi'da 2gn 55g3s6c
Holiday Gift 50gn5g3s6c
Zi'da Wages ~ seamstress* 959 GN, 7 SN 6CN 965g1s2c
Zida Wages ~ chef* 1039 GN, 8SN 4CN2004g9s6c
Book for Tristan: 10th Zi'da 10gn1994g9s6c
Payment to Order of Adunih 10gn1984g9s6c
House Shopping 37th Zi'da 102gn1882g9s6c
Gift for Padraig 75th Zi'da 12gn1870g9s6c
Drinks with Aeon 4g1s1866g8s6c
Supplies, Meals & Drinks: 82nd Zi'da 13gn6sn1853g2s6c
2 x Books on Gardening: 85th Zi'da 20gn1833g2s6c
Payment for Odd Job --35gn1868g2s6c
Donation of above to Order of the Adunih 35gn-- 1833g2s6c
Supplies: Cradle Raw Materials, Yarn & Material 53gn--1780gn2sn6cn
Furnishing the Study 209gn--1571gn2sn6cn
Purchase of home in Scalvoris (jointly with Padraig) 983gn--588gn2sn6cn
Exam Fee: University 200gn--388gn2sn6cn
Fee for 2 x seasons of study 200gn --188gn2sn6cn
Cylus 717 Wages: Medic*-- 256gn 5sn 444gn 7sn 6cn
Clothes Shopping With Kura!24gn--420gn 7sn 6cn
Gifts for Padraig on Faldrass 77gn 5sn--343gn 2sn 6cn
Cylus 717 Wages: Chef*--405gn748gn 2sn 6cn
Furnishings for house168gn--580gn 2sn 6cn
Donation to the Order of the Adunih of above 250--580gn 2sn 6cn
Writing Supplies: Cylus 717 28gn--552gn 2sn 6cn
Kitting Out Professor Augustin 86gn--466gn 2sn 6cn
Collecting Flora180gn--xx
Donation of Above 180gn to the Order of the Adunihxx180466gn 2sn 6cn
Helping A Havardr Chap20gn--xx
Donation of Above 20gn to the Order of the Adunihxx20466gn 2sn 6cn
Ashan 717 Wages2,091gn--2,557gn 2sn 6cn
Opened Bank Account. Saving==10gn fee2,547gn 2sn 6cn
Deposited to Bank Account --2,000gn547 2sn 6cn
Paid for Amaris' Tuition + books xx 130gn 417gn 2sn 6cn
Staying in Faldrass Resort Ashan 717 xx20gn397gn 2sn 6cn
Cosmo's Toy! xx 10gn 387gn 2sn 6cn
Payment from Rafael30gn--417gn 2sn 6cn
Conversion of Point Bank Points 5,000gn-- 5,417gn 2sn 6cn
Wages: Chef: Ashan 717 2,091gn --7,508gn 2sn 6cn
Business Start Up5,400--2,108gn 2sn 6cn
Merchants' Guild Joining Fees 100--2,008gn 2sn 6cn
Finishing Touches To House77gn 4sn--1930gn 8sn 6cn
NPC: Katherine: Ashan 71710gn--1920gn 8sn 6cn
Rum in the name of science!9gn--1911gn 8sn 6cn
Medical Text Books90gn--1821gn 8sn 6cn
Payment for funeral of slave200gn--1621gn 8sn 6cn
Donation of Bounty to Order of the Adunih75gn--1621gn 8sn 6cn
Deposit Into Bank Ymiden 7171,000--621gn 8sn 6cn
Payment of Fees for Charter in Medicine (3 x seasons) 300--321gn 8sn 6cn
Bounty: Donated2525321gn 8sn 6cn
Wages: Chef: Ymiden 717--15181839gn 8sn 6cn
Bank Deposit1000--839gn 8sn 6cn
Wedding Clothes212gn 7sn--627gn 1sn 6cn
Ymiden Wages: Professor-- 1,100gn 5sn 1,727gn 6sn 6cn
Bank Deposit1000--727gn 6sn 6cn
Loot--125gn852gn 6sn 6cn
Birthday Gifts810gn--42gn 6sn 6cn
Saun 717 Wages: Associate Professor592gn--634gn 6sn 6cn
Letter in Immortal History Fee (2 x 70gn)--140gn494gn 6sn 6cn
A gift for Victor--9gn485gn 6sn 6sn
Gifts for Ayla--40gn445gn 6sn 6cn
Birthday Gifts for Pad II--30gn415gn 6sn 6cn
Wages Cally's (2K paid back)1000--1415gn 6sn
Deposit into bank --1000415gn 6sn
Cakes for Pash--5gn410gn 6sn
Arlo eats at Callys28gn--438gn 6sn
Pash and Kali have a date at Callys81gn-- 519gn 6sn
Farewell/Safe Travels to Kali & Pash--30gn489gn 6sn
Vhalar 717 Professor Wages2,083gn--2.572gn 6sn
Vhalar 717 Chef Wages & Pay Back of Set Up5,500gn--8, 072gn 6sn
Deposit into bank Vhalar 717--4,0004,072gn 6sn
Pad's wedding ring--400gn3,672gn 6sn
Holiday Event Gift 717--57gn 1sn 2cn 3,615gn 4sn 8cn
Wages Zi'da Chef--5,3008,915gn 4sn 8c
Donation from above wages to Order of the Adunih1,500--7.415gn 4sn 8cn
Donation from above wages to Luna's Orphanage 1,800--5,615
Deposit into bank Zi'da 717--4,0001,615gn 4sn 8c
[Buying Books130gn--1, 485gn 4sn 8cn
More books!130gn--1,355gn 2sn 8cn
Replacing The Telescope1,000gn--355gn 2sn 8cn
Conversion of 81 point bank points (recorded in PB ledger)--410765gn 2sn 8cn
Donation to Family Adopting Baby500gn--265gn 2sn 8cn
Aeon's Funeral200gn--65gn 2sn 8cn
Conversion of 100 point bank points (recorded in PB ledger)--500565gn 2sn 8cn
Gift to Delta500gn--65gn 2sn 8cn
Renown GF'd Money In--2400gn2465gn 2sn 8cn
Donation to Isonomia2400gn--65gn 2sn 8cn
Profit Cylus 718: Callys--2,518gn 7sn 5cn2,584gn 0sn 3cn
Donation to Isonomia518gn--2,066gn
Deposit into bank: Cylus 7181500--566gn 0sn 3cn
Profit Ashan 718: Callys--10,616gn 2sn 2cn--
Donated to Isonomia8,616gn 2sn 5cn--2,566gn
Wage: Professor: Ashan 718--2,771gn 5sn5, 337gn 5sn
Supplies for Lei'lira et al200gn--5,137gn 5sn
6K withdrawn from bank --6,000gn11,137gn 5sn
Lots of Houses!10,750gn--1,387gn 5sn
Closed Bank Account in Scalv --18,725gn 1sn 7cn20,112gn 6sn 7cn
House for Rey'na4,500--15,612gn 6sn 7cn
Start Up Costs: Augustins9,000--6,612gn 6sn 7cn
Sale of Cally's--50,001gn56,613gn 6sn 7cn
Wages Cally's Ymiden 718--7,965gn 6sn 1cn64,579gn 2sn 8cn
Rharne Merchants Guild Fee: Saun 718 50gn--64,529gn 2sn 8cn
Archive Money Ledger (Site Change) No adjustment 64,529gn 2sn 8cn
Curtains etc Isonomia HQ -30gn 64, 499gn 2sn 8cn
Furnishing for the above (same link) -499gn 2sn 8cn 64,000gn
Investment into Augustin's Putting A Pin In It -5,000gn 59,000gn
Profit & Investment: Saun 718 9,876gn 68, 876gn
Donation to Order of the Adunih -4,000gn 64, 876gn
Donation to Isonomia 4,876gn 60,000gn
Set up of clinic, soup kitchen etc 4,250gn 55, 750gn
Total Currency: 56, 613gn 6sn 7cn
*all wages have seasonal expenses & tax deducted
Please note: Until 121st Vhalar 716, Faith was a slave. This ledger commences then.
word count: 1033
"Every evil has its good, and every ill an antidote."

~ Rharne HQ
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