Gotz' first solo hunting trip

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.

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The cloudless blue sky is similar to that of a warm ocean, the sun blazing in its utmost glory as its own light brightens the entirety of Andaris. As typical for the Ymiden and the eventual Saun season, the heat bakes on the town's surface. The entire atmosphere can be hot to the point where wandering around a city without shades is much similar to walking around a vast, windless desert.

Gotz stares through the window blankly, aware of the current temperature of today's afternoon. It sucks that in most days he has to stay at home throughout Ymiden and Saun unless he actually has something to do, like buying necessities or going on a trip. Speaking of a trip, he hatched a plan earlier this morning to go to the forest surrounding Aradis, intending to try to hunt on his own for the first time. After all, he is quite busy with literally nothing shortly after moving into his new home. It is time to grow into a better person, he thinks to himself. In order to hunt however, Gotz has thought about buying a few things for the trip before he can actually move on. Hell, he can even go ahead and buy his own shield. A heater to be exact. That's a thought.

Ten breaks have passed. Gotz is sitting on his chair, drinking water from his waterskin. Not much, just enough, for water is precious in the hot seasons. Finally after feeling like he is ready, he stands up and takes his purse and glances at his father's sword on the wall near the door, the sheathed blade facing downwards. The design to Gotz's eyes are at the very least appealing, especially the blade, which was given a great silvery touch and its sharpness defined. He has taken very good care of it for as long as he owns it since his father's death. Preserving and cleaning this family weapon is a matter of great consideration to Gotz since it is the symbol of his father's mercenary life.

One more glance at the sword and Gotz soon leaves the house, his purse hanging onto his belted hips as he heads to the marketplace of Andaris.

The marketplace itself has quite plenty of citizens moving here and there, a lot of them bring their own water in various kinds of containers. Some of them take further measures to cool themselves by pouring water over their heads and rubbing their wet face and hair, making themselves look like they just got out from some delusional rain that only affects them.

The first store to be entered by Gotz is just a general store, selling various everyday items, tools, you name it. He doesn't waste his time browsing the entire store to see what he actually wants to buy. A mental shopping list is already present in his mind, some which he has to buy from other stores

Two light ropes. One large shovel. One hatchet axe. One large bag. Maybe some spices or herbs and vegetables to cook in the wild. A combat knife to carve up animals for their skin, organs and meat. A good quality heater shield if he can still afford it. A small cast iron pot. A soup spoon. A tent.

With so much of these things, he tries to calculate the gold and silver prices of these items in his mind, though he guesswork is at best amateurish. He just figures that the total costs would be around say...40 or 50 at best. Pricey, but maybe worth it.

Gotz takes the tools and accessories he needs in the general store, reminding himself to go to the smith as the last shop to go to today. One buy one, he puts the items on the counter and makes his pay. Total bill's 25 gold, 2 silver and 2 copper nels. Gotz pays up 26 gold, the balance being one gold so those ten pieces of silver leaves him with seven as balance. One more silver piece and these copper coins soon turn to eight as balance. One gold, seven silver and eight copper. Not bad..though Gotz hopes that the balance is correct here.

After stuffing these items in a provided disposable bag, he travels to one of the vegetable shops in the marketplace, where he buys two sweet potatoes for eight copper nels. The smithy soon becomes his final destination, and without wasting any more time, he goes there and makes his purchases right away. First he buys a combat knife for 15 gold. And then a good quality heater shield for 20. The shield is rather a beauty to look at. It proudly adorns the dragon of Andaris, black in color, symbolizing strength. The shield itself is metallic, silver in color. Gotz gently knocks the shield with his knuckles before nodding at the smith in approval upon purchase.

Now properly equipped, Gotz heads back home to count his remaining money as well as sorting his newly purchased items to the living room altogether. Briefly looking at the sun through his window, he plans to travel to the wild as the sun is about to set.
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