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Shield of my Shield

Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:52 pm

43rd Ymiden

With a quick sidestep, Rey'na managed to block the strike with her spear. While she was much more used to trying to block with her shield, it wasn't always as easy for her. She had Windsong for a long time now, whereas Sunguard was a much newer investment. It was harder to train with a shield, she found. Fighting with a spear required nothing but time and something to train with, even if that something was an open courtyard. But an open courtyard didn't often provide attacks to block.
"Good, but it's not your shield" Archie started, looking to the girl that had asked for his help in practice with Sunguard. Slowly he lowered his blade, letting it drop to the ground before coming over to the girl and correcting her stance. Small circles were made around her before he finally nodded his approval. "Perfect. Now put the spear down and we can continue."

With a disgruntled mumble, Rey put the spear up against a weapon rack, not wanting it to get dusty by resting on the floor. Archie gave her a nod as she kept in position, her hand ready with the shield to move. Archie picked up his blade and waited for a few trills, leaving the girl waiting. Then he lunged, causing Rey to panic and step back. Her shield barely blocked the hit, but the blade was deflected. It was then met with another strike, one that came from the side. This one managed to shock Rey'na as the blunt training blade hit her side hard, causing her to wince in pain.
"We'll take a break" Archie nodded and walked over to their waterskins, grabbing his own and leaving the other for Rey'na to take. As he took a large drink from it, the thought crossed his mind. Now, of all times, was the best time. It would never be a good time, but now was the best he had yet. It would have to do. Slowly the man turned to the drinking girl and sighed.

"Do you know what Abrogation entails, Rey'na?" he asked and gave her a small, serious look. Rey met his eyes and knew that this look was more extreme than his normal gazes. While he would often wear a fairly blunt and serious look, this was different. Something in his eyes showed more than just formality, it showed pain. Perhaps. Or fear? Whatever it was, it was clear to Rey'na that something was wrong. But she would answer his question. "Aside from the initiation, no. I don't."
Archie started walking, almost pacing a circle around her in thought. "Abrogation is a magic that counters all others. Be it Defiance, elemental magic. Sovereign, telekinetic force. Or perhaps Aberration - a magic born of chaos" he explained and glanced away, eyes refusing to meet hers while he told his story. He couldn't bring himself to look at her, despite her past too.

"My first magic was Aberration, an incredibly vicious magic that drains your opponent into nothingness, sucks their life away to feed a creature called a Harvester. A vile beast that wants nothing but power, death, and mayhem. It has no regard for human life. None. Which makes them dangerous beyond words" he explained to the girl, the regret clear in his eyes. "I didn't opt to be initiated, but I was young and stupid enough to try and find a silver lining to it. That there was power so it was alright."
Archie held back a tear as he leaned his body back on the low-wall in the courtyard, wincing a little. While he was fit for a man of his age, he was still in some pain from years of training and fighting. "I let the magic take control, until it got too powerful and I was afraid. So I searched far, trying to find a mage that would take me in. Sure enough, one man did. I learned control of the elements, Defiance. Then I could stand up for myself, against the vicious harvester. But before I had been able to...I did horrific things."

With a small sigh, the man looked at her again, entirely serious. "Abrogation is a way we rid the world of magic like that, or those that misuse it. Anyone bearing it may find themselves at risk, and we are their shield - and the shield of anyone around them. Because if an Aberrant loses their mind and we don't step in? There is a steep price to pay for it. Which is where me, you and the rest of our class of magic step in. We protect those that are unable to protect themselves, even if that means protecting mages from themselves."
Trills of silence followed, Rey'na looking at him with a level of disbelief. She didn't think him a liar, but the story sounded beyond anything she had experienced. The idea of being given a power so strong you slaughtered people, and needing two other magics to fight against it. It was terrifying to her, yet the man was so strong. Archie had never once shown signs of weakness to her, never once given her a reason to doubt his ability and strength. Mentally, he seemed with it. He was fun, friendly, collected and calm. Sometimes he came across as firm, but he was always with a good heart. Yet he had been through that.

Rey was not normally the kind, but she made her approach to him, fast and with determination. Before the man knew what happened, arms embraced him, hair brushing down his shoulder and chest. "What you did doesn't matter. Not with how hard you're trying" she muttered to him, holding the man. Half for his sake, half for her own. "The day you seek redemption, and truly seek it - willing to do anything for it. That is the day you are redeemed."
Archie paused as his hands rested on Rey'na's back. If he could have rescheduled the time he asked her to marry him, it would have been a perfect time now. After all of his years of saving lives, what attracted him most to Rey'na as a person was the effect she brought on others. Everyone she helped loved her, she was warm and friendly, and not one person had ever asked her for help and been turned down. He had even heard of potential rapists on her first day of work, being spared by her and taken through the legal system instead. Lives saved, both innocent and not - all in the name of redemption.

A Bit passed of their embrace, the two holding one another close, just feeling the warmth of care and understanding. Both knew what it felt like to regret a past, to regret actions committed in the name of an entity - all for power. While there were differences, the two understood one another in a way they never thought anyone could understand. Rey knew it all too well, and all too recent. While Archie had made his mistakes arcs ago, Rey'na was still this bad just over an Arc ago. Still killing innocents in the name of a psychopathic Immortal she called 'mother'. A woman she adored, willing to kill for.
"Thank you" he finally spoke, giving Rey'na one last tight hug before letting go and taking a small step to give her space. Rey simply nodded to the man, glancing away before recollecting her shield and spear. "As fun as it is sitting here and hugging, and I assure you it is something I enjoyed, we should keep training. I haven't done enough work on my shield today. I need to get better with Sunguard. Just in case."

Without hesitation, Archie picked up his blade and swung for her, not waiting for her to ready herself. But Rey'na was starting to learn, especially with Archie. If he was holding a weapon of some kind, he was going to attack. Or there was a relatively high chance of it, at least. As the blade swung her shield turned and met it. While the hit still hurt the girl and Archie for that fact, it was fairly effective. She had blocked as well as she could for someone her skill level, and it had been a surprise attack no less.
"Very good. You're learning, girl" he smiled at her before swinging again, another hit blocked well. Archie chuckled and took a step back, lowering the blade as his eyes watched her posture. "Very well done girl" he nodded and walked around her. Suddenly, his foot kicked her ankle lightly, causing her foot to slip a little as she fell to the floor with a thud. Dazed, she looked up at the man with a small glare.

"Footwork, Rey'na. Get back up and practice it" he ordered, a small smirk spread across his lips and a light in his eyes Rey had not seen before. It was nice to see the man in such a happy and positive place, and it made Rey'na feel nice too. Knowing that the two were now at a level where he was comfortable sharing that information with her. As she got back in to position, the entire courtyard could see the huge grin on her face.
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Re: Shield of my Shield

Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:19 pm


Points! 10 (may not be used for Domain Magic)

Round Shield: A bad stance makes a nasty fall
Round Shield: Blocking surprise attacks
Round Shield: Constantly stay alert
Round Shield: Blocking attacks from the side
Round Shield: Blocking heavy hits can hurt
Polearms - Combat Spear: Deflecting attacks

Loot: None
Injuries/Overstepping: None
Renown: Nurp

Love it! Love how well Rey'na is doing with Archie and I have to say, I get the feeling that "Get up" is something she's going to hear a lot from him. I love the relationship you have built up with Archie and, after a lot of solos and 2 modded threads, I am more than happy to approve your Mage Mentor NPC. Thanks so much for humoring me and my desire to do this in this manner. But feel free to initiate away now :)
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