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Known colloquially as the "Realm of Dreams", Emea is a mysterious place accessed primarily beyond the realm of consciousness as the mortal body sleeps in Idalos. The mind travels far at night and Emea's not without its unique risks and dangers, though Jesine's vigilance keeps mortals mostly safe.

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Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:34 pm

The Crow HasTurned

The cry suddenly shrieked, casting itself about the confines of the adobe hut. There was a certain urgency to the rallying call of the hybrid, and for excellent reason. There was, after all, an emergency that needed to be handled, and without the assistance of his comrade, he sincerely doubted he would be entirely able to finish everything that needed to be done in the time allotted. Nevertheless, he set to work, attempting to assist the overall project by performing the work that he was good at. The Avriel took hold of his adamantite mace, a tool and an instrument of creation, and promptly laid it beside the anvil.

He couldn’t imagine for a few moments how he was intended to retrieve the copper ore currently smoldering under the heat of the smelter onto said anvil, but after several moments of consideration, the answer finally occurred to him. He promptly scooped the entirety of the molten copper into a tin cup, and began to pour it wholeheartedly upon the anvil. Of course, it was an almost entirely formless non-neutonium solid, at this point, but that was merely a transitory point of the entire process. As it began to cool in contact with the air, he struck at it with his adamantite mace. Adamantite was blue, and so it had the natural quality of cooling everything that it struck making it a prime instrument of smith-work, regardless of what others said.

It took him only a short while to begin to curl what was once a molten fluid into a more accurate depiction of its end-goal, and he promptly heaved the anvil, dumping it into the nearby bucket of water to ensure that the metal had cooled appropriately. Of course, he was nowhere near having completed that layer, but it would need a few moments before he could thrust it back into the fire and re-heat it so that he could work on it again. It was a difficult and tiresome task, but his life was filled with such things, and he didn’t doubt that he would be able to accomplish it so long as he put his mind and willpower to it.

“Faith! Get down here and stop playing with that ridiculous rabbit!”
The hybrid called again, thrusting his hand against the ceiling with a harsh bang. He swore, the more she hung around with that wretched creature, the slower she was coming to realizing the important tasks at hand. It was almost as if though it was absorbing all of her work ethic, and replacing it with what could only be described as lethargy. He sighed dejectedly at the absolute absence of sound indicating that no one was on their way quite yet, and instead directed his attention towards the far cupboards of the room.

He began to remove several of the implements and decorations they’d need for the process and laid them out on the nearby table. Of course, he was absolutely dreadful at decorating things and making them look pretty. Everything he made was absolutely functional, without any of the negativity that could creep in from over-opportunistic art choices. Nevertheless, if they were going to be the best in the business, they would need to woo and impress those judges who were going to be watching over them. A shudder of anticipation and excitement flickered up his spine as he finished in his organizing duties, and returned to his metalwork.

They were going to bake the best cake in the show, he just knew it!
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As a note: Noth is a Grandmaster in Intimidation. That means that he's at least as scary as the Count from Sesame Street. Beware.

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Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:02 pm

She heard him calling, but she ignored him. He didn't understand her, none of them did. She was dark and gloomy and he was bright and cheerful. It was sickening listening to him, them, all of them, just being so upbeat and optimistic about every little thing. With a deep sigh, she looked at the bunny who was sitting next to her, "I'm sorry I made you feel so depressed, PB," Faith said and she watched as PB also sighed. He looked so sad with his big bunny eyes and his saggy, flopsy bunny ears. His chalk whiskers drooped and his little shoulders slouched.

"It's a'right, love. There's just no point arguin' yer right," She nodded her head. "You're experiencing existential angst. It's hard the first time, but it's truth, you know? Like, real truth." That was Wise, PB the chalk bunny of her imagination decided and he listened to her. "Tell me more, my little trout an' toolbox, tell me mo-ar." Faith nodded and sat on the bed opposite him. "It's like this. Everything dies. The only thing that we know is death and from the moment we're born, we are shackled by the looming specter of death."

"Looming," PB said, awestruck.

"And when Death is so absolute, when you know it and embrace it, then suddenly you get this clarity, you know? This real, blinding clarity about what's important and what's not." And she was fairly sure that whatever Noth was fussing about downstairs - probably a souffle, he seemed more than a little obsessed wth those - it fell very firmly into the category of 'not important'. She looked at PB and his chalk bunny eyes were wide and amazed.

"It's all so clear, Faith. It is. You've been enlightened, had a doodle in yer noodle an' you've come over all wisdomous. But you know, you should talk to Noth, he's ruining the scene." She glanced down at the floor as there was the sound of something thumping it. The two of them sighed in unison and Faith nodded. "He won't understand. He's all driven and ambitious and stuff," Faith was sure that she was right about that. PB nodded along, his morose whiskers nearly at his chalk-outline knees.

"Sickening, it is, love. He should be professionally broody an' miserable like us," PB declared and Faith smiled. Then, she made her way downstairs and she arrived, standing in the doorway watching him. Her red and black dress added to the whole vibe and she looked at him with a complete lack of anything in her silver and ruby eyes. "Why are you bothering?" Faith asked, although she moved in and started to help him. Slowly, with no enthusiasm and less care. "When death comes, no one's going to care how good yourr cakes are. We could go and read the names on graves, if you want? Remind ourselves of the fragility of mortality?" Or, she supposed, they could make a cake.

"What are you using for frosting?" Professionally morose or not, she loved her some frosting.
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