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Name: Vluharqih, Alexandra McKay, Valyeria Trvolian

Age: 24 arcs

Race: Yludih

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 1 Vhalar 695

Broken Languages Spoken:
Ith'ession, Pailtic

Conversational Languages Spoken:

Fluent Languages Spoken:

Member of the Cauldron, In charge of a cell of three members

Human Forms

Alexandra McKay
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Old Lady McKay
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Drivia Hornstone
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Corin Trysta
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Logan Norta
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Lauren Hansdottir
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Avriel Forms

'Valyeria Trvolian ' Form
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'Nightshade Eld' Form

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Animal Forms
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Arctic Tiger Form[
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Past: Chaotic Neutral or True Neutral
Vluharqih has two distinct personalities, however they are both underlain by several defining characteristics. First, she is callous. No matter her form, she has little empathy towards others, and has great difficulty making healthy, long term relationships. She can often fool people into believing she cares, however the facade breaks down after extended periods of time together. This wall has slowly been breaking down with her close interaction with Mr.Gardener over the seasons she's lived in one place.

She also has a very peculiar sense of honour. Once she accepts a job she will see it through no matter the cost, but she dislikes killing innocents.

She is very crafty, and feels most alive when she is fooling someone. Her enjoyment of convincing someone of something has often created unnecessary complications. She disdains open combat, and has very little skill with the bow. Her preferred method of killing is a small dagger, or poison. She views anyone who gets involved in a fight as clumsy and bull headed.

She has felt lost since Alfred and Joanna were arrested, and deals with this by travelling from city to city. She has avoided long term connections, and looks forward to being in new places. She doesn't have a great interest in hoarding gold, and any that she earns is quickly spent on supplies, repairs, or purchasing better equipment. Her main motivation is to achieve perfection in her field, and she relentlessly pushes herself to improve. She believes that only the strong survive, which drives the desire to be perfect. In her jobs, she is slow, calculating and methodical. She will plan for weeks, ensuring everything will go as planned.

Vluharqih has a burning curiosity and attraction to the Hyx, quite out of character for her. She often seeks them out, and has read several books about their habitats and patterns. She has caught a glimpse of one, a long time ago, and the image of its sleek body rushing across the horizon has stayed with her since.

While she is Alex, Vluharqih is cheerful, elegant and polite. She uses this form to attend large galas or parties without raising suspicions, and is her standard day-to-day form. She has crafted a background with Alex, and has used it to gain access to smaller parties with great success. It is also her default travelling form, as travelling as a Avriel raises unnecessary suspicions.

While she is Avriel, she is more impulsive and relies heavily on her instinct to get her through the jobs. She only uses this form while completing a job, needs to keep her Alex form safe from attention, or when it is absolutely required. Most of her acrobatics and knife fighting that she's learned has taken place while she is Valyeria.

Arival in Etzos to her Undercover Mission: Chaotic Evil to Chaotic Neutral
In the beginning, Vluh carried herself around in a hard shell, not trusting easily, and with little regard for human life. She has become more introspective but has ultimately decided that life has very low value, save to the person who it belongs to.

Anything goes.

She doesn't have any issues with playing a role, be that kind, cheerful, moody, or talkative. Most will find it difficult to truely predict her actions, including Vluharqih herself.

As time went on, Vluh began to make friends and acquaintances. Mr Gardener, her mentor, as well as reconnecting with her Father. But primarily, it was the action of Nightshade Eld who broke through Vluh's shell by discovering her true identity and not caring. Vluh has now begun to make true connections with others and is seeing a world outside of her immediate desires.

Her family life was difficult growing up. She was born to Ashley and Warren Crossen during a cold Vhalar night. Her mother was an apothecary, and ran her own store. As soon as Vluharqih could walk, she was assisting her mother in the shop. She began with sweeping and dusting, but soon her mother had her assisting in preparing various remedies. Often, strange people would enter, with a red armband, but her mother never let her assist them. She would take them into the back room, and reappear several minutes later. Her father never spoke of what he did, and asking him would provoke violent outbursts. She learned early on to avoid certain topics; his work, their extended family, and the strange people with armbands.

From a young age, she was knew what she was, and she learned Yludih well before she was fluent in Common. She quickly mastered the ability to switch between Human and Avriel, as her parents pushed her to perfection. They would have Vluharqih practice sneaking up on them, or have her steal food from the stand, which they would then pay for. Her favourite games involved tricking others into believing her lies. She never had any malice, but the thrill of convincing someone of something innocuous was one that got her heart racing every time. However, despite all their training, they never taught her Lorien, which drastically inhibits her ability to use Valyeria.

One night, when she was only 12, she awoke in the night to her parents loudly talking. She crept to the stairs, and listened as they fought. She soon realized that they were debating turning on their Yludih network, and selling them out. Her mother was arguing that they should turn into decent citizens, and the reward for turning in several criminals in the network was large enough to start over somewhere new. Warren disagreed, and the two began to argue in earnest. As she realized this, she decided that she didn't want to hear any more, but a commotion below froze her in her tracks. The silence after the crash was chilling, and was only broken by the gut wrenching sobs she heard coming out of her father. She peered around the corner to see her father kneeling above the bloody body of her mother, a blood-spattered pan lying in the dirt beside him.

That was the last thing she remembers before waking up several weeks later in a bed. She awoke in the house of a young human couple, Alfred and Joanna, who had found her body on their front door. She was in a different city, with no recollection of how she had got there, but when she revealed her father's name they were shocked. They belonged to the same network as her parents, however their parents had gone missing several weeks prior. During the course of their conversation, the couple accidentally let on that her parents were part of a small criminal network. She kept her face still, as she processed the new information. They blathered on, not realizing that they had unwittingly revealed her parent's biggest secret. The couple told her that she could stay, however she would need to contribute to the house. Their method of contribution involved stealing and murder, using their ability to shape shift as a license to commit crimes. They started her out with cat burglary, however it soon progressed well beyond that. Vluharqih had no moral issues with this- a part of her seemed dead inside since she saw her father above her mother's body. She was cold inside, and very rarely felt emotion, however she learned to excel at faking it. Alfred took advantage of this and soon had her committing gang assassinations. It was about this point when she realized her parent's obsession with the Avriel form; the wings provide a perfect escape, and if she were seen, the population would blame Athart, not even realizing that she was in their midst.

On her 15th birthday, she came home to see law enforcement taking Alfred and Joanna away. She stood in the cold alley, watching, and doing nothing as they were loaded up and carted off. After they had left, she crept back inside and packed up her stuff, before making a beeline for the gates.

She has been living as a mercenary since then, and travels from city to city in Western Idalos. In her last city, she got so caught up in spinning fantastical tales to the merchant's guard that she didn't notice the merchant call for the City Guard until it was too late. She delivered the item to her buyer, but the commotion had resulted in forfeiting her bonus. She was forced to sell some of her supplies in order to organize safe passage out of the city.
  • Clothing
    • Poor Woollen Dress
    • Bolt of Cotton Cloth
    • One set of Webspinner robes
    • 1 Pair of Plain Boots
    • 1 Warm Woollen Coat
    • One Mottled Green Cloak
    • Knee High Leather Boots
    • One Cloak with the Mirror Dust enhancement
    • Etzori Messenger Uniform, letter stachel, obatined here
    • One set of Average Laundress Clothing (Purchased Hot Cycle, 719)
    • One set of Average Men's Clothing (Purchased Hot Cycle, 719)
      • One Large Leather overcoat
      • One set of dark black, loose pants
      • One plain, white shirt
  • One tent (sized to accommodate two people or one person and their possessions.)
  • 100 feet of rope
  • One tinderbox.
  • A set of six torches
  • One Lantern
  • One bedroll
  • A compass
  • A fishing net
  • A blanket
  • Four rucksacks
  • A knife
  • One waterskin
  • One set of toiletries
  • Two rags
  • Two Embersteel Pugiones with belt sheath
  • Softened, waterproofed, pleated leather coin purse
  • 4x'Stain' Weapon Poison
  • 1 Adolescent Pet Hyx named Amber
  • 2 Adamantite Pugiones with belt Sheath
  • Garlic Press
  • 3x Medical Beaker
  • 1 Bolt of Alchemized Cotton (Somewhat Pierce Proofed)
  • 1 set of Enchanted Earings
  • One lockbox of proof of Sintra's scheming
  • One broken etherstorm generating artefact
  • Three letters from Webspinners that show clear proof of preknowledge of the Etherstorms and orders to betray Etzos

Vluharqih owns several pieces of property around the Etzos area. First, she owns The Laughing Potion, a poison, medicine, and drug crafting shop that specializes in large scale orders. The property is located in the Etzos Underground, along one of the major thoroughfares.

Additionally, in Ymiden of 719, she purchased four farms with teir three structures and 10 acres each, laid out as follows below.
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Renown: 278
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RP Medals





Resistance Bypassing
Through study and practice, Vluh is able to make her drugs and poisons bypass the normal bodily methods of absorption and have a greater impact. The same drug, produced by her, provides a rush like "the first time" to seasoned drug addicts. A poison created by her seems to bypass standard resistances to that poison, and has a far greater impact than a poison created by another. She is able to bypass the "Resistance" skill by 1 skill tier, making a Master Resister into an Expert, though this ability does not work against Mortalborn or Immortals.

Quick Study
As a result of hours of effort in examining peoples faces and bodies, and the way they move, Vluh has picked up shortcuts and is now able to learn their form via her racial shapeshifter ability significantly faster than should otherwise be possible. She now requires at least 15 minutes of time at close range to study them in order to copy their form.

Trained Skills

Skill Points Bonus Adjusted Rank
Acting (11)
  1. Acting: Stage whisper
  2. Acting: Faking an Addiction
  3. Acting: Sob Stories: The Classic Fallback Tactic
  4. Acting: Acting like nothing has happened is hard
  5. Acting: Playing the Part of a Friendly Stranger
  6. Acting: Playing the Part of a Medical Assistant
  7. Acting: Playing a Businesswoman
  8. Acting: Overdone is Overrated
  9. Acting: A confident young woman reveling in her sexuality
  10. Acting: An old lady
  11. Acting: Changing Faces to Commit the Same Act
(5/250) +0 (5/100) Novice
  1. Acrobatics: Tumbling to dodge your strike
  2. Acrobatics: leaping horizontally at an attacker
  3. Acrobatics: Holding on to ledges.
  4. Acrobatics: Ready-to-Spring Crouch
(24/250) +0 (24/100) Novice
Agriculture (1)
  1. Agriculture: Custom Pots Make Rockmoss Easier
(1/250) +0 (1/100) Novice
Animal Husbandry (4)
  1. Animal Husbandry: Proper care of your mount
  2. Animal Handling: Scolor Spiders: Careful Lifting to Stay Safe
  3. Animal Handling: How to Force an Animal to Drink
  4. Animal Handling: Learning to Herd Escaped Animals
  5. Animal Handling: Recognizing When a Mercy Killing is Necessary
(5/250) +0 (5/100) Novice
Animal Training (10)
  1. Animal Training: Acclimating a stray animal to people again
  2. Animal Training: Learning how not to scare a skittish animal
  3. Animal Training: Estimating amount of food needed
  4. Animal Training: Avoiding getting bitten
  5. Animal Training: The importance of a name
  6. Animal Training: Bonding through feeding
  7. Animal Training: Feeding treats to bond with an animal
  8. Animal Training: Responding appropriately to animal body language
  9. Animal Training: Covering food in your scent to endear yourself to an animal
  10. Animal Training: Properly petting a barghest
(5/250) +0 (5/100) Novice
Business Management (23)
  1. Business Mgmt.: Experimental drugs should come with a warning
  2. Business Mgmt.: Don't poison your clients
  3. Business Mgmt. - Providing Lodging has Benefits
  4. Business Mgmt. - Responsibility increases as Business grows
  5. Business Mgmt. - Looking at the books before a takeover
  6. Business Mgmt. - Looking out for your employees
  7. Business Mgmt. - Personal favours weigh in on business deals
  8. Bus. Mgmt: Absorbing a 200gn Scarf-Rot Loss
  9. Business Management: It's better to keep the workplace tidy
  10. Bus. Mgmt: Military Boom Means Lots of Overtime
  11. Bus. Mgmt: Keep Stock Prepared for Big Crowds' Entertainment
  12. Business Mgmt: Offer Payment Arrangements
  13. Business Mgmt: Try to Run Terms Quickly Past the Customer
  14. Business Mgmt: Working with a Partner for Mutual Benefit
  15. Bus. Mgmt.: Flip "Closed" Sign for Private Customers
  16. Bus. Mgmt: Secure the Stock, Then See to the Customer
  17. Bus. Mgmt: Repaying Mr. Gardener's "Investment"
  18. Bus. Mgmt: Running the Customer Floor Alone
  19. Buisness Management: Ensuring A Fair Price for Deals
  20. Business Management: Giving up Money now for Research
  21. Business Management: Division of Labour among Workers
  22. Business Management - Altering the Deal
  23. Business Management - Don't undersell yourself
(31/250) +0 (28/100) Competent
Blades, Dagger (11)
  1. Blades (Dagger): When fighting against short blades, dodge and weave
  2. Blades (Dagger): Taking minor wounds to kill your opponent
  3. Blades (Daggers): Easily concealed in a sleeve for a quick, unnoticed strike
  4. Blades: Dagger: Reflexive Stab.
  5. Blades (Dagger) - Aim for arachnid body plates
  6. Blades: Smaller is Better in Close Quarters
  7. Blades: Dagger: Proper Hold and Stance
  8. Blades: Dagger: Breaking skin with a poisoned blade
  9. Blades: Dagger: Throat slice
  10. Blades: Dagger: Turn Body for Stronger Thrust and Smaller Target
  11. Blades: Dagger: Twist the Blade to Reduce Suction on Withdrawal
(27/100) (26/100) Competent
Cosmetology (9)
  1. Cosmetology: Dyes for Hair
  2. Cosmetology: Wool can be itchy
  3. Cosmetology: Accessories are key
  4. Cosmetology: Stick to a couple basic colors to save coin
  5. Cosmetology: Mixing and matching clothing
  6. Cosmetology: Types of fabric
  7. Cosmetology: Fashion is not always comfortable, nor reasonable
  8. Cosmetology: Different materials have different uses
  9. Cosmetology- Matching foundation
(1/250) +0 (1/100) Novice
Deception (26)
  1. Deception - Using the force of chain of command to cover your lies
  2. Deception - Covering up for missed information
  3. Deception: Using unnecessary stitches to hide as a Yludih
  4. Deception: An Obvious one can hide a less obvious
  5. Deception: Buying the Work of Others to Claim as Your Own
  6. Deception: Requires Foresight and Planning
  7. Deception: Lying about your wealth
  8. Deception: Playing the Part of a Stooped Old Man
  9. Deception: Pretending to be a Couple With a Stranger
  10. Deception: Hiding money
  11. Deception: Covering Things Up in Hopes to Fool Those Who Are After You
  12. Deception: Playing the victim
  13. Deception: Making up a story on the fly
  14. Deception: Appearing meek
  15. Deception: Seeming tired
  16. Deception: A Little Truth Goes A Long Way
  17. Deception: I'm so cold and vulnerable....
  18. Deception: Having Background Knowledge
  19. Deception: Subterfuge Creating A Fake Backstory
  20. Deception: Exaggerating movements.
  21. Deception: Keeping your face still
  22. Deception: Hiding emotions
  23. Deception: Hiding pain
  24. Deception - Disguising a crime scene
  25. Deception: Only sharing parts of your story to hide your identity
  26. Deception: Hiding tales of wounds that would give you away as Yludih
(35/250) +0 (30/100) Competent
Detection (33)
  1. Detection: Your name whispered.
  2. Detection: Droplets from above.
  3. Detection: A complete visual survey of surroundings.
  4. Detection: Aelig's Illusion: Your Dead Mother.
  5. Detection - Discerning when you're being followed
  6. Detection: Check for other symptoms of blood loss before assuming whose blood it is
  7. Detection: Smoke is Trouble
  8. Detection: Finding Someone Right Under Your Nose!
  9. Detection: Recognizing An Old Friend
  10. Detection: Deducing someone's occupation by the way they move through a crowd
  11. Detection: Andraska's gait
  12. Detection: Deciding Which Approach Is Best For Successful Conversation
  13. Detection: Observing a new place
  14. Detection: Recognizing a familiar face
  15. Detection: Making note of a city's fashion
  16. Detection: Sounds overshadowing sounds.
  17. Detection: Spotting symptoms
  18. Detection: Identifying strange shadows.
  19. Detection: Diagnosing gangrene
  20. Detection: Looking out for listening ears
  21. Detection: Spotting differences in walking style
  22. Detection: Noting tension in someone's body
  23. Detection: Mistaking Burnt Arm for Wood
  24. Detection: Peripheral vision helps
  25. Detection: Observing another's internal revrie
  26. Detection: Small facial features
  27. Detection: Similarities between siblings
  28. Detection: Spotting the truth in an apparent lie
  29. Detection: Little gestures exchanged between lovers
  30. Detection: Webb and The Race Both Seem "Off"
  31. Detection: Determining your surroundings by sound, not sight.
  32. Detection: Listening for movement.
  33. Detection: It's a Good Sign When The Hood Sits and Listens
(28/250) +0 (31/100) Competent
Discipline (21)
  1. Discipline: Resisting the commands of those in authority
  2. Discipline: Keeping your calm when people challenge you
  3. Discipline: Keeping fear out of your voice
  4. Discipline: Shifting in times of High Stress
  5. Discipline - Keeping your attention focused on the task while holding a conversation
  6. Discipline- Ignoring weight of responsibility to make a clear decision
  7. Discipline - Losing control when bit
  8. Discipline - Keeping your attention focused during shapeshifting
  9. Discipline: Reamining calm at the sight of your deceased mother.
  10. Discipline: Refusal of loyalty to your Immortal Creator.
  11. Discipline: Remembering Mist Man Defense Under Pressure
  12. Discipline: Remembering to Loot the Bodies
  13. Discipline: Mercy Kill When Anger Fades
  14. Discipline: Standing up to a parent
  15. Discipline: Staying Calm Administering Torture
  16. Discipline: Mistaken for Aukari
  17. Discipline: Taking the time to get your temper under control
  18. Discipline: Enduring a Dressing Down by The Hood
  19. Discipline: Disregard Serious Wound to Impress the Boss
  20. Discipline- Maintaining focus despite fear
(2/250) +0 (2/100) Novice
Disguise (54)
  1. Disguise: Sending away those who would otherwise give away your disguise
  2. Disguise: Muddying your accent
  3. Disguise: Different faces sit in different social circles
  4. Disguise: Mimicking a posh Tower accent
  5. Disguise: Using a face people trust to slip past notice
  6. Disguise: Logan Norta
  7. Disguise: Corin Trysta
  8. Disguise: Lauren Hansdottir
  9. Disguise: Mimicking scar tissue
  10. Disguise: Adding flavour to the basic face swap by props
  11. Disguise: Using a disguise to secretly offer condolences
  12. Disguise: Yludih shapeshifting can escape bonds
  13. Disguise: Matching the local accent makes you blend in
  14. Disguise: Hiding your true identity from an acquaintance
  15. Disguise- Matching current Fashion to blend in
  16. Disguise - Knowledge of who you impersonate is very important
  17. Disguise - Weaver Drivia Hornstone
  18. Disguise - Mitigating Yludih 'shimmers'
  19. Disguise - Old Fripper
  20. Disguise - Match your disguise to the needs of the mission
  21. Disguise - Drivia Hornstone
  22. Disguise - Etzori Messenger
  23. Disguise -New recruit awed by her surroundings
  24. Disguise - No one looks at a beggar twice
  25. Disguise - Mirror Cloak and Yludih Shapeshift are a potent combination
  26. Yludih Disguise: A New Humanoid Form Should Be Easier Than Animal
  27. Yludih Disguise: Copying a Sleeping Form Gives Little Variation
  28. Yludih Disguise: Trying Out Nightshade Eld's Form
  29. Yludih Disguise: Unfinished Face Resists Expressions
  30. Disguise: Wearing different clothes to blend in with different crowds
  31. Disguise: Choosing clothing (to blend in) based on the area's fashion
  32. Disguise: Having a variety of clothes and colors
  33. Disguise: Dressing feminine vs masculine
  34. Disguise: Faking Emotion
  35. Disguise: Valyeria Travolian and Shipping Businesses
  36. Disguise: The old woman
  37. Disguise: Others' Sweat Will Look Like Yours
  38. Disguise: A Little Dirt and Mussed Hair Will Do in a Pinch
  39. Disguise: Magical props to help you.
  40. Disguise: Different walking styles to try!
  41. Disguise: Looking poor
  42. Disguise: Looking like a country girl
  43. Disguise: Able to Learn New Details of Copied Races
  44. Disguise: Dressing and acting like a social climber
  45. Disguise: Hair Dye and Skin Make-up Fake Age
  46. Disguise: Mannerisms and Voices are Tougher Than Looks
  47. Disguise: Old Folks are Easiest Faces to Study Covertly
  48. Disguise: The Shock of Discovery Just Another Expression to Copy
  49. Disguise: Salvation from Pursuit in Transformation
  50. Disguise: Acting a Part to Get Close
  51. Disguise: Altering your gait
  52. Disguise: Pulling your hair back
  53. Disguise: Hunching to appear older
(100/100) +3 (100/100) Grandmaster
Endurance (21)
  1. Endurance: Ignoring the pain of a skinned hand to make it work
  2. Endurance - Pass through torture by focusing on Hope
  3. Endurance: Taking heart that the Pain is almost over
  4. Endurance: Fighting despite wounds
  5. Endurance: Giving chase
  6. Endurance: Walking for breaks
  7. Endurance: Yludih: Alcohol for Energy
  8. Endurance: Relying on adrenaline
  9. Endurance: Lack of Sleep is a Bad Start on the Day
  10. Endurance: Falling Through a Collapsed Floor
  11. Endurance: Mental: The Trauma of Seeing Good Men Die For You
  12. Endurance: A Long Crouch Can be Exhausting
  13. Endurance: Cold is dangerous to a Yludith
  14. Endurance: Fighting off toxins more each time
  15. Endurance: Flying in bad weather is tricky
  16. Endurance: Running For Your Life Through Etzos
  17. Endurance: Controlling facial movements
  18. Endurance: Cold is detrimental but bearable
  19. Endurance: Focus on breathing
  20. Endurance: Keeping moving in the Rain
  21. Endurance: Long treks involve persistence
25/250 +0 (25/100) Competent
Etiquette (15)
  1. Etiquette: Road greeting to Caravans
  2. Etiquette - Finishing a toast
  3. Etiquette- Finish the first bottle before opening the second
  4. Etiquette: A Gift of Scarf Rot for Miss Givings
  5. Etiquette: Thank Miss Givings for Your Job
  6. Etiquette: Close the Door to Let Sleeping Hyx Lie
  7. Etiquette: A Laugh to Ease Tension
  8. Etiquette: Earning Respect By Facing Your Foe Directly
  9. Etiquette: Even Rude Customers are "Always Right"
  10. Etiquette: Obvious Attraction is an Embarrassment
  11. Etiquette: Recognizing Military Rank
  12. Etiquette: Noble Houses of Western Idalos
  13. Etiquette: The Customer is Always Right
  14. Etiquette: Admitting Attempt to Copy Without Permission
  15. Etiquette: Don't Bring Warren to Meet The Hood
(3/250) +0 (3/100) Novice
Field Craft (3)
  1. Field Craft: Underground: Cave-in's Are Never Really Finished
  2. Field Craft: Underground: Cave-ins Change The Map
  3. Field Craft: Underground: Cave-in's Fresh Air Not Often an Exit
(7/250) +0 (7/100) Novice
Flying (15)
  1. Flying: Landings are the Toughest Part
  2. Flight: Slowing descent just enough
  3. Flying: It's cold up high
  4. Flying: Taking off under duress
  5. Flying: Flying in the cold.
  6. Flying: Traversing air currents.
  7. Flying: Semi-controlled landing
  8. Flying: Take off requires you catch an air current
  9. Flying: To take off, face into the wind current
  10. Flying: Angling your wings
  11. Flying: Flying Through Underground Chambers
  12. Flying: Slight adjustments in body movement can cause massive changes
  13. Flying: Shoulders are important
  14. Flying: Landing techniques
  15. Flying: Beat your wings to the beat of your heart
(26/250) +0 (27/100) Competent
Interrogation (4)
  1. Interrogation: Using Binds to Hold Prisoner
  2. Interrogation: The Promise of Pain Leads to Answers
  3. Interrogation: Asking What Happened
  4. Interrogation - Pretending you are on the same side
(3/100) (3/100) Novice
Intimidation (6)
  1. Intimidation: A Debt to Criminals Being Called in
  2. Intimidation: Cauldron Disputes Resolved in 'Trial by Combat'
  3. Intimidation: It's a Bad Sign When The Hood Starts Pacing
  4. Intimidation: The Shoulder Tap and Head Flick to Say "Leave"
  5. Intimidation: 'Trial by Combat' is Initiated Instantly and Permanently
  6. Intimidation: Talking in a sweet voice to make your victim more afraid
  7. Intimidation: Animals are more Bark than Bite
4/250 +0 (4/100) Novice
Investigation (3)
  1. Investigation - Finding secret rooms
  2. Investigation: Being adept at certain skills gives clues to an individual
  3. Investigation: Finding clues
1/250 +0 (1/100) Novice
Leadership (4)
  1. Leadership: Giving Torches and Directions to Survivors
  2. Leadership: Bravery Breeds Loyalty
  3. Leadership: Trying to take control of a situation by projecting your voice.
  4. Leadership: Directing Henchmen
4/250 +0 (4/100) Novice
Linguistics (5)
  1. Linguistics: Yuri Accent
  2. Linguistics: Listening for local dialects
  3. Linguistics: Speaking with a thick tongue
  4. Linguistics: Communicating with limited vocabulary
  5. Linguistics: Talk slowly to someone who doesn't understand
5/250 +0 (5/100) Novice
Lockpicking (9)
  1. Lock Picking: The Inner Workings of a Basic Lock
  2. Lock Picking: The Lock Opens When the Tumblers are Set
  3. Lock Picking: The Rake Manipulates the Tumblers
  4. Lock Picking: The Torsion Wrench Controls the Turn of the Lock
  5. Lock Picking: The Two Main Tools: Rake and Wrench
  6. Lock Picking: Too Much pressure Will Break the Wrench
  7. Lock Picking: Moving on to Doors
  8. Lock Picking: One pin tumblers require U shaped pins
  9. Lock-Picking: It Takes a Delicate Touch
(25/250) +0 (25/100) Competent
  1. Logistics: Testing before doing
(4/250) +0 (4/100) Novice
Medicine (63)
  1. Medicine: Brain Berries: Good for Overtime
  2. Medicine: Rockmoss Tea
  3. Medicine: Treating Fever With Tea
  4. Medicine: Drowning Prevention Cloth-In-Mouth Technique
  5. Medicine: Strapping A Patient Down So They Don't Harm Themselves
  6. Medicine: Bedside Manner Helps Relax the Patient
  7. Medicine: Keep a Standard First Aid Kit on Hand
  8. Medicine: Leechbane: to Increase Blood Production
  9. Medicine: Provide a Bed if the Patient has None Available
  10. Medicine: Some Drugs Affect Yludih Differently
  11. Medicine: Good Bedside Manner is a Calming Balm
  12. Medicine: Pre-Abortion Preparations
  13. Medicine: Scarf Rot to Anesthetize
  14. Medicine: Taking Notes of Mr. Gardener's Methods
  15. Medicine: Family Recipe: Sleep Draught
  16. Medicine: Scarf Rot to Prevent Infection
  17. Medicine: Wear Gloves When Handling Drugs
  18. Medicine: Yludih Healing: Claytona Monticola
  19. Medicine: Speeding the Effects of Iffloil
  20. Medicine: Use of Brain Berries
  21. Medicine: Use of Tea Bower Mushrooms
  22. Medicine: Da'Kir Tea
  23. Medicine: Sleeping after an adrenaline rush
  24. Medicine: Allergy Remedies
  25. Medicine: Extracting Blood
  26. Medicine: Administering Antidotes in The Blood
  27. Medicine: Sterilizing a Wound With Alcohol
  28. Medicine: Garrote Vine Sap
  29. Medicine: Signs of a seizure
  30. Medicine: Treatments for gangrene
  31. Medicine: Seizures are a Complication for Mist Overdose
  32. Medicine: Concussion: Many More Effects Than just a Bad Headache
  33. Medicine: Concussion: No Quick Fix
  34. Medicine: Cat's Tongue
  35. Medicine: Clam Leaf Tonic in Tea Form
  36. Medicine: Mind's Eye: Lucrative Family Drug Recipe
  37. Medicine: Checking for blood and/or cracks in the skull
  38. Medicine: How to treat a head injury
  39. Medicine: Moukou Beans: Just the right dose
  40. Medicine: Making a cast
  41. Medicine: How to properly place a tourniquet
  42. Medicine:Headache Medicine: Tastes Terrible
  43. Medicine: Contagion is Good for Business
  44. Medicine: Clam leaf as an analgesic
  45. Medicine: Leechbane
  46. Medicine: Cleaning and sealing a wound
  47. Medicine: Night Scarf Cream to protect and promote healing
  48. Medicine: Comparing Diet Before and After Ailment
  49. Medicine: Infectious and Allergenic Elements in the Wild
  50. Medicine: Mange is Caused by Insects
  51. Medicine: Providing for Veterinarians Too
  52. Medicine: Routine Barrage of Questions
  53. Medicine: Treating Mange
  54. Medicine: Proper Stitching For Small Cuts
  55. Medicine: Using Da'kir stems as a poison inhibitor
  56. Medicine: Making a finely grained Da'kir stem
  57. Medicine: Using Ginger-Root to fend off an alcoholic reaction
  58. Medicine: Using Still-Moka to mutate Ginger Root
  59. Medicine: Using Barkskin to bind a mixture
  60. Medicine: Makeshift Bandages
  61. Medicine: What Acid Wounds Look Like
  62. Medicine: Removing a Crossbow Bolt
(78/250) +0 (51/100) Expert
Meditation (2)
  1. Meditation: Necessary to Achieve Shape-Shifting Focus
  2. Meditation: Long term calming effects.
(17/250) +0 (17/100) Novice
Mount, Horse (2)
  1. Mount: Riding in a Chariot
  2. Mount (Horse): The Horse Has Control
1/250) +0 (1/100) Novice
Navigation (6)
  1. Navigation: Air: Orienting self with sun and landmarks
  2. Navigation: Etzos in Cylus
  3. Navigation: Learning the layout of a new city
  4. Navigation: Escape Back the Way You Came
  5. Navigation: Making sense of maps
  6. Navigation: Opportunity to Explore The Underground
(5/250) +0 (5/100) Novice
Negotiation (21)
  1. Negotiation: Bartering Favours
  2. Negotiation: Weapon Style First, Material Second
  3. Negotiation: Establishing the Rules First
  4. Negotiation: Start High
  5. Negotiation: Insuring the Product
  6. Negotiation: Haggling
  7. Negotiation: Bribery
  8. Negotiation: Weighing Up the Odds
  9. Negotiation: Lay out your terms, clearly.
  10. Negotiation: Calm Response Shows Professionalism
  11. Negotiation: Half Now, Half on Pick-up
  12. Negotiation: Silence is Often a Good Response
  13. Negotiation: Acknowledging Both Sides' Apprehension
  14. Negotiation: Knowing Each Others' Secrets Keeps You Equal
  15. Negotiation: Haggling: Begin With "Overpriced" Angle
  16. Negotiation: Haggling: Claim Previous Purchase as Unsatisfactory
  17. Negotiation: Haggling: Claim Additional Buyers
  18. Negotiation: Haggling: Counter With Suggestion of Inexperience
  19. Negotiation: Haggling: "I'm Losing Money / Doing You a Favor"
  20. Negotiation: Cauldron Offer to Freely Gripe or Gain Advancemenmt
  21. Negotiation: Leaving 'Gardener's Grace' is for the Best
5/250 +0 (5/100) Novice
Persusaion (8)
  1. Persuasion: Look for the moment of Doubt
  2. Persuasion: Know when the target isn't going to believe you
  3. Persuasion: Hear the Other Side Out
  4. Persuasion: May as Well Admit if They Will Speculate Anyway
  5. Persuasion: Appealing to the morality of a mercenary
  6. Persuasion: Convincing A Scaredy-Bird to Calm Down
  7. Persuasion: It's hard to justify kidnapping people and chaining them to a wall, but it's do-able!
  8. Persuasion: A little bribe can go a long way
(29/250) +0 (27/100) Competent
Poison (57)
  1. Poisons: Trapper Spider Adrenal for Increasing Nerve Sensitivity
  2. Poisons: Trapper Spider Adrenal is Effective against Yludih
  3. Poison: Often a boring process
  4. Poisons: Versatility is key
  5. Poisons: Retaining a Preciptate from a solution
  6. Poisons: Absorbtion through skin contact
  7. Poisons: Blue Tongue shouldn't be ingested as a cookie
  8. Poisons: Vomiting agent
  9. Poisons: Binder to improve ingestion with an inhibitor to prevent excretion opens up multiple drugs as a possibility for ingestion
  10. Poison: Rat Fluff- Calming Agent
  11. Poison:Thraybone - Paralyzing agent
  12. Poison: Bread and Butter- Liver, Heart, and Brain toxins combined
  13. Poison:Fairysnuff - Death by Fear
  14. Poison:Hot Red - Aphrodesiac
  15. Poison: Psinia Shock - Causes Psychosis or Insanity
  16. Poison: Claytona Monticola - Crystallize the Lungs
  17. Poison: Delaying the Release of Airborne Poisons
  18. Poison: Brown Recluse Spider
  19. Poison - Inhibition Removal
  20. Poison - Night scarf as a knockout drug
  21. Poison- Combining Drugs
  22. Poison- Inhibiting side effects
  23. Poison: Mix powder with flour.
  24. Poison: Mix liquid with well water.
  25. Poison: Scolor Spider Toxin
  26. Poison: Spider Venom Collection Techniquue- Pigskin
  27. Poison: Blue Tongue
  28. Poisons: to Prepare Salamander Poison
  29. Poisons: Estimating Body Mass Ratio to Dosage
  30. Poisons: Effects Continue up the Food Chain
  31. Poison: Ghost Mushroom Extract effects
  32. Poison: Kidnapper's Joy
  33. Poison: Many Lethal Compounds Don't Hurt Yludih
  34. Poisons: The Thigh and Arm are Good Places for Injections
  35. Poison: Target Body Size and Weight
  36. Poison: Consider Purpose
  37. Poisons: Reagents: Thickeners
  38. Poisons: Reagents: Binders
  39. Poisons: Reagents: Triggers
  40. Poison: Leechbane
  41. Poisons: Refining Mist
  42. Poison: Recipe for Moukou-bean poison
  43. Poison: Moukou Bean: A muscle relaxant
  44. Poison: Iyo-Cone: An inhibitor
  45. Poison: Processing for storage
  46. Poisons: Moukou Beans: Just the wrong dose
  47. Poison: Barkskin Powder
  48. Poison: Da'kir tea
  49. Poison: Kidnapper Poison
  50. Poison: Different delivery methods
  51. Poison: Drug: Night Scarf Overdose Reactions
  52. Poisons: Using Death Cap as a poison base
  53. Poisons: Making a processed powder out of Death Cap caps
  54. Poisons: Targeting the bodies alcohol processing system
  55. Poisons: Using wine as a method of poisoning people
  56. Poisons: Forcing someone to drink a poison
  57. Poison: Ash doesnt Harm Yludih
(250/250) +0 (100/100) Grandmaster
Research (4)
  1. Research: The Scientific Method
  2. Research: Recording Results of An Experiment
  3. Research: Failure Vital for Eventual Success
  4. Research: Monitoring Effects on The Body
(13/250) +0 (13/100) Novice
Surgery (12)
  1. Surgery: Listening to breathing to detect signs of fluid on the lungs
  2. Surgery: Diagnosing a collapsed lung
  3. Surgery: How to treat a shattered bone
  4. Surgery: Applying stitches
  5. Surgery: When stitching, the thread you use is important.
  6. Surgery: Treating a collapsed lung
  7. Surgery: Making a cast for a limb
  8. Surgery: Aiding an Amputation
  9. Surgery: Applying a Tourniquet
  10. Surgery: Feeling a Wound Reopen
  11. Surgery: Sloppy Use of Claytona Monticola
  12. Surgery: A Patient That Can Hold Still is a Blessing
(27/250) +0 (26/100) Competent
Stealth (21)
  1. Stealth - People rarely look up
  2. Stealth - Following without being obvious
  3. Stealth - Stone on stone scratching is loud
  4. Stealth - Using the harsh contrast of Saun Nights
  5. Stealth: Speaking Tubes to Prevent Echoes
  6. Stealth: Stealing Food
  7. Stealth: Using your cloak to sneak past an Immortal!
  8. Stealth: Hiding: Beneath a Bridge is Too Well Known
  9. Stealth: Mirror Cloak
  10. Stealth: Hiding the Evidence
  11. Stealth: Staying Low And Taking Cover Behind Large Objects
  12. Stealth: Keeping low and staying out of sight
  13. Stealth: Snow covers tracks
  14. Stealth: Avoiding the guards
  15. Stealth: Hiding: Dim Surroundings Can Be Advantageous
  16. Stealth: Hiding: Snow Both Reveals and Covers Tracks
  17. Stealth: Don't Make Eye Contact With the Ones You're Avoiding!
  18. Stealth: Removing evidence of your presence
  19. Stealth: Immobility
  20. Stealth: Don't snort.
  21. Stealth: Railings rarely creak
(27/250) +0 (26/100) Competent
Strength (3)
  1. Strength: Grinding stone fragments
  2. Strength: Lifting An Unruly Half-Avriel Loon
  3. Strength: Pulling the Dead Weight of an Unconscious Lothar
(2/250) +0 (2/100) Novice
Tactics (30)
  1. Tactis: Finding a seat with a good view of your target
  2. Tactics: Knock First, but Have Men Stationed in Back
  3. Tactics: Hiding Behind the Easel While You Practice Transformation
  4. Tactics: Keep the Copy Target Looking Into the Sun
  5. Tactics: Planning a kidnapping
  6. Tactics: Change The Rules In Your Favor
  7. Tactics: Cauldron: Come Back from a Job by Roundabout Means
  8. Tactics: Poison Pouch as a Weapon
  9. Tactics: Teamwork Is Best
  10. Tactics: Setting Up A Perimeter.
  11. Tactics: Ensuring a soundproof area for your victims
  12. Tactics: Considering how noticeable the "help" is.
  13. Tactics: Pretending to be a Portrait Artist to Study Faces
  14. Tactics: Starting a Role Already in Disguise
  15. Tactics: Transform Before You Kill a Witness
  16. Tactics: Spending time on one task to avoid another
  17. Tactics: Trading Food for Information
  18. Tactics: Overhead Escape Routes
  19. Tactics: Every Man For Himself
  20. Tactics: When Distraction Fails, Run
  21. Tactics: Capitalizing on Fang's Distraction
  22. Tactics: Grabbing Keys With Velox Teeth
  23. Tactics: Herding in Tandem With "Fang"
  24. Tactics: Sometimes Only a Half-Spin is Best
  25. Tactics: "Stained" Blades in Battle
  26. Tactics: Grab-and-Dash Burglary is not the Preferred Method
  27. Tactics: Wing Binding Should be Easy to Break
  28. Tactics: Use a Third Form to Prevent Recognition
  29. Tactics: Go Where You're Least Likely To Be Found
  30. Tactics: Habitual Brightfern Usage To Counter Seasonal Darkness
(6/250) +0 (6/100) Novice
Torture (2)
  1. Torture: Using a Victim's Name to Control Fear
  2. Torture: Using Heated Weapons
(1/250) +0 (1/100) Novice
Tracking (1)
  1. Tracking: Vistiing The Same Area Again And Again To Find Someone
(1/250) +0 (1/100) Novice
Unarmed Combat (Natural Weapons) (16)
  1. Unarmed Combat (Natural Weapons): Talons work as well as knives when tearing soft flesh
  2. Unarmed Combat (Natural Weapons): Talons leave tearing wounds
  3. Unarmed Combat (Natural Weapons): Throats are vulnerable to slashing talons
  4. Unarmed Combat: Natural Weapons: Taking the initiative
  5. Unarmed Combat: Natural Weapons: Tearing wounds to increase the damage
  6. Unarmed Combat: Grappling: Body Buck to Throw an Attacker Off
  7. Unarmed Combat: Don't Underestimate a Thin Man's Speed
  8. Unarmed Combat: Natural Weapons: Velox Form Snap at the Face
  9. Unarmed Combat: Natural Weapons: Bite
  10. Unarmed Combat: Natural Weapons: Pounce
  11. Unarmed Combat: Rush-Past-And-Turn Technique
  12. Unarmed Combat: Bull-Rush Maneuver
  13. Unarmed Combat: Dodging
  14. Unarmed: Take the Hit to Deliver a Worse One
  15. Unarmed: Brawling: What You Trip Over Can Hinder Your Enemy Too
  16. Unarmed Combat: Defensive Posture
(30/250) +0 (27.5/100) Competent

Untrained Skills

Skill Points Bonus Adjusted Rank
Alchemy (12)
  1. Alchemy: The Smell of Burnt Fuel Lingers
  2. Alchemy: Brightfern Works on Yludih
  3. Alchemy: Heating Down Metal
  4. Alchemy: Limit To How Many Enchantments Can Be Used
  5. Alchemy: Process Depends On The Material
  6. Alchemy: Reagent Needs To Be Added At Creation Stage
  7. Alchemy: Using A Mortar and Pestle
  8. Alchemy: Can strengthen cloth
  9. Alchemy: Requires careful planning
  10. Alchemy: The reagents needs to be added at the creation stage
  11. Alchemy: Requires multiple steps
  12. Alchemy: Two enchantments per item
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Appraisal (4)
  1. Appraisal: Recognizing an Animal That "Feels" Wrong
  2. Appraisal: Adamantite: Burgundy in Color
  3. Appraisal: Recognizing good craftsmanship
  4. Appraisal: Making sure that somebody is good enough
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Becoming (4)
  1. Becoming: A Magic That Allows Shape-Shifting
  2. Becoming: Requires Totems Made From Body Parts
  3. Becoming: Totems Assimilate into Your Shifted Form
  4. Becoming: Totems Can Be as Small as a Toe
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Candlemaking (1)
  1. Candlemaking: Mixing Different Types of Wax Together
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Caregiving (1)
  1. Caregiving: Helping A Pathetic, Half-Avriel Loon
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Chemistry (3)
  1. Chemistry: Being Safe When Handling Dangerous Substances
  2. Chemistry: Extracting Essence of Moseke's Mist
  3. Chemistry: A useful addition to an alchemist's toolkit.
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Cryptography (1)
  1. Cryptography - Recognizing a hidden message in an out-of-place letter
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Drawing (1)
  1. Drawing: Sketching Faces Makes Practice Easier Later
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Intelligence (6)
  1. Intelligence: "Common" People Think Yludih Shift is Fast
  2. Intelligence: A Black Guard Named "Stokey" Works With The Cauldron
  3. Intelligence: Being "Sent East" Equals Unquestioned Disappearance
  4. Intelligence: Telling Off-Duty Army Personnel from Regular Citizens
  5. Intelligence: Six Guards for One Woman Indicates Trouble
  6. Intelligence: The Cauldron Has Rival Factions
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Painting (2)
  1. Painting: Abstract Interpretation is Easiest to Fake
  2. Painting: Keep a Few Unfinished Samples Around as Proof
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Politics (8)
  1. Politics: Proof to run a Smear Campaign
  2. Politics: Danger of being a Whistleblower
  3. Politics: "Rhakros Collaborator" - The All-Purpose Accusation
  4. Politics: The Army and the Black Guard are Often at Odds
  5. Politics: The Black Guard Defends Their Prisoners
  6. Politics: Visits from the Black Guard Will Start Rumors
  7. Politics: Acknowledging Legitimate Cause to Fear Yludih
  8. Politics: Cauldron: Betrayal is Okay if its Only For Advancement
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Psychology (17)
  1. Psychology: If you help, you get what you want sooner
  2. Psychology: Anything Free Must be a Scam
  3. Psychology: Murder Gets Easier and Easier
  4. Psychology: Using money to impress
  5. Psychology: Uncontrollable emotion can result in lashing out
  6. Psychology: Moving the body can clear the head
  7. Psychology: Speak Calmly to Traumatized Individual
  8. Psychology: Childhood scars never truly heal
  9. Psychology: The Pride in Earning a Cell of Your Own
  10. Psychology: Being Thought Of As An Illusion
  11. Psychology: Memories have emotional weighting
  12. Psychology: Learned behaviours are hard to break
  13. Psychology: Feeling pity for homeless cripples
  14. Psychology: Guilt of Having Given Less That Others
  15. Psychology: No Sympathy for Fallen Fools
  16. Psychology: Only Questing on Cauldron's Orders
  17. Psychology: Having self-confidence
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Rhetoric (3)
  1. Rhetoric: Aruging a point you believe in
  2. Rhetoric: Revolutionary talk is difficult with an officer nearby
  3. Rhetoric: Arguing the finer points of life vs slavery
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Running (9)
  1. Running: Staying ahead of a mob
  2. Running: Using walls to help turn yourself
  3. Running: Running for your life
  4. Running: Demands endurance
  5. Running: Velox Form is Best
  6. Running: A Loud Runner
  7. Running: Chased by the Black Guard...Again
  8. Running - Focus on one foot in front of the other
  9. Running - Fear is a powerful motivator
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Rupturing (2)
  1. Rupturing: Portal Looks Like a Flaming Oval
  2. Rupturing: Portal Opens With Loud "Ripping" Sound
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Sewing (2)
  1. Sewing: For sewing clothes, take a person's measurements
  2. Sewing: Requires a LOT of measurements
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Storytelling (3)
  1. Storytelling: Old stories have hints of truth
  2. Storytelling: Complications in Andaris.
  3. Storytelling: "Winging it" on a Cauldron Job.
  4. Storytelling: Story should have a moral
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled
Teaching (8)
  1. Teaching: Giving a tour
  2. Teaching: Practical Applications of Poison
  3. Teaching: How To Critique Mistakes
  4. Teaching: Introducing a newcomer
  5. Teaching: Demonstration first
  6. Teaching: Don't laugh at your students
  7. Teaching: Give praise
  8. Teaching: One thing at a time
(0/250) +0 (0/100) Unskilled


Starting Languages:
Ulehi (Fluent), Common (Broken)
Leveled up Common to Conversational via point buy
Common: Rough and coarse compared to Ulehi
Common: Useful
Common: The word for forest
Ulehi: Light and chiming
Novice Linguistics
Ith'ession (Broken), Pailtic (Broken)

Skill Bank
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RP Medals




Important Things


Amber is a female, adolescent Hyx. At the moment she -

Warren Crossen

Relationship: Father
Fame: -350
Hone50Starting Package
Graft50Starting Package
Stealth50 Starting Package
Unarmed Combat: Kickboxing50 Starting Package
Interrogation25 Starting Package
Intimidation25 Starting Package
Acrobatics50 Starting Package
Disguise 50 Starting Package
Appearance and Forms
Warren has many forms, though unlike Alex, he prefers to go by variations on his name with each one. Warren, Ren, Crossen, Cross are all among the aliases he claims. The only form Alex remembers is that of her father. Brown hair, cropped short above the ears with piercing green eyes set deep in his face. He is 5’10” and 185lbs in this frame, and is rather unremarkable.

He also has his aristocratic form, which Alex discovers in this thread. His eyes lighten, as does his skin, and his cheekbones are far more pronounced. His nose becomes more angular, and his hair turns blonde and falls to his shoulders. Standing at 6’ even, he is thinner in this form, on the edge of appearing dainty.

He has a 'merchant' form. This is that of a 5'5", overweight and balding redhead with soft features and short, stubby fingers.

He has learned a snake form, a long black nondescript snake that is approximately half a foot in diameter and over a dozen feet long.

Warren is ruthless and cold. The night he killed his wife, his mood swings vanished, and left behind little warmth. He still feels a fierce devotion towards Alex, a bond that has only grown stronger as he watched her mature. He is very strong-willed, and doesn’t take criticism well. He is solitary, but can be charismatic when the situation calls for it.

He feels a need to drive Alex to perfection, and this often comes across as arrogant and self-centered. Despite watching Alex succeed by herself for many arcs, he believes he knows better, and tries to dictate her actions, which rarely ends well.

Purchased with Point Bank Points


Relationship: Underling in Cauldron
Fame: --
Stealth45Starting Package
Detection25Starting Package
Acrobatics45 Starting Package
Disguise35 Starting Package
Pug is rarely noticed, often blending in with the background. His age is impossible to determine, looking like both a young street orphan and a grown man simultaneously. He stands shorter, at only 5'2" and is slim.

It's unsure whether his ability to disappear is skill related, due to his demeanour, or if there's something else at play, but Pug has an extremely forgettable face.

Pug is quieter, preferring to listen and report rather than talk. He takes time to warm up to people, and is perfectly comfortable working in absolute silence when forced to be around others. He detests small talk.

Given by Maltruism here. Approved for 45 in any one skill starting and 10gn per season cost for upkeep.


Relationship: Underling in Cauldron
Fame: --
Seduction45Starting Package
Deception35Starting Package
Acting35 Starting Package
Cosmetology35 Starting Package
As forgettable as Pug is, Trixie is not. Standing tall at 5'11", she rarely feels the need to wear heels. Full lips, modest chest and a slim waist are often trapped in a tight, silky dress. She is outwardly warm and friendly to all, but she has a vicious side. Rumours have it that she got into the business when her mother sold her off as a child. Three arcs later, she had poisoned her pimp, and was picked up by the Cauldron not long after.

Her long blonde hair and startling blue eyes are almost mesmerizing, and her makeup only adds to her features.

Trixie is warm and friendly to most- whether this is her default, or a mask, no one can tell. She seems to devote her full attention to any conversation she's a part of, and a trail of dismissed suitors litters her path.

Despite that, she is ruthless and seems to have few morals, if any. She is content with where she is in the Cauldron, and secure in her position.

Given by Maltruism here. Approved for 45 in any one skill starting and 10gn per season cost for upkeep.


Relationship: Underling in the Cauldron
Fame: -
Leadership25Starting Package
Intelligence30Starting Package
Acrobatics35 Starting Package
Blades (Dagger) 35 Starting Package
Lockpicking25Starting Package
Appearance and Forms
Crelian, like Vluharqih, is a Yludih. She has yet to see all of his forms.

Crelian's standard form is unassuming; 5'10", short cropped hair that teeters between brown and black, and an odd, faded olive skin that gives no clues about his ancestry. Likewise, his facial features are ambiguous, and his average brown eyes are not striking either.

He also has the animal form of a street dog, mangy and flea bitten.

Crelian seems to be a decent man. Despite his line of work, he isn't overly cruel, nor does he seem to get some sort of pleasure from it. Instead he treats it as a job- he does what needs to be done.

His exact rank is unclear, but Vluharqih has put him in charge of the other two underlings, and things seem to be moving fairly smoothly.

Given by Maltruism here. Approved for 45 in any one skill starting and 10gn per season cost for upkeep.
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Point Bank
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Misc Knowledge


NPCs and PCs

Alfonse: Owns Alfonse's Tailors & Dressmakers (in Andaris)
Andaris House: Family of Bullies
Andraska: Has potential
Andraska: Hiding something
Andraska: Likes acting
Andraska: Can be intimidating
Cauldron Discipline: Paralysis and Torture
Cauldron Teacher: Named "Rita"
Cauldron Teacher: No-Nonsense Taskmistress
Cauldron Teacher: Not Afraid to Discipline
Cauldron: Another on-the-job Test
Cauldron: Public Communication Through Symbols and Sign
Chititra: A Regular Abortion Customer
Chititra: Still has an Emotional Fit Every Time
Draen: Even a Grouch can Unlock Ulueda
Draen: New Transformation Practice Regimen
Ethelynda Tactic: Taithir's Light (Major)
Ethelynda Tactic: Words of Empowerment
Ethelynda: Rescued by Avriel
Evelyn Andaris: A Shrewd Businesswoman
Evelyn Andaris: A Winemaker
Evelyn Andaris: Husband Died
Evelyn Andaris: Likes Wine and Men
Evelyn Andaris: Not Very Sociable
Faith and Padraig: Living together
Faith: Confident for a slave that has just been freed
Faith: Has a partner named Padraig
Faith: Has a slave brand on her neck
Faith: Involved in the immortals' war
Faith: Is a freed slave
Faith: Seamstress
Faldrun Tactic: Boiling the River
Fang: Good at Creating Distraction
Fang: Protective of Animals
Frederick Gardener: Apothecary
Frederick Gardener: Not so Proper After All
Fridgar: Becomer
Fridgar: Big lad
Fridgar: Chose to Help Him Over Your Father
Fridgar: Interested in justice
Fridgar: Mercenary
Fridgar: Prepared to work outside the law
Fridgar: Strong lad
Frys & Freh: After Rare and Dangerous Game
Frys & Freh: Uthaldrian Trappers
Frys & Freh: Willing to Deal
Hyx: High Intelligence in its Gaze
Immortal: Ethelynda
Immortal: Faldrun
Immortal: Ilaren
Immortal: Jesine
Immortal: Moseke
Immortal: Qylios
Immortal: U'frek
Immortal: Xiur
Immortal: Ymiden
Immortal: Yvithia
Immortals: Pier & Pre
Immortals: Witness To Their Existence
Inn Owners: Mah'ludre and Velvessa Sej'lehna
Jachiel: Common-Sense Conditions
Jachiel: Has an Awesome Cat
Jachiel: New to the Area
Jachiel: Willing to Listen
Kydrel Sevnium: Avriel Warrior
Kydrel Sevnium: Quick With a Sarcastic Answer
Kydrel: Excessively Introverted
Kydrel: Excessively Touchy
Kydrel: No Outdoorsman Either
Marshall Webb: No Hesitation to Order Men to Their Death
Marshall Webb: Not Too Proud to Copy an Effective Tactic
Miss Givings: More than Just a Potion Vendor
Moseke: Revitalised and healed all present
Mr Gardener: Solid, reliable and your friend.
Mr Spekkle: Halitosis
Mr Spekkle: Limited notions of personal space
Mr Spekkle: Shop Owner
Mr. Gardener : Knowing Alex’s race and history and accepting her as she is
Mr. Gardener's Shorthand
Mr. Gardener: "Don't Play Yludih Games in My Shop!"
Mr. Gardener: Collateral Damage
Mr. Gardener: Defends His Employees
Mr. Gardener: Familiar With "The Cauldron"
Mr. Gardener: No Slouch When it Comes to Hard Work
Mr. Gardener: Scython/Mushroom Project
Mr. Gardener: Stays Out of Deals That Don't Involve Him
Mr. Gardener: The Perfect Blend of Sympathy and Professionalism
Mr. Spekkle: Owns an apothecary in Andaris
Mr. Tagley's Messenger: Didn't Give a Name, But Knows the Streets
Mr. Tagley: He Gets Surprising Things Done
NPC Salesman: A Callous Dandy
NPC Salesman: Cares More About Profits Than His Animals
NPC: Alfonse
NPC: Chititra: Hot, Pregnant Mess
NPC: Crellian: Yludih "Cauldron" Employee
Crellian: Yludih Liaison Between Your Cell and The Hood
NPC: Crellian: Underling in Your Cell of The Cauldron
NPC: Pug: Underling in Your Cell of The Cauldron
Pug: 'Eyes and Ears' - Master of Stealth and Disguise
NPC: Trixie: Underling in Your Cell of The Cauldron
Trixie: Seductress with Contacts High and Low
NPC: Draen
NPC: EMC: The "Stained" Needle Solution
NPC: EMC: Too Great a Liability
NPC: Etzori Military Commander (EMC)
NPC: Grace Borland: A Cauldron Associate
NPC: Grace Borland: Runs the General Store
NPC: Marshall Drulik "The Spider" Webb
NPC: Mr. Spekkle
NPC: The Hood: Cauldron Boss
The Hood: Always Ready With a List of Your Mistakes
The Hood: Tough and Rude, But Ultimately Fair
NPCs: The Brothers Frys & Freh
Neronin: Grave Robber
Nighshade Eld: An Air of Trustworthiness
Nightshade Eld: Doesn't Care for Avriel
Nightshade Eld: Protects Her Companions
Nightshade Eld: Strong But Lightweight
Nightshade Eld: Has New Scars
Luck: Nightshade's Got It!
PC: Neronin
PC: Andraska
PC: "Fang": Becomer With many Totems (Mal)
PC: Faith
PC: Fridgar
PC: Jachiel Vanteer, Etzori Farmer
PC: Kydrel Sevnium
PC: Nightshade Eld: Half-Breed Avriel
PC: Nimrah Armaros: Gorgeous Companion
PC: Padraig
PC: Quiome
PC: Rey'na
PC: Rosamond
PC: Taarserilla
Padraig: An alchemist
Padraig: Is an alchemist
Padraig: Strong jawline, good physique, bed-head works for him.
Pier & Pre: Judgement and Justice
Pier & Pre: Sisters
Quhbah: Annoying but Friendly
Quhbah: Fellow Ne'Haeran Student
Quiome: An Elegant Runner
Quiome: Lived In A Forest With His Mother
Quiome: Trusted Partner
Quiome: Yludih
Rey'na: Takes Risks
Rosamond: Doesn't Trust Assistants
Rosamond: No Pushover in Haggling
Sintih: Deceptively strong
Sintih: Didn't introduce himself
Sintih: Ignorant of Yludih customs
Sintih: Old for a new arrival in the Uleuda
Sintih: Some sort of drive holding him together?
Sintih: Thin, tall, horned
Sintih: Yludih
Stenn Losten: Profit Trumps Apologies
Stenn Losten: Weapon Smith
Swear: Aelig’s balls
Taarserilla: A Convenient Patsy
Taarserilla: Leaving Him Behind Probably Saved His Life
The Cauldron: Contacted you while you were visiting Faith and Padraig
The Cauldron: Poisoner's Guild
The Cauldron: Widespread Connections
The Cauldron: Will Provide the Education They Require
Tristan Venora's Art Sculpture: Triumph Over The Beast
Tristan Venora: A Bit Vain
Tristan Venora: A playwright
Tristan Venora: A Smartass
Tristan Venora: Best Sculptor In Rynmere
Tristan Venora: Doesn't Like Padraig
Tristan Venora: Smooth Talker
Tristan Venora: Likes Being Treated As A King
Tristan Venora: Destructive Tendencies
Tristan Venora: Maybe Not An Alchemist
Vluharqih: A brush with death
Vluharqih: Crystal form has a braid
Vluharqih: Crystal form is small and undeveloped, faceless
Vluharqih: Doesn't like the sound of Common
Vluharqih: Embarrassed by inability
Vluharqih: Has difficulties meditating
Vluharqih: Internalizes failures negatively
Vluharqih: Needs to focus on self-meditation
Vluharqih: Prefers useful information
Vluhome: Yludih School Teacher
Warren: Your Father
Warren: Taken charge of things
Warren: Tried to Kill Fridgar
Warren: Went Against Your Wishes
Warren: Claims he looked after you the best he could.
Warren: Claims to have been looking for you
Warren: Says there's more to your mother's death that you dont understand.
Warren: Struck you
Warren: The man who saved you from hanging in Andaris
Warren: Wants to continue your training
Webb's Men: Wilderness Duty Does Not Promote Trust
Webb's Men: Willing to Die for Him
Xiur Tactic: Fog of Cold
Xiur Tactic: Spell of Hope
Xiur Vessels: Powered by Starlight
Yludih: Faceless crystal people can be hard to read
Yludih: Materialize at Yldria in the Uleuda
Yludih: New Yludih have undeveloped forms
Your parents: Obsessed with your schooling

Locations/Flora and Fauna

Ancients: Full of information
Ancients: Have color and well-defined forms
Animals Will do Extreme Things to Escape
Canopy Anvil Can Die if it Misses
Canopy Anvil attack: Saved by a Mouse
Carowa: Beautiful, colourful, deadly
Cauldron Training Facility: Entry Disguised as House
Cauldron Training Facility: Extensive Underground Area
Death Worm: Bigger Than First Imagined
Death Worm: Locating the "Eye"
Death Worm: Signs of Proximity
Etzos Location: "The Grace of Goods" - General Store
Etzos Location: "The Hood's Club"
Etzos Location: By the Grace of Goods
Etzos Location: Inn for Dinner
Etzos Location: Karnos Vuda's Personal Arcanum
Etzos Location: NE Civilian Sector
Etzos Location: North Gate
Etzos Location: The Bounty Board
Etzos Location: The Crescent Arena
Etzos Location: The Gardener's Grace
Etzos Location: The Underground Reservoir
Etzos Location: Underground Alchemy Lab
Etzos location: Losten Foundry
Expert on the Grey Velox
Fauna: Crystal creatures of the Uleuda
Fauna: Nulliem
Gardener's Grace Floorplan
Gardener's Grace: No Customers Beyond the Counter
Gardener's Grace: The Basement is the Exotic Laboratory
Gardener's Grace: The Stocking System
Gardener's Grace: Work Stations in the Order of Processes
Geography: Western Idalos
Grace of Goods: Quick Escape Route
Grey Velox: A Season of Observation
Grey Velox: An Arc of Book Research
Grey Velox: Earning "Alpha" Status
Hyx Habitats and Mannerisms
Hyx: Pet Name "Amber", a Stipper's Name
Immortal Spawn: Black Gulper
Immortal Spawn: Death Worm
Inn for Dinner: Nothing Fancy, But Kept Clean
Locaion: Draen's Barn: Apothecary in the Woods
Location: Alfonse's Tailors & Dressmakers
Location: Anari River
Location: Andaris
Location: Andaris Dungeon
Location: Andaris apothecary
Location: Andaris: Docks
Location: Andaris: Marketplace
Location: Lowtown
Location: Ne'Haer
Location: Padraig’s House
Location: Spekkle's Apothecary, Andaris
Location: Uleuda
Location: Uleuda
Location: Uleuda: The classrooms
Location: Uleuda: The crystal city
Location: Uleuda: The crystal forest
Location: Uleuda: The wall
Location: Uleuda: Yldria
Location: Westride PlainsMonsters: Arrow Buzzards
Location: Your father's "house"
Mist Men Attack: The Air is Wielding Weapons
Mist Men: Torches Make the Best Weapons
Mist Men: Why so Far East?
Monsters: Immortal Spawn
Ne'haer: City of Religious Tolerance
Ne'haer: Council of Minäih Judgement Hall
Ne'haer: Destruction of The Judgement Hall
Ne'haer: In Ruins Due To Mist Men Attack
New Mount Species: Slogalla
Nulliem: Absorb light
Nulliem: Deadly
Nulliem: Destroy crystal
Nulliem: Not enthralling, frightening
Rynmere: Snowy Landscape in Zi'da
Securing a Wounded Animal on a Horse
Separating Firewood from Furnishings
The "Sweet" Smell of Something Dead
The Army Guards the North Road
The Bounty Board: Local Meeting Place
The Misty Miasma: Not Just a Myth
The Right Way to Chop Down a Tree
Transformation: Aligning With Your Own Reflection
Transformation: Detach Your Mind from the Changes
Transformation: Easier to Learn Young
Transformation: Go Formless Between Forms
Transformation: Hot Environment Helps
Transformation: Injuries Move With Form Changes
Transformation: Paintings of Target Animal Help Focus
Transformation: Patience and Small Steps
Trapping and Breeding Mice
Uleuda Location: Yludih School
Uleuda: Classes are boring and repetitive
Uleuda: Crystal city composed of consecutive rings
Uleuda: Die in the Uleuda, die in the other world
Uleuda: Layout of the crystal city
Uleuda: Returning to the other world
Uleuda: Some crystals are reflective
Underground Race: Mist Men Ambush!
Using Mice as Test Subjects
Velox Form: Best Suited for Stealth
Velox Form: Perfected!
Velox Form: Running is Not as Easy as it Looks
Velox Form: The Ears are the Key to the Head
Velox Form: The Rhythm of 4-Legged Strides
Velox Form: The Thrill of the Hunt
Velox Tracking: Males' Middle Digits are Longer
Velox Tracking: They Eat Prey Head First
Velox Tracking: They Leave Blood on the Underbrush
Velox Tracking: Three Claws, Not Five
Western Idalos Monster: Mist Men
Yldria: The Yludih's hope
Yldria: The center of the crystal city
Yldria: Too bright too look at
Yludih/Animal Connection Goes Both Ways
Yludih/Animal Connection is More Than a Side Effect of Puberty


Knife Fighting: Armored Opponents
Facing a Wild Grey Velox
Being Beaten into Submission
The Shock of Unintended Violence
At Least Take Your Enemy With You
Combat: Impromptu Submission Hold
Combat: Sacrifice a Hand to Save a Neck
Combat: Whips as Entangling Weapons
Melee Weapon: Knife
Hunting Tactic: Bait for the "Open Mouth" Shot
Hunting Tactic: Light Wounds to Slow it, Then Go for the Vitals

Criminal Knowledge

Parents: Part of a Criminal Network
Alfred and Joanna: Arrested Criminals
Even the Most Reliable Cons Can Go Bad
Failing a Composure Check
The Classic Hair/Door Marker Tactic
Recognizing a Drug Deal
Backing Up a Threat
Death: Not always Dramatic
Self: I am a Capable Murderer
Drug Dealers: Don't like Competition
Murder: A Strange Birthday Present
Cons: The Old "Slip-Him-a-Mickey" Technique
Connection: Unidentified Drug Dealer
The Deal: Confidence vs. Calculation
The Deal: Putting Yourself on the Hook
Murder: Think Ahead, Keep Clothes Clean
Murder: Smart to Prepare the Area Ahead of Time


Domain Magic: Shapeshifting requires blood, hair and bone
Etzos Event: The Gem Festival
Failure Symptom: Ricochet Effect
Recipe: Headache Medicine
Learning Shop Knowledge by Osmosis
Self: A Need For Clean
Using Time Constructively
706 was a Cold Arc
Animal Form Choice: Grey Velox
Horror and Anger: Watching a Friend Die
Yludih Curriculum: Meditation is Fundamental
Groping Hands Hide in Crowds
Guard The Money Bag in a Crowd
Avriel: Are the Flaring Wings Just for Show?
Double Check Your Preparations
Setting a Deadline as Motivation
The Terror of Drowning
Using Wings to Air Out a Room
Starting With Grunt Work
Addiction: Deserved Self-Punishment for Weakness
Animal Form Better for Some Injuries
Clean Habits will be Appreciated at Unexpected Times
Delirious Shifting is Free of Concentration
Pain-Free Delirium Far More Likely to Compound Injuries
Reward for Anger is Further Injury
All Materials in One Place is Best
Better Ways to Spend a Birthday
Take the Time to Enjoy Tiny Details
Picking Up the Boss' Mental Slack
Crystal Skin is Tougher
Reacquiring Land Legs After a Long Ride
Survival Skills Can't Be Bluffed for Long
Working Off Inn Costs
Learning Appreciation for Solitude
Listen to Those with Experience
Adjusting a Pack for Velox Form
Fire Priorities: Self, Livestock, Gear
Anticipating the Aftermath of One's Actions
High Ranking Enemies are Even Worse for a Yludih
Sometimes Murder is Pre-emptive Self-Defense
The Short-Lived Thrill of Backtalk
The Sounds of a City Awakening
Animal Transformation Must be Learned Solo
Basic Survival: Concentrate on Breathing to Help Ignore Pain
Trapper's Tactics: Using Your own Trail as a Lure
Uleuda: Appearance Open to Any Design
Yludih School: Choice and Theory of Transformation
Yludih School: Introduction to Animal Forms
Yludih School: Massive, Glittering, Crystal Building
Yludih Schoolbooks: Languages and Cultures of Idalos
Uleuda: Lessons Are Important
Uleuda: Safe and Secure
Sanuleuda: A Home For Yludih In The False World
Yanabruh: A Test of Survival
Yanabruh Test: You Caught An Adult!
Why be a Bird When You Can be an Avriel?
Metal Comparison: Iron vs. Steel vs. Cobalt vs. Embersteel
Weapon Comparison: Stiletto vs. Kris vs. Pugio
Ricochet Effect: Controlled Slip Not as Bad
Ricochet Effect: Uncontrolled Slip Gets Worse Each Time
Fear: An Unexpected Transformation Catalyst
Fear: Lessons, Like Life, Flash Before Your Eyes
Vendor Tactic: Tripling Prices Before "Cutting them in Half"
Recognizing the Need for Effective Weaponry
Painful Injuries Helps Track the "Flows" of Transformation
Morphing Practice: Make Progress Without Deadlines
Rapid-Fire Morphing: Exhausting but Productive
Mirror Cloak: The Discovery Of its Function
Transforming: The First Time is the Hardest
Rynmere: Law
Rynmere: Guilty until proven innocent
Portal: To Oscillus
Portal: Lights above it like stars
Etzos' Black Guard Knows How to Corner a Suspect
Wine: Red Aida
Wine: Gyara
Maiden's Kiss: Capable of Infusion into a Candle

word count: 2605
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