We are the Knights that say Ni!


The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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We are the Knights that say Ni!

XP Award!

Experience Award:
  • Observation +3
  • Mount +4
  • Socialization +2
  • Melee Combat +3
General Lore:
  • Mount: Controlled Cantering
  • Mount: How to release fear on a ground based mount
  • The Sound of a dying man
Specific Lore
  • Knights: Typical Patrol Protocol
  • Melee: How to swing a sword on horseback
  • Mount: Using a horse to scatter enemies
  • Mount: Calming a Panicked Mount
  • Mount: Balancing when stirrups are lost
Notes: Although the wound is not serious, it will leave a silvery scar along the path the dagger took through your skin. While not a protruding scar, it is a visible blemish and a reminder that it could have been deeper…or higher. You also have a shirt in your possession…although not sure you’ll want to hold onto it.


Experience Award:
  • Ranged Combat +2
  • Unarmed Combat +1
  • Socialization +2
  • Melee +1
  • Medicine +1
  • Leadership +2
  • Mount + 4
  • Shield Combat +2
  • Investigation +1
  • Observation +2
General Lore:
  • Medicine: Using Clothing for a basic bandage
Specific Lore
  • Mount: Reigning in a Gelding
  • Shield: How to Defend while Mounted
  • Leadership: Leading a patrol in impromptu skirmish
  • Mount: Calming a panicked Gelding
  • Throwing Daggers: How to throw while Mounted
  • Mount: Difficulties of Racing a new Gelding
Notes: Although once again sore, you will also have slight scarring on your shoulder where you took your wound. Hardly enough to be noticeable, but you’ll feel the scar tissue any time you run your fingers across that shoulder…a reminder that you still don’t know what prompted the attack. You also lost a shirt.

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