1 Cat, 2 Cat, Black Cat, Dead Cat (Open)

The Black Cats Mercenaries experience some bad luck...

Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:04 pm


Soldier cat and Mute entered into the darkness, finding the other Element hidden behind a desk. The entire building, or rather what was left of it was in heavy darkness from the shade, but getting closer, Mute would be able to see more of the details. A maze of toppled desks, chairs, with a variety of debris strewn about. It looked as though there had been a fight, a really throw down, knock out brawl. But there was no blood, no bodies. There were weapons of many sort strewn about, knocked off pegs from the walls. They'd been decorative pieces, mementos of the travels and exploits of these "mercenaries".

And way in the back hanging from a low hanging peg, was a golden amulet, spinning about, eliciting the small metallic noise as the chain twisted and untwisted. Beneath the amulet, a pure white kitten, was batting at the amulet playfully. And every so often, the hinged face of the amulet would swing open from the momentum. As it opened, a blue beam fired out, striking a nearby wall, leaving no mark beyond a slight scuff, no different than if an elbow or shoe had struck the wood. But above the amulet, a message, carved into the wood.

The Black Cats are just that
A bunch of pussies with no loyalty
Dogs are better, more so than a cat
But now the can live life, like feline royalty

PS A Scalvoris Mercenary, is no mercenary at all.

The soldier cat's thoughts were confused. She was wondering why her partner didn't simply storm in, using an object to shield his approach. She would have if she'd known about the beams in the first place. What was holding him ba--oh. That's why. There was a shimmer in the air around the amulet and the cat, just barely perceptible. Ever since Special Assistant Blackwood proposed a separate magical force, and with the events at the docks, some improvements to training had been made. The first was to be more observant, and cautious, of things that seemed unnatural, strange, or even simply too good to be true.

There was magic at play here, but neither of the soldiers were trained enough to know what kind. The shimmer, almost like the invisible yet visible heat over a cooking pot, appeared to be growing. And growing somewhat fast. But the kitten seem unperturbed, content with its playing. The shimmer was visible across the entirety of the width of the building, and extended up through the the ceiling above. A closer look at where it met the ceiling though, showed a distinct gap in the wood, as though it were just sawed right through, but left functionally intact.

And neither of the Elements seemed to know what to do.

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Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:05 pm

"Silence Reigns . . ."

Chaos had warred against order and won.

The office space was in disarray. Desks, chairs, and weapons were scattered across the floor, forming a maze in which a misstep might cut open the bottom of one's feet. The human Element was crouched to my left, hidden behind one such desk, peeking over the overturned furniture towards the back of the room. There, I suspected, was the source of the the disaster. An golden amulet swung, pawed back and forth by a white kitten like it was a play toy. Every so often, the force of the feline's batting knocked the amulet lid's opened, from which the blue beams of magic burst forth. After a beam struck the wall nearby, I decided it best to follow in the Lothar's lead. Ducking to the right half of the room, I found refuge behind my own desk.

Peeking over the desk in similar fashion, I spotted the carved message in the wood. I could discern little to the meaning of it all, save for ill-intent directed towards the Black Cat Mercenaries. To be fair, that could've been assumed by this attack alone. The use of the message suggested, I figured, that the assailants wanted any surviving Cats to know exactly who had attacked them. The use of the word "Dog," while thematic, seemed the be the most likely clue as to the identity of the men who did this. Or, perhaps, the lizards.

'Element,' I thought, turning to look at the feline warrior close by. As of yet, neither she nor or her comrade had offered any aid. I wondered what stayed their hands. 'I have reason to believe that the Ithecal and his human companion played some part in this attack.' Little more needed to be shared at the moment. They couldn't worry about them yet, not until the more immediate threat of the amulet. But why did they hesitate?

I noticed, at this point, the barrier surrounding the kitten and its toy.

At least, that the was the word my mind ascribed to the shimmering phenomenon. The second word that I procured was magic, one which I had no prior knowledge or experience with. My mentor had only ever educated me in the domain of Empathy, despite suggesting that she possessed sparks in other domains. Moreover, my education had been most theoretical. Thus, I was faced with the same ignorance of the wall between us and the golden artifact. I, however, was not hindered by the same caution that had struck his two companions.

Shifting the scimitar to my right hand, I reached behind me to snatch up one of the many weapons that had fallen to the floor. A dagger, ornate with a curved blade. Its weight, while not as substantial as the sword, I was still more than I was used to. Thankfully I had no intention of keeping it in my grasp for long. 'Can you speak to the kitten like you can with me?' I asked the Element sharing my mind-space. 'Encourage it to give up its game, if you can.'

Then, turning my attention back to the barrier ahead, I tossed the dagger overhead in its direction. It was a wanton throw, the blade turning wildly in the air, but given the size of the wall I had no doubt it would strike some part of it. I needed to know what objects, living or otherwise, could pass through it and what would bounce off. And hope, then, that between the three of us we could find a solution before the growing shimmer became too much for them to handle.

'We need to determine the source of the magic, where its drawing ether to maintain itself,' I thought, trills before the blade struck the barrier.
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