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The beginning of Kleptes

Atop a stony plateau overlooking the lands of central Idalos, and growing wealthy from the gem stones pulled from the rocky soil, Etzos is a bastion of independence; firm in its belief that man should rule Idalos, not be servants of the vain Immortals who nearly destroyed it. But can the many factions set aside their conflicting agendas and see this through?

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Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:44 pm

Oberan merely shrugged at Toan’s remark, shaking his head in mock pity.

“That’s because it wasn’t a serious suggestion,” he said, grinning, “and anyone with even half a brain would have realized that.”

If Toan wanted to banter, Bran was more than willing to indulge him.

However, further thought was given to the name, and when Oberan’s mention of the Immortal of Thieves was brought up, he noticed Tio didn’t seem to be convinced of the validity of the claim. He didn’t say anything, but the frown on his brow told the Mortalborn enough.

Well, it wasn’t as if he’d expected them to recognize the name, but disbelief hadn’t been in his predictions either. It wasn’t like everyone knew the full Immortal pantheon, after all. Even Oberan didn’t, and he was a Mortalborn, the Immortals were practically family! Well, the dysfunctional kind that didn’t get along at all, but still. He couldn’t even name half of them, let alone remember their purviews. To be fair though, Tio did seem to have given him the benefit of the doubt, so that was something at least.

The name was decided then, and Oberan pointedly ignored Toan’s interjection, as Tio agreed to change it should they find something better. The Mortalborn smirked in Toan’s general direction.

He raised his glass in a second toast then, downing the drink within a couple gulps, feeling it hit his stomach and warm it from the inside out. The taste was rather average, but it did have a lot of alcohol in it, so he didn’t complain.

“I’ll see what I can do,” he agreed, now realizing that the Orb was indeed a very crucial part of this group. If he couldn’t get it to work, he’d have to sail to their target locations. On a boat! Oberan wasn’t going to travel by fucking boat! “I’ll have it ready by next time,” he reiterated, making it a deadline rather than some non-committal excuse. “Smooth sailing to you, Tio.”

And he’d have a cool codename ready for next time as well. He hadn’t worried too much about it since he’d thought only Tio had one, but now it had turned out Toan had one as well, so he was the only one left out. That wouldn’t do at all.

Perhaps he should have told them to use his old nickname, but that’d been from about sixty arcs ago, and he didn’t want to re-use it. He could have gone by his Immortal name, Djas, but since he’d told Tio about it, he very well couldn’t use it. Besides, he’d used it after he’d started traveling around Idalos, leaving it as a calling card on the scene of his crimes. The Phantom Thief Djas had not yet regained his former skill, so he didn’t want to use it yet anyway.

Maybe all members should have a codename that began with a letter from Kleptes’ name. They had Taboo – ‘t’—and Spider –‘s’. That did mean they would only be accepting four additional members at a time, however, which might not be enough for some heists. Then again, if they managed with only seven of them, the feat became all the more impressive.

He’d have to think about it, and bring it up next time they joined forces.

“So,” he said, turning towards Toan. “We have half a bottle of rum left. Care to stay and help me finish it?” If he didn’t, well, no matter. He’d have all of it for himself then. He didn’t really wait for an answer though, already filling both glasses to the rim again. The glass was quickly emptied out into his gullet and the Mortalborn set out to fill it up once more when he spoke up.

“Why do they call you the Spider?”

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Mon Aug 13, 2018 5:46 am

Tio's enthusiasm could've almost rubbed off on the other two men present, but Toan honestly found it more a nuisance rather than actual infectious banter. Nevertheless he partook in the cheer with a minor raise of his glass, the rum sipped further as he felt the sweet substance burn past his tonsils. Suffice it to say the pirate had moderately fine taste, though Toan wanted to think that was just the nature of the alcohol talking. Alcohol always seemed to make things feel better somehow, and sure enough that became a noticeable thing as Toan's features relaxed quite a bit. Tio seemed more and more eager to get a headstart on his end of the business, enough to where he decidedly left the two to remain as he sauntered off on his own.

What a shame. The birth of something potentially amazing and one of it's founders had to bolt so quickly. Needless to say Toan wasn't being left in unpleasant company after all, Oberan did have some merit of credit as a intriguing sort. Like the fact he knew of this Immortal thief, whereas Toan had never heard of such a name. Probably because he hardly knew much about the Immortals anyways, but even so a man like Dallen would've given little credit to such a Deity. Dallen was always a fickle one, prone to disavow any notion of praise to things greater than himself; and then just as likely ready to deal a bargain with such things the next. He was a true scoundrel, and far more connected in Etzos than any man could ever hope to be. Why? Because he was good at it, and because he'd devoted his life to it. So why did that earn him the nickname The Spider?

One could've easily asked the children of the streets, those that span his web all throughout every nook and cranny in the city. Toan was one such child and he learned well from the man, but the thief had a long ways to go before he could even compare. But to be called "Spidey" as though it were already his own alias, or code name, did more than vastly amuse the poor simple man. "It's not... Well not that it matters anyways." Either way if they sought to reach Toan, they'd have to relay their message to Dallen. The real Spider. Toan was just one of his former lackeys of course, but still a feasible asset to the cause in some ways. With just the two of them left he sighed and watched as Oberan refilled his glass, his lips forced into a humorously dry smirk as he about chuckled with the question. "It would be a waste of good rum." He warranted as he accepted the refill with poise in his arm, the glass tilted slightly to mock another 'cheer' for their little private merry party.

Although Toan was much more of a slow drinker compared to Oberan, he couldn't help but bite his lower lip when he stopped at three quarters of a glass. Why would he be called the Spider. Well... Why was Dallen referred to as the Spider? It would be a heinous act against his predecessor if he were to take on the same name, but at the same time it was also just too good of a deal to pass up on behalf of Toan. "Between you and me," He wryly remarked with a glance from his glass to the Mortalborn, "I'm more commonly referred to as the Rat of the Underground, mostly because I earned that name from The Spider." It'd be a secret he'd only indulge with Oberan, since only a select few seemed inclined to question who the Spider really was. "I worked under him as a boy of the streets and the underground, learned a few tricks of the trade under his watch and did what he asked me too. He's quite a resourceful man in my opinion, has a ear in just about every part of the city."

He allowed the mystique of this man to sink in, knowing Dallen would further appreciate some of the 'praise' sent his way. Clientelle was always something worth steering his direction, especially when they could be essentially worthy assets to whatever cause Dallen had. "The best way to reach him is through the beggers and children of the streets, which is why you can reach me easiest if you reach out to him." He remarked as he took another prolonged sip of the rum, at least until about less than half remained within the glass. "I suppose I should get a move on, I'll need to sneak my way back into Etzos. Keep a low profile for the while, since much of the Etzori guard will be monitoring Foster's more after those pirate attacks." That and plus the fact Tio wanted him to collect intel, that also meant the sooner he had access to information then the better. There'd be some string pulling for sure and bribing to add into the mix, but getting a head start on knowing more about any potential rivals did seem necessary.

"Good luck with that trinket Oberan," Toan commended after he rested his glass on the floor and rose to a stand, "If I come across any valid information while in Etzos, you'll be one of the first few I reach out too." For a moment he considered naming the Mortalborn 'partner' but reconsidered, since he felt it too early to be throwing such friendly slangs about inconsiderably. With a wave of two fingers towards from the side of his head as a farewell gesture, he walked for the door and started to follow the same steps the first thief took to leave the tower.
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