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The Elite of Scalvoris hold a gala

Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers.

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Re: Champagne, Diamonds, and Dancing (Navyri)

Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:04 pm

Thread Review
This was a most pleasurable thread, exciting without requiring intense action/combat. We will craft up some plot notes for moving forward with the mission Navyri has been given. Any and all questions Navyri need asked can be assumed to be answered (you can ask me as needed). Well done on this, truly.
Player 1
  • Skill Points - 15
  • Renown - 20 (For being the life of a very influential party)
  • Skill Knowledges
    1. Acrobatics: Squeezing one's ample rear through a tight window
    2. Acting: Playing the part of the shocked woman
    3. Acting: The disappointed mistress
    4. Business Management: Keeping your business away from tumultuous areas
    5. Business Management: Not putting dispassionate employees in charge of a business
    6. Business Management: Getting as much information as possible before entering into a business agreement
    7. Cosmetology: When it comes to gold rings, more is more
    8. Cosmetology: Regal Updo hairstyle
    9. Cosmetology: Transforming a long dress into more practical attire
    10. Deception: Using a flourish in show to cover a mistake
    11. Deception: Using honesty to cover dishonesty
    12. Detection: Witnessing a pickpocketing
    13. Detection: The sound of a lock breaking under a powerful grip
    14. Detection: The look of disdain for a master in a servant's face
    15. Detection: The scent and taste of the Pirate King's Whiskey
    16. Detection: The taste of sea charms
    17. Dancing - The Mistress Mingle: A traditional dance of Scalvoris
    18. Dancing: Learning a new dance by settling into a rhythm with an experienced partner
    19. Etiquette: Returning a gesture as a form of camaraderie
    20. Intelligence - Contact: The Warden of Slags Deep
    21. Intelligence: Doing as the rich would like
    22. Intelligence - Contact: Elivarn Kylus, Ithecal Merchant of Scalvoris
    23. Intelligence - Elivarn Kylus: Profited from the collapse of the Scalvoran docks
    24. Intelligence - Contact: Madame Nortiz, heiress to a shipyard
    25. Intelligence - Contact: Gustav Jimenez, pork merchant of Scalvoris
    26. Intelligence - Contact: Calrein, painter and criminal
    27. Intelligence: Those who are raised on coattails find more to follow
    28. Intelligence: People will give the world for those they love
    29. Intelligence - The Warden: Has an extreme excess of wealth
    30. Intelligence - Elivarn Kylus: Seeks the Lost Lady
    31. Intelligence: Choosing a place with the most people to learn more information
    32. Intelligence - The Warden: Has a particular soft spot for Pirate Lord Martiya "The Knife"
    33. Intelligence - The Warden: Revered and feared by serving class
    34. Intelligence - Lenny: Servant extraordinaire
    35. Intelligence - The Warden: Attends Council meetings
    36. Intelligence - The Warden: Father of "The Knife"
    37. Intelligence - Elivarn: Willing to kill anyone regardless of status
    38. Intelligence - Lenny: Former lover to Elivarn's deceased son Deneviro
    39. Intelligence - Lenny: Working for The Warden all along
    40. Intimidation: Threats disguised as facts
    41. Intimidation: Using an obvious lie to hide a threat
    42. Intimidation: A warning through subtle physical contact
    43. Leadership: Servants are more comfortable around leaders
    44. Leadership: Offering safe harbor to the servants of worse leaders
    45. Lockpicking: Jamming a lock
    46. Negotiation: Explaining your thought process
    47. Pickpocketing: Hiding a scroll in one's cuff
    48. Pickpocketing: Slipping a scroll into someone's pocket
    49. Pickpocketing: Using distractions to draw eyes where you want them
    50. Seduction: Affectionate teasing as playful pouting
    51. Seduction: Earning trust through subtle touches when in a position of power
    52. Socialization: Balancing jabs and compliments
    53. Socialization: Basking in the adoration of fans
    54. Socialization: Avoiding the chance of untoward rumors
    55. Strength: Hefting a large wheel of cheese
    56. Strength: Pulling one's weight through a tight fitting space
    57. Tactics: Being defensive when you're more of a target than a targeter
    58. Tactics: Making a big show when you wish to disguise a small maneuver
    59. Tactics: Always keeping track of time
  • Non-Skill Knowledges
  • Items and Other Rewards
    1. The empty bottle of The Pirate King's Whiskey
    2. The lucky cork from the Pirate King's Whiskey
    3. 1 Domain Bag
    4. 1 Map of the Pirate Lords' most recently known locations
    5. Navyri is now backed by the Warden while conducting this mission for him. As such, she can use him as a pseudo-family member that is in Wealth Tier 10, but she remains in her own Wealth Tier so long as she remains in accordance with the rules here. wiki/index.php?title=Family_Wealth
    6. Tarouz Favored 8 Ability - Secrets in the Wind
    7. Tarouz Favored 9 Ability - Birdtongue
Player 2
  • Skill Points -
  • Renown -
  • Skill Knowledges
  • Non-Skill Knowledges
  • Items and Other Rewards

Final Notes

If you have any questions, please PM me. Also please add the provided stamp to your review request found here and please update your CS with all of this information.

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