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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Wendell's Woodwork

Wendell's Woodwork

Wayne Wendell is a fifth generation Burhan Biqaj who is highly skilled in wood carving. Wendell can craft just about anything from wood and has earned himself the well respected title of Yv'Ihadi, roughly translated to 'crafter of dreams'. He uses only the best Burhan timber to craft his creations and for the right price, he will build, carve, or design just about anything. Wendell opens his stall to customers every day and sometimes leaves his young son or daughter to watch over the place.

Wendell's Woodwork NPC List

Moderator's Note: Players are welcome to use these NPCs if they're writing about this location.

Wayne Wendell

Race: Mixed Blood (Biqaj x Human)
Age: 36 arcs
Title: Master Woodworker
Skills: Wood Working (60), Business Management (35), Smuggling (50), Singing (30) Negotiation (45).

The owner and master wood carver of Wendell's Woodwork Stall, Wayne is the youngest of six brothers. He has lived in Burhan all his life, traveling to the City of Andaris once a season to try and sell his carvings there. Wendell is currently looking for a handful of apprentices to train up and run their own shops in the main city or other scattered villages across Rynmere.

Tyron Wendell

Race: Mixed Blood (Mixed Blood x Sev'ryn)
Age: 11 arcs
Title: Son of Wendell
Skills: Undisclosed.

Tyron, as naughty as he appears, can also seem quite sweet at times. He enjoys wood carving and is attempting the pick up the necessary skills in order to take over his father's business one day.

Rune Wendell

Race: Mixed Blood (Mixed Blood x Biqaj)
Age: 13 arcs
Title: Daughter of Wendell
Skills: Undisclosed.

Tyron's half-sister, Rune is the older of the two, though her mother is long gone, she is treated just as kindly as her younger brother. Rune watches over the shop once in a while to give her father a break, as long as it isn't a school day.
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