Tahei Nji'Ryn

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Tahei Nji'Ryn
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Character Sheet
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Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:08 pm

Tahei Nji’Ryn
Name: Tahei Nji’Ryn

Age: 21 arcs

Race: Biq’aj

Date of Birth: 83 Trial of Vhalar, Arc 696

Marks: None

Factions Joined: None

Languages Spoken: Rakahi (Fluent), Common (Broken)

Partners: None

Tahei is a tall and imposing figure standing at just over 6’ and weighing close to 190lbs. He has a broad, muscular figure from a lifetime of hard labor. Like the rest of his clan, his skin is brown, and his eyes default to a blue-green reminiscent of the sea. His pointed ears he usually keeps covered under his long, black hair. While his opinions on hairstyles change, Tahei finds some arrangement of braids or a ponytail to be practical and easy. His choice in fashion is typical of his people. He likes clothes he can move freely in and protect him from unyielding elements at sea. At the same time, he’s got a penchant for jewelry and frequently adorns himself with bracelets, necklaces, and beaded strings made from whatever was available. As with any sailor, his hands and feet are calloused and rough. He prides himself on having made his own gloves and boots and when possible, prefers going barefoot over footwear. His voice is an abrasive tenor, but it carries well when shouting orders in a gale. All in all, Tahei doesn’t stand out among the Biq’aj, and he has the look of a sailor.

His mother's clan has the tradition of using tattoos to indicate a sailor's life experiences. As a newly initiated deckhand, Tahei has a tattoo of a rope with a reef knot on the underside of his wrist. Below it is an eight pointed star similar to a compass rose.

Like many of his people, Tahei has a love for adventure. He enjoys his freedom and believes himself to be like a sea bird--spirited and with the drive to go where the winds blow. While not religious, he is very superstitious and treats those superstitions almost as religious doctrine. His clan taught him to value family and that no matter how far he goes, the seas will take him home. While he often disagrees with his family, he would never do anything to harm them or bring them into danger. He also learned to be charitable and welcoming to strangers. He remembers the flotsam that acts as a refuge to small fish regardless of species and tries to emulate that sort of selfless giving. The crew he considers an extension of family as everyone on a ship is responsible for the others to stay alive. Slacking off or acting out could lead to a shipwreck. Teamwork and hard work would always pay off in the end.

Tahei is friendly and almost aggressively so. Every stranger is a potential friend, and if there’s something new and different, the best way to learn about it is diving in head first. But, he rarely talks about himself. Tahei isn’t the sort to air out his dirty laundry or expect others to tolerate much sharing. He could walk in many circles, but he holds his own cards close to his chest.

His own moral compass is a strong guiding force for Tahei. He believes firmly in honor and upholding his word. If Tahei promises something, it will be done. He’s also not beholden to gold. Money is nice, but there is no price for violating his moral beliefs. He’s not a violent person by nature, though he knows what anger is. He knows the wrath of the sea and has felt it in his heart, but that sort of unbridled anger is a frightening aspect of himself he doesn’t want to indulge.

Given his youth, there’s a longing for change and to fledge the nest. He holds a rebellious streak that may temper with time. For now, he wants to live by his own rules, explore every whim, and probably do the exact opposite of what his parents and clanmates taught him.

Tahei is a native to Ne’haer and the son of shipwrights. On his father’s side, the clan has lived in Ne’haer since Tahei’s great-grandfather first moved to the city. His mother’s family is predominately merchants getting their start as hired sailors and eventually being able to afford their own ship. Though they often dealt in Ne’haer, the ship spent most of her time at sea or distant ports. The clans were united typically only once an arc, and it was a time the young Tahei relished. For the first six arcs of his life, he grew up as a middle child, easily forgotten. Though remembered only in bits and pieces, Tahei recalls his early youth as being one of freedom and fun.

The spring of his sixth arc, Tahei’s father brought him to the dockyards for the first time. At first, the noise and smells were exhilarating, and Tahei looked forward to spending all day around the big ships and watching the other shipwrights turn timber into functioning ships. But for as much as he enjoyed watching the process, a part of him wished he could go with the ships on their voyages. A few arcs later and he spent more time staring out over the waves than paying attention to the lessons in carpentry and shipbuilding. His parents noticed the boy’s longing, but there was little they could do to ease the sea’s enticement. Seasons passed before an answer arrived in the form of the annual visit from Tahei’s mother’s family. They offered him a place on their ship to learn more about his culture and how to properly sail.

The boy of eleven arcs left with them. The first several trials were the hardest as he suffered incredible bouts of seasickness, but in time, he gained his sea legs and learned about ships from a working standpoint. In three seasons, he was climbing the rigging like he was born for it, and the feeling that something was missing in his life subsided. On the long voyages, he also learned more about the clan’s history as seafarers and about U’frek. At ports, however, he was confined to the ship and expressly forbidden from leaving to go explore foreign lands. As a youth, he wasn’t even considered a proper deck hand, and as the rest of his family explained it, some people had to stay with the ship to deter thieves. He would have tried to break the rules sooner, but his cousin, Whiro, often volunteered to stay behind on the ship and used that time to teach Tahei sword fighting. Not that it came naturally to the boy, but it staved off boredom and thoughts of desertion.

The routine of sailing proved pleasant if not physically demanding. By day, he learned how to read the waves and clouds for weather, how to adjust the angle of the sails and to reef, hand, and steer. There were also songs to learn to coordinate work and to entertain. By night, he learned about the stars and to use his natural gifts to navigate even without the sky to help.

In his twentieth arc, Tahei was formally inducted as a deckhand. In the clan, tattoos signified one’s achievements whether it denoted held ranks, distance travelled, or ports visited. Some hold more symbolic or superstitious meanings such as a star to make sure a sailor can always find their way home. For his achievement, Tahei received a tattooed rope around his wrist and a star.

As an official deckhand, Tahei was finally allowed to enter port cities with the rest of his family. While the visit was short, and he didn’t see nearly as much as he would have liked, Tahei purchased a macaw from a fellow travelling merchant. The pair had a rocky start, but enough food bribes convinced the macaw that Tahei wasn’t dreadful.

However, the annual stop at Ne’haer was the beginning of the end. Despite Tahei’s elation at becoming a deckhand, his father believed that nine years of voyaging was enough. He expressly forbade his son from returning to the ship with the explanation that it was time Tahei took up shipbuilding. The news came as a devastating blow to the young man. Much as he hated it, Tahei reluctantly obeyed his father and bade farewell to the sea. The dockyards were never nearly as interesting as sailing, and it always felt that his siblings were better craftsmen. His mother tried to help him adapt having made a similar transition away from seafaring. Unfortunately, even that had little effect on Tahei’s mood.

The breaking point came in his twenty-second arc when he overheard his father complaining about how he didn’t have the same aptitude for building as his siblings. Believing that even his father had given up on him, Tahei found the resolve to leave. His mother tacitly supported his decision and provided some supplies. In the days leading up to his departure, Tahei refused to speak to his father. Though he would always be welcomed back home with open arms, his leaving was on a sour note. His initial destination is to find his mother's clan and rejoin them. The only problem is that they sail the world and in particular order, so seeking them out is like a shot in the dark. However, first, he has to find some way out of Ne'haer.

For the moment, Tahei lives where he can find lodging.

His sole companion is his macaw, Amia. She’s a large bird with primarily red feathers and blue and yellow feathers on her wings and tail. She’s got a sense of humor and a mischievous streak. Trying to scare the daylights out of unwitting strangers is an unusually enjoyable pasttime. Also, she can be quite loud with no clear off switch. Her screams range from ear-splitting to glass-shattering, and the sound carries. On the other hand, she’s incredibly intelligent and learns words and phrases quickly as well as being able to perform a range of tricks. While slow to trust, those who can win her over receive lifetime loyalty which translates to her being less likely to peck her friends in the face or wake them up by shrieking and flapping her wings.
Knowledge & Skills

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Animal Training1/100(1/251)Novice
Blades: Cutlass7/100 (7/251) Novice
Climbing10/100 (10/251) Novice
Fishing10/100 (10/251) Novice
Navigation12/100 (12/100) Novice
Seafaring25/100 (25/251)Novice
Shipbuilding11/100 (11/251) Novice
Swimming5/100 (5/251) Novice


[AG]Animal Training: Macaws like fruit
[SB]Blades (cutlass): Basic stances
[AG]Blades (cutlass): A simple block
[SB]Navigation: How to find the north star
[AG]Navigation: Local trade routes of Ne'haer
[AG]Resistance: Fighting off seasickness
[SB]Seafaring: Sailing a sloop
[SB]Seafaring: Basic knots
[SB]Shipbuilding: Start with a model
[AG]Strength: Loading and Unloading ship cargo

Non-Skill (HI)

Race: Biq’aj
Creation Legends: Biq’aj
Customs & Traditions: Biq’aj
History: Biq’aj
Location: Ne’haer
Layout: Ne’haer
History: Ne’haer
Laws: Ne’haer
Customs & Festivals: Ne’haer
Immortal: U’frek
Skill Point Ledger

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Seafaring [RB} 25[RB] 2500
Starting Package 500050
Navigation ..1040
Ship Building ..1030
Fishing ..10 20
Blades: Cutlass..505
[AG]Shipbuilding ..100
[AG]Negotiation ..100
[AG]Resistance ..100
[AG]Storytelling ..100
[AG]Blades: Cutlass ..200
[AG]Strength ..200
[AG]Endurance ..200
[AG]Navigation ..200
[AG]Animal Training ..100
Marks Section




  • None


  • Starting Package
    • One set of standard quality clothing
      • Cloak, shirt, pants, undergarments, boots
    • One set of toiletries
      • Soap, comb, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste
    • One Waterskin
    • Two sets of eating utensils
    • Tinderbox
  • Large Waterproof Heavy Duty Canvas bag
  • Fisherman’s kit
    • Common fishing pole
    • Small fishing net
    • Trap box
    • Tackle box
    • Hooks of various sizes (20)
    • Common fishing line (50ft)
    • Lead Weights (20)
    • Various spinning lures (10)
    • Pre-made leader clips (20)
    • Pouch of dried tadpoles
    • Worm shovel
    • Jar of fish eggs
  • Compass
  • Tarp (5yd x 5yd)
  • Woodworker’s kit
    • Clamp (small)
    • Clamp (medium)
    • Clamp (large)
    • Vice
    • Hatchet (small)
    • Hammer (small)
    • Hammer (large)
    • Small nails (100)
    • Wooden float
    • Chisel (small)
    • Chisel (medium)
    • Chisel (large)
    • Sweep-tail Gouge
    • Hand-drill
    • Saw (small)
City Dweller’s Pack 100gn 100gn
Trade in Housing 250gn 350gn
Bag -12sn 348gn 8 sn
Fisherman’s kit -35gn 313gn 8sn
Macaw -20gn 293gn 8sn
Woodworker’s kit -30gn 263gn 8sn
Compass -5gn 258gn 8sn
Tarp -3gn 5sn 255gn 3sn
Total Currency: 0 ON, 255 GN, 3 SN, 0 CN
Renown Ledger
Item/ ThreadRenownTotal
[AG] Starting Renown +23 23
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