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Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:45 pm

60th of Ashan, Arc 716

“My name is Aelius Aburius Caedicius, Sword of Ethelynda, Protector of the Vale and Grandmaster of the Seventh Order!” Devin proclaimed in an almost overly haughty tone, put his hands on his hips and started to strut back and forth in his living room with a wicked smile on his face and his head held high, just like a peacock – or a noble lord. “My name is false, just like my titles, I stole my clothes from a clothesline and was nearly caught by the guards in the process, and Ethelynda has probably never really heard of me!”

He stopped for a moment, turned around and looked at Lily hopefully. His childhood friend and accomplice, a redhead with dark brown eyes and far too many freckles to count, who was sitting on his old and somewhat threadbare couch and watching him closely shook her head. “Your real accent is still coming through. You need to sound posher. Remember how that woman that told us to leave right now the other trial when were checking that villa out sounded?” she asked in a strangulated and cut-glass tone. “Nobles tend to articulate consonants more fully and lengthen certain vowels. Try again. If we want to impersonate two nobles, our accent needs to be perfect!”

Devin continued to strut around the living room, with his head held so high that he could hardly see what was in front of him and nearly ran into his bookshelf that mostly contained a bunch of random knick-knacks rather than actual books. He stood there for a moment, scratched his head and stared at the bookshelf in confusion as if he were wondering what it was doing there, and then he shrugged his shoulders, walked to the other side of the living room and informed Lily in the poshest accent that he was capable of, “I will seduce your wives and steal from your husbands – or shall I do it the other way round? What do you think, Lily? Who would Aelius Aburius Caedicius rather seduce – the husbands or the wives? It doesn’t matter”, he then decided. “I’ll just seduce everybody and steal from everybody as long as it serves my goals!”

“By the Fates!”
he proclaimed a moment later, plopped down on the couch next to Lily, loosened his tie and undid the top buttons of his very stiff white shirt because his clothes were beginning to choke him. He didn’t understand how nobles could breathe like that. Maybe they didn’t need to breathe?

“I can’t wait to try it out. What do you think we should do first, Lily? Maybe I should actually play Aelius rather than just using him to practice my posh accent. I kind of like him! Do you think people will believe me? Before you answer, I recently got this here from a costume shop!” he told her, produced a false, pitch-black and rather impressive looking handlebar moustache, put a bit of special glue on it and stuck it to his face. “Does it make me look like a mature and respectable gentleman?” he drawled, trying his best to sound like the noble lord that he wanted to impersonate.

Lily just looked at him, and a moment later she laughed out loud. “Sure”, she replied and laughed again because she just couldn’t control himself. The sight of Devin with that huge, fake moustache on his face was too funny! “You look incredibly dashing! I’m not sure if the time is ripe for the Sword of Ethelynda though. I think we should start a bit smaller. How about we pretend to be two poor young and incredibly spoiled rich brats that were robbed by a group of evil bandits on their way to the capital? All those high and mighty lords and ladies will probably bend over backwards to help us! Let me hear your accent once more, by the way, Devin!”

Devin stood up, bowed in a somewhat exaggerated fashion, like he had often seen commoners bow to the nobles that lived near the Crown bow and obliged. “My name is Aelius Calder, of the Calder family of Pyke, one of the richest families in the entire Eastern Settlement”, he informed her, having decided to come up with a new story in order to suit her suggestion. “My sister, the lovely Lady Vanessa Calder and I were just on our way to Andaris in order to begin our studies at the University of Rynmere – I was going to study architecture and she was going to study history - when a most terrible misfortune befell us. There was something lying in the middle of the road. When our driver stopped in order to take a closer look, a couple of bandits jumped out from behind a bush and killed him – and our bodyguards as well. My sister and I managed to flee, but we had to leave everything behind.”

“How many bodyguards do you think Aelius Calder and the lovely Lady Vanessa had?”
he wanted to know and looked at Lily questioningly because he had no idea what would be realistic. “Half a dozen? More? Less? And how many bandits were there?”

“Two bodyguards and at least half a dozen bandits, armed to the teeth”,
Lily decided after she had given the matter some thought. “They were completely outnumbered by the bandits. Aelius drew his sword in order to defend his sister, but the bandit leader disarmed him. We want the lords and ladies of Andaris to admire his bravery as well as pity his sister and him. Your accent is better now, by the way”, she told him at which he smiled all over his face. “You still need to practice though!” she added, and he abruptly stopped smiling again and pouted a little instead. “It needs to be absolutely flawless!”

“I’d appreciate it if you could take that completely ridiculous looking thing off now, by the way”,
she then informed him. “You didn’t really believe that you looked good with it, did you?” She raised an eyebrow, and Devin proceeded to blush. In his opinion the moustache made him look quite handsome, and it made him feel manly too, even more so because he struggled to grow anything more than a few wisps of hair that made him look as if he had dirt on his face. If his friend didn’t like it though …

He tugged at the moustache, but it refused to come off. Lily watched him for a few moments, and then she simply grabbed his moustache and tugged – and Devin let out a loud scream as if he were being murdered in a most painful and violent fashion and proceeded to hold his face. “Sorry”, Lily murmured even though she wasn’t sure if she really was and pointed out, “I think you used too much glue. You need to put different shoes on when you play Aelius, by the way. Yours don’t look like they belong on a noble.”

Devin looked at his shoes that were rather old and worn and had a few holes in them and sighed. One trial, he vowed, he would have a hundred pairs of shoes and several rooms full of clothes so that he would never have to dress like a poor man again and he would be a real lord instead of a false one and leave his old life behind for good (he wouldn’t stop stealing though). For now, he turned to Lily again though, realizing that, if he wanted to successfully play a noble, he needed to dress that part as well - in every single aspect and remarked, “I suppose we’ll have to steal shoes for me next then. I wonder if the cobbler that is down the street has a pair that is my size. What do you think?”

“You have big feet!”
Lily replied dryly, and Devin pouted and pretended to act offended even though he wasn’t really offended. They made fun of each other quite frequently. It was part of their friendship.

“Anyway”, she continued. “Maybe we should put a bit of fake blood and dirt on our clothes as well so that our story is more believable. I doubt that people that were robbed and nearly killed by bandits look as if they are just on their way to a ball. I hate covering our brand new stolen clothes with dirt, but sometimes you just have to make a sacrifice for the greater good”, she decided and let out an exaggerated sigh.

Devin nodded, and then something occurred to him, and he looked Lily over. She was wearing a pair of simple black wool pants and a white blouse which were of course perfectly acceptable clothes, but not very appropriate for a false noblewoman (or whatever the families of the Eastern Settlement really were) at all. “You need to steal a few clothes as well”, he pointed out, and she laughed as if he had said something incredibly funny and informed him, “Oh, but I already did. I snuck into the laundry shop last night while the owner was asleep and got myself a nice dress. It’s made of real velvet!”

1.529 words.
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Thu Jun 14, 2018 2:33 am

Here's your sarding thread review already.



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Bahahaha. Devin is kind of hilarious and cute in a sly sort of way. I enjoyed his interaction with his friend Lily and your whole situation for this thread was entertaining. It wasn't confusing at all, so no need for apologies! I think the back and forth between Devin and Lily did most of the heavy lifting of the thread and allowed you to explore the knowledges you were after quite effectively. Well done.

Also, memory threads in Rynmere, plzkthnx.

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