Zasalamir Escolothe'

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Zasalamir Escolothe'
Name: Zasalamir Escolothe'

Age: 27arcs

Race: Mixed Blood:
Human & Sev'ryn

Date of Birth: 43rd of Vhalar
Arc 691

Marks: N/A

Factions Joined: N/A

Languages Spoken:
-Fluent: Xanthea
-Basic: Common

Partners: Working on it
Zasalamir Is a rather well built man for a drug developer and runner. He stands at six foot one weighing at an average hundred and sixty five pounds. His body is well define, pact muscles in all the right places, and just the right amount of body fat in the desired areas like his chest, arms, thighs, and butt. He has a fair and blemish free complexion. His eyes are a memorizing crystal blue, which are hidden behind long golden honey tresses of hair that reach toward the mid of his back.
Zasalamir is a calm and collected individual, handling most situations that would induce terror and fear in the average person with a controlled ease. In most cases, even genuine surprise and happiness, his reactions to stimuli are subdued. His conduct is very business-like, however he isn't incapable of a bit a humor, good nature and not. Despite appearing detached and cryptic, he cares deeply for the lives entrusted to him. He is very fearless, has been since he was a child, and has carried this trait with him into adulthood. Though not as cruel as his family members, there is an intimidating and domineering air about him; even as a young boy he could make grown men bend to his will thanks to the grooming of his overbearing father. He is responsible, usually reasonable, however his calm demeanor can give way to rare bouts of rage at times.

However, when conducting business of any manner he has no qualms employing ruthless measures to gain results in both warfare and politics. Others fear him for his willingness to do what others dont have the stomach for, though he views it as a necessary evil to help facilitate the growth of humanity. Pragmatic by nature in a business mindset, Zasalamir believes that those with power or in a position of power, should have the heart to be cruel enough to make difficult choices that can constitute a positive outcome in the long run. When talking to others, despite their origin, he is sarcastically condescending with hints of flirtation. Though if he is truly find value in you his compliments and words are of the utmost genuine nature.
Zasalamir is the love child of human aristocrat and his Sev'ryn lover. He, like the rest of the cherubs, was kept secret from his father's side of the family, being raised by his mother and the Sev'ryn. He never understood why his father avoided him at first, the averting gaze every time he would visit. The uninterested look when ever the boy wold show him a trinket or what ever fascination he had. It wasn't till his 16th birthday that his father showed interest in him. He wanted to take Zasalamir with him, but his mother would not be permitted to join them. The adults argued over the future of Zasalamir, one not wanting his blood to waste away in the southern wilds, and the other wanting her son to find peace in himself and in nature. When it was all said in done his father had his way and would soon leave his mother and the place he knew as home, with a man he hardly knew but would have to learn. Within three ten-trials he and his father would set sail to Etzos. His mother took this time to instill the heart & spirit of the Sev'ryn into her son. The first ten-trial she showed him how to hunt, and rely on the land and allow it to provide for him. She taught him how to survive in the wild, how to calm the mind and let his spirit be the guide for his choice and navigating the land. It took several tries, many mistakes, even some food poisoning, but with the help and guidance of his community, he was able to get the hang of being on his own in the wild. By the second ten-trial she taught him the way of the herbalist, how to know what plants and herbs could heal a multitude of injuries & ailments, being able to cook up concoctions and remedies with nearly anything in one's environments. With his mother's extensive herbal knowledge she was able teach him how to be able to tell which things in the wild are poisonous and which are safe to ingest if he ever found himself out in the wilds by himself, now knowing what the wrong decision can feel like. He made sure he absorbed all his mother had to offer on the topic. By ten-trial number three, it was time to enrich his spirit. This was a crucial part, as it was his Sev'ryn blood and she refused to allow it to fade away from him. She wanted to make sure even though he was not with her, he never forgot where he came from and his Sev'ryn blood. She broke down the importance of meditation, keeping one's soul pure, and being one with nature and the spirits around him. Showing him breathing techniques, to ways to calm his mind, she made sure to drill the importance of his spiritual health. The last night they had together Zasalamir and his mother enjoyed stories she recanted of those who had journeyed out into the world like he was about to do. She reminded him that no matter what his father said, she loved him, and to never forget himself. She did what a mother does and instilled final words of encouragement and knowledge. That same night his mother revealed something she had held on to for quite sometime now. She told her only child she was an empath, one who could feel and manipulate the emotions of others. She explained to him that it was a secret she was both proud and ashamed of, but it was part of her.That wasnt the only reason however. During his growth, Zasalamir had shown that he could understand the way others felt, as well as having minor insight into their way of thinking. He was personable and many often found comfort when speaking with him. Knowing that their relationship as mother and son was far deeper than most, she had no doubt he would be able to handle this final gift of hers. Finding a secluded space within the forest she prepared him for the initiation of Empathy. Binding all of her emotions into her spark she passed on to her son. What Zasalamir felt next was far beyond any words he could muster, even to this day. He always thought he knew how his mother ticked, but this was an eye opener for him. Behind the smile and easy going demeanor of his mother, was a woman burdened and haunted by regret, shame, and sorrow. He was feeling her every emotion as if it was his own. The process lasted into the morning, the sun peeking in overhead as the emotional weaving had finally come to an end. In the end, Zasalamir embraced his mother, tears flowing like water breaking through a damn. He had no idea his mother hurt so badly. It was an eye opener and he would etch into his own soul as a great life lesson.

The next morning He was on a boat to Etzos, waving goodbye to his mother for the last time. It was an awkward ride to Etzos, His father trying his best to reassure his son that this was best for his future and lively-hood. At first Zasalamir was adverse to leaving the place he called home, but he rationalized that it would be a good experience for him. Meeting his other relatives was.......... interesting to say the least. They welcomed him with open arms and all seemed well. But after awhile, he became aware of the disapproving gazing and slighted remarks about his mother and his common & mixed blooded birth. To their dismay however, he was unbothered by their discontent. Instead his focus went into the family business, which was jewelry making along with gem cutting. He took to it rather quickly learning how to spot the perfect gem, getting the best cut, tailoring gems with a design to showcase their unique beauty. It was the one thing that brought him and his father together. They bonded rather easily through his adolescent years into his teenage and budding adulthood when it came to the gem and jewelry business. By his 21 arc, his father thought it was high time they bonded on a whole new level when he wasnt beating the man into submission. His father introduce him to other side of the family business. While successful in the Jewelry trade, his father was also established in the drug trade as well. He was astounded, appalled, shocked by the revelation. He did his best to remain within the legitimate jewelry business as much as possible, often than not, acting as runner for his father's narcotics. This caused his father forced him to have weapons training, as you never knew when competition would become bold and try to kidnap you or worse, seek your very life for your product. In terms of weapons, Zasalamir took to the longsword but only learning the basic sword stances. Now at his 27th arc, Zasalamir is in the prime position to help his father with a business excursion into Ne'hear in order to establish a base of operations and secure a distribution chain within the region as a liaison for the gems and jewelry and drug runner. What the Escolothe' House doesnt know however, is this is only a stepping stone in a plan set in motion 11 arcs ago when he set sail from Desnind.

The basic home one would find in Bayward. Nothing fancy as he grew up in but gets the job done.

Skill List
Skills| Knowledges| Total Points| Proficiency
Blades: Longsword {FT} 11 27 / 100 Competence
Chemistry 1 10/250 Novice
Detection 4 5 / 250 Novice
Discipline 3 5 / 250 Novice
Empathy 2 15/250 Novice
Hunting 1 5/250 Novice
Jewelry Crafting 1 25/250 Novice
Medicine 2 5/250 Novice
Meditation {RB} 4 25/250 Novice
Ranged Combat (Longbow) 10 18/250 Novice
Seduction 7 20/250 Novice
Endurance 2 0/250 Unskilled
Strength 5 10/250 Novice


[HI]Race: Sev'ryn
[HI]Creation Legends: Sev'ryn
[HI]Customs & Traditions: Sev'ryn
[HI]History: Sev'ryn
[HI]Location: Desnind
[HI]Location: Ne'haer
[HI]Location: Etzos
[HI]Laws: Etzos
[HI]Laws: Ne'haer
[HI]Customs & Festivals: Desnind
Abberation: The Bond of a Harvester
Abberation: Having Chaos at one's Fingertips
Abberation: An Addiction to Ether
Empathy: Drowning in the Feeling
Empathy: The Symphony of one's Emotions
Empathy: Become an Emotional Sponge


Blades (Longsword) | 11
Blades (Longsword): Basic Attack Swing {JD}
Blades (Longsword): Basic Defense Stance {JD}
Blades (Longsword): Basic fighting stance
Blades: Slice and stab {LT}
Blades: An on-guard stance {LT}
Blades: A Blade is an Extension of the Body {LT}
Bladed Combat (long sword): Slicing with a long sword {LT}
Bladed Combat (long sword): Trusting when unable to slash {LT}
Bladed Combat (longswords): Remain relaxed, flexible and responsive {LT}
Bladed Combat (longswords): Fight from the hips {LT}
Bladed Combat (longswords): Leaning/ducking to avoid attacks {LT}

Chemistry | 1
Chemistry: Solids, liquids, and gases

Detection | 5
Detection: Feeling out mages
Detection: Reading in to people's words
Detection: Paying attention to one's surroundings
Detection: A weight on a man's soul coming out in his voice
Detection: Listening to inflection in tone {LT}

Discipline | 5
Discipline: Backtracking from a lip slip
Discipline: Watching what you say
Discipline: Not revealing your plans too early
Discipline: Calming down after going into a frenzy
Discipline: Practice makes perfect [OB]

Hunting | 1
Hunting: How To Spot Fresh Tracks

Jewelry Crafting | 1
Jewelry Crafting: Bringing out the Gem's Radiance

Medicine | 2
Medicine: Treating Open Wounds
Medicine: Basic Knowledge of Desnind Herbs That Help With Ailments

Endurance | 2
Endurance: Pushing Through Exhaustion {LT}
Endurance: Ignoring fatigue {LT}

Meditation | 4
Meditation: Confidence in one's own body
Meditation: At peace with oneself
Meditation: Recognizing chaos in others
Meditation: Staying near the ocean

Strength | 5
Strength: Tensing your muscles during exercise is a good method of isolating muscles for working out [OB]
Strength: Putting your strength into a movement [OB]
Strength: Tearing free of a grip [OB]
Strength: Holding your arms above your head and working for a length of time builds muscles [OB]
Strength: Repetition of movement to build muscles [OB]

Ranged Combat (Longbow) | 10
Ranged Combat: (Bow): Aiming into a group
Ranged Combat: (Bow): Maximizing speed when drawing
Ranged Combat: (Bow) Consider where you'll strike if you miss
Ranged Combat: (Bow): Neck shots are usually effective.
Ranged Combat: (bow): Flying straight and true but still missing the mark
Ranged Combat (Longbow): Control Breathing For Better Aim
Ranged Combat (Longbow): Factor In The Wind
Archery: The first arrow is always a warning shot
Archery: Release the arrow as if were your own breath
Archery: Accuracy is Key

Seduction | 7
Seduction: Walking naked on the beach
Seduction: Telling your lovers what they need to hear
Seduction: Displaying one's body
Seduction: A first kiss
Seduction: Ignoring personal space means more touching
Seduction: A pleasure deferred is a pleasure enhanced
Seduction: That blessing glow, though

Domain Magic: Empathy - 2

Empathy: Initiation
Empathy: Using The Tangle to Locate Others

Domain Magic: Empathy - 2

Empathy: Initiation
Empathy: Using The Tangle to Locate Others

Skill Ledger
+25 Meditation (RB)
+50 starting package (SP)
-10 Jewelry Crafting (SP)
-10 Chemistry (SP)
-15 Blades {Longsword} (SP)
-15 Empathy {Domain Magic} (SP)
Character Sheet Approval
+5 Hunting (Jade)
+5 Ranged Combat (Longbow) (Jade)
+5 Medicine (Jade)
+ 15 {An Eye for Detail}
-5 Detection
-5 Discipline
-5 Seduction
+ 15 {Learning the Path}
-15 Seduction
+ 10 {Arrow on the Path}
-10 Blades: Longsword
+ 15 {Refining the Sword}
-2 Blades: Longsword
-13 Ranged Combat (Longbow)
+ 15 {Murderous Intentions}
-15 Jewelry Crafting
+ 10 {Swordsman's Strength Training}
-10 strength
  • List your possessions here!
    • One set of clothing (adaptable as per race, though for humanoid races, this will include a coat or cloak, shirt or blouse, pants or skirt, undergarments, and a pair of boots. All clothing is standard quality.
      One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste,
      One waterskin
      Two sets of eating utensils
      Prized Possession: Sword of Escolothe'
Starting Package 100 ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
Total Currency: 0 ON, 100 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN

Renown Ledger
+5 Word gets around, especially where public indecency is involved.
+10 Drug Runner For Your Father
+5 For being trained by a recognized professional.
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Zasa's Familiar: Mäẹlẹwänọ {Soul}

Category: 2

Appearance: Mäẹlẹwänọ appears as a jet back wolf, with golden lumiscent eyes. And elaborate pattern fades in and out on his fur in the same golden glow as his eyes. His wings span is about 3 to 4ft.
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