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A famous Biqaj hangout

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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The Salty Grape

The Salty Grape

An old pub in the village of Burhan run by two half sisters, Echo and Jem Rohan, both as tough as nails and used to breaking up fights with broken bottles. The crowd here is rough and rowdy, but that's just how the Biqaj in Burhan like it. You'll find all sorts here, crooks, ruffians, and good honest folk who work hard for a living. The pub runs a quiz night at the start and middle of every season, and there are lots of other things to do, including play darts, listen to live music, or just relax and play a game of cards.

Salty Grape NPC List

Moderator's Note: Players are welcome to use these NPCs if they're writing about this location.


Race: Biqaj
Age: 28 arcs
Title: Pub Owner
Skills: Melee Combat: 35, Unarmed Combat: 50, Seduction: 45, Storytelling: 55, Business Management: 30.

Owner of The Salty Grape, Echo is the younger of the two Rohan sisters but inherited the business from her father, Fionn, much to her older sister's disappointment.


Race: Mixed Blood (Human x Biqaj)
Age: 31 arcs
Title: Barmaid
Skills: Ranged Combat: 45, Unarmed Combat: 40, Smuggling: 55, Gambling: 35, Disguise: 50.

Jem is crafty, secretive, and knows how to get her way. She isn't fond of her little sister Echo, but would never let anyone hurt her. Together the two of them have run The Salty Grape for the last six arcs and know all about the things that go on in Burhan and out at sea, kept well informed by their happy, seafaring patrons.
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