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The Temple of Oron Endor

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Oron's Omen

Oron's Omen

The Temple and final resting place of Oron Endor. Oron's Omen is a large crevasse like scar across the earth of Endor that leads down into a hand carved hall with a large stone statue commemorating the man himself. Treasure hunters and explorers like to venture here in search of strange and wonderful things. The entrance used to be guarded but after an earthquake some hundred years ago the only way in and out is now to climb down into the steep crevasse, limiting access to skilled mountaineers and climbers.

It is said that Oron told his people to take shelter in the earth believing the Immortals to be untrustworthy and warning that an unstoppable threat would one day fall from the sky to level cities and destroy all in its path. Some of Oron's diehard believers still believe this to be true and his omen is shared in stories and remembered in art. To this day Fort Endor still remains underground, though small buildings and settlements have cropped up all over the surface, making the most of the ports and fishing seasons.
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