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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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The Haunted Hound

The Haunted Hound

The Haunted Hound closed down in 683 when the owner, Kyron Royce, hung himself from a second story window. The man had been troubled and after his wife left him and the tax collectors started knocking on the door, patrons said that they noticed a change in Kyron and it was whispered that the Innkeeper had gone crazy, seeing things that weren't there and whispering to himself.

These days people who live in the area believe Kyron's ghost haunts the old inn. Animals are easily spooked, dogs bark and will not venture beyond the front gates, even the birds refuse to nest within the rundown walls. A brave few have spent the night with no side effects, but any prolonged stays have seen some walk away whispering and looking confused. It is a popular hangout for some of the villages adolescents and riffraff but the wise know to steer well clear.
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