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Character Sheet

Alexis Lucius

Sat Jun 09, 2018 1:56 am

Why is a raven like a writing desk?
►Name: Alexis Rose Lucius
►Race: Human
►Gender: Female
►Date of Birth: 1st of Vhalar, arc 700

►Profession(s): N/A
►Faction(s): N/A
►Mark(s): N/A
►Language(s): Common (fluent), Ancient Tongue (broken)
Alexis is young and small, with lots of room to improve on her physique, considering her height only reaches to five feet and three inches, and her body weighs barely above a hundred and ten pounds. She is thin, and her muscles are visible on her barely tanned skin, due to the lack of fat on her body. Her legs are long and make her figure appear desirable by most human standards. Her face is diamond-shaped, surrounded by waving and flowing hair bordering between the colours of blond and brown. Her eyes are similar to her hair, perhaps a tad darker if one was to truly gaze upon them. There aren't many defining, unusual features about her, considering most aspects of her appearance make her seem above likely to attract the attention of those who care for her type, but not enough to fully enchant someone in it, making her appear as pretty as a doll, but not more, as if she was shaped to be that way.
Other features
Injuries, Scars, Tattoos
Origin of Injury Date Received Date Healed
.. .. ..
Alexis carries a rose tattoo on her left thigh, which remains concealed by her clothing at most times. She got it not long after her release by Nathaniel, as was his wish. She will not mention it in conversation even if asked directly, and she will most likely panic if anyone was to discover she even had it.
► Show Spoiler
Witchmark: Alexis has, as a result of her initiation into Transmutation, been witch marked in a specific way. She has, on her chest, small, blood-red cracks in her skin that glow in the darkness.
Witchmark: As a result of being initiated into Aberration, and her witchmark from Transmutation, Alexis’ cracks on the skin of her chest pulsate with her heartbeat.
Alexis appears to be a cold person, when first meeting her, distant and aloof, appearing disinterested in the normal ongoings of everyday life. She is more interested in things with great, long-term consequences, and will often go out of her way to plan things ahead of time. Really ahead of time. Her social skills could use some work, though she knows her way around a conversation, especially with less intelligent, yet stronger people. Alexis is greatly interested in all things unnatural, ranging from magic to the Immortals, and will attempt to gather as much information as possible about topics such as those. She doesn't make friends easily, nor does she keep most of the friends she makes, but those that do get close to her, those that impress her and make her smile from the bottom of her heart, she will never forget. She will give up her life for the lives of those people, no matter their personal differences and the distance between them.
Alexis’ birth was, and still is, a mystery to the girl. As far as she knows, she was born into slavery, for her earliest memories were the cracking thunder the whip of the Avriel produced and the rows in which she’d stand trial after trial, waiting to get a hold of her meal of mush and paste. The girl was raised in Athart, the slave city, under the rule of the birdfolk, who taught her almost everything she knows. Alexis, having been born a slave, raised a slave and grown up a slave, never questioned her position, or the fairness of the world’s rules, she instead always obeyed in an effort to avoid punishment and receive rewards. Her slavery was a bit more curious than those of the other girls around her, though. Her punishments were never ones that would leave a permanent mark on her body, instead receiving rare hits every now and then for the worst of her behaviours, on places where no scars would form. Instead of physical punishment, she was tortured psychologically. When she spoke to other girls, they would be whipped in front of her, and when she disobeyed orders, she would be forced into solitude. She was never, not once, required to do anything sexual, instead getting lessons in swordfighting, which was deemed strange by all those around her. On top of that, the language the Avriel spoke to her was the common tongue, alongside lessons in the Ancient language.

By the time the girl was sixteen, no other slaves wished to talk to her, for they knew of the specific situation she was in, instead choosing to make her feel even more alone. Whether this was of their own free will, or if they were held under threats, Alexis never learned, considering the fact that at this point a change befell her.

On a particularly dark trial, one of her regular masters appeared before the girl, taking her to see some other winged creatures, which she presumed were masters of a higher rank. They stood waiting for her at the docks of the city, and said nothing when she arrived, instead waiting even longer for a ship to dock. From the ship appeared a man, a human, formally dressed, with light skin and exceptionally dark hair who said something in a strange language Alexis had heard before, Lorien, to the Avriel masters, before throwing a bag of what sounded like coins into one of their hands. The masters seemed pleased, so the black-haired human turned to her. He smiled the warmest of smiles Alexis had ever seen, and offered her a hand. She took it without thinking, as she believed it was an order, and the man led her on board.

The man gave a name and a voice to the nameless and voiceless girl, calling her Alexis in public, and Rose in private. He told her his name was Nathaniel Lucius, and that she was free to call him by it, instead of ‘master’. Rose was given far more than this that trial. She was given an identity, she given a choice in her own life. If her choice was to separate from Nathaniel at that point, then so be it, and he would let her go, but if she wanted to stay with him, she would become his apprentice and carry on his legacy. While the girl felt the thrill of life within her because of this choice, Nathaniel knew better. He knew that a slave that never knew any life couldn’t simply become free. He knew she would choose him, and she did, for she thought she owed him her freedom, as he predicted.

The apprenticeship offered to the girl was one of a stranger type than she’d anticipated, as it’d turn out the man wanted to make her a mage. She’d only heard about magic before then, often from the mouths of the Avriel, never having seen it in action, but she still agreed. The initiation happened as Nathaniel shot the missile of the unfamiliar energy called ether into Alexis’ heart, as she felt the spark tighten her muscles. Pain overcame her and she dematerialised for a moment, before she returned to her form once again. Her eyes opened in realisation. She was only now beginning her life.

Not long after this, Alexis Rose now-Lucius, as she decided to claim her master, mentor and closest ally’s name, was initiated into another magic, the one that Nathaniel was truly interested in all along: Aberration. The girl believed, and still does, that all her mentor desires is to make her experience everything life has to offer, and to fight the oppression she had experienced in her early life, but recently, thanks to her Harvester and her own thoughts, she’s been having doubts about the man’s true plans. Whether she is paranoid or correct has yet to be found out.

Note: I will explore both initiations closer through memory threads, if that’s alright with the reviewer
Meta Stuff
Skill Points XP Proficiency Knowledge
Aberration 25/100 25/250 Novice 2
Blades: Dagger 25/100 NA:FT Novice X
Transmutation 25/100 25/250 Novice 3

Skill Knowledge

Aberration: The Harvester(SP)
Aberration: Generally considered evil(SP) Transmutation: Initiation hurts(SP)
Transmutation: The steps(SP)
Transmutation: The worse you are, the more flaws in your thing(SP)

Other Knowledge


Skill Ledger

Item/Skill Point Gain/Loss Running Total
Blades: Dagger(RB) +-25 0
Starting Package +50 50
Aberration -25 25
Transmutation -25 0


  • Starting Package
    • Black cloak
    • White blouse
    • White skirt
    • Undergarments
    • Black boots
  • Spring Loaded dagger


Starting House
A small, 400 square feet house in Almund, Scalvoris, which was bought for Alexis by Nathaniel upon their arrival at Scalvoris, so she could live freely without feeling his ever-watchful eye on her constantly. It is a neat wooden cottage made up of an old ship, and so far, Alexis has kept it well and tidy.
House includes one bed, two chairs, one table, two knives, a set of six plates (assorted), one chest, and a fireplace.

Money Ledger

Item Gain/Loss Running Total
Starting Package +100gn 100gn
Spring Loaded Dagger -20gn 80gn

Renown Ledger

Item Gain/Loss Running Total
.. .. ..

Point Bank Ledger

Item Gain/Loss Running Total
.. .. ..


Name: Nathaniel Lucius
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 12th of Ashan, arc 686
Skills: Aberration - 30, Transmutation - 30, Deception - 30, Persuasion - 10
Appearance: Nathaniel is tall with pale skin, nearly black eyes and black hair. He appears somewhat muscular, though not overly and definitely not enough to intimidate a random person. He appears to have similar mutations to Alexis, having pulsating cracks upon the skin of his chest, except his are dark blue where hers are red.
Personality: Nathaniel says very little, and when he does, he does it with a sly smile that makes everyone around him uncertain of his true intentions. He likes the company of people, for that makes him feel safe, despite his addiction to ether from his time as an Aberrant.
Relationship to PC: Master-ish, mentor, teacher, freedom giver.
Anything: Nah

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Alexis Lucius

Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:30 pm


Hi, there!

Your CS looks great, but there is one problem: you must elaborate on the second magic initiation. You cannot be approved until then, unfortunately. Please PM me once you've made the appropriate edits so we can get your CS approved!
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