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Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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Wed Aug 08, 2018 1:53 am

“Oh no, no,” Rynata said waving a hand as if to bat away Nightshade’s quiet offer. “If anyone should be covering the meal, it’s me. You’re a guest and a hopeful new faction member at that. Please. Consider it a welcoming dinner. There are better ways to spend your coin. Perhaps some souvenirs for friends in Etzos, yes?”

The offer was rather painful for Rynata’s stingily drawn purse strings, but she supposed that was the whole point of heartfelt gestures. If it meant nothing to her, then the act itself meant a little less. Besides, it wasn’t right to mooch off of a tired traveler. Her family had taught her better than that.

Following Nightshade into the establishment, Rynata held open the door for Devin and took in the crisp interior. A few people were dining here and there, and the comforting sounds of cutlery clinking together echoed in the hall. A server approached them, dressed smartly and smiling in welcome. After showing them to a beautifully set table, they stepped aside, remaining posted nearby to wait for their orders.

Drawing out a chair for Nightshade, Rynata glanced briefly at her large wings, wondering how they would fare against the back of the seat. Still, having lived with them all her life, the woman must have some technique for being seated comfortably. Thinking that it must be like having an extra pair of limbs, Rynata took her own seat and reached out for the menu.

“What do you think? Some wine?” she said, glancing through the list of drinks. She usually stuck to the spirits and frankly, the parade of wines was confusing her. She supposed it would make more sense to let the others pick a good bottle and moved onto look at the food. Inevitably, her eyes drifted toward the dessert section in search for the curling script of ‘Chocolate’.
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Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:14 am

As Nightshade talked about how big and ugly the bear that she had killed had been, Devin looked absolutely excited. He liked stories that involved people killing other people – or dangerous animals, for that matter, more than he probably should, even though he was loath to engage in such activities himself since you could get dirty.

“How exactly did you kill the bear?” he wanted to know. “With a sword or a bow? I have a pistol crossbow. I got it for my part in an incredibly dangerous mission that involved a magical tree”, he informed her, sounding almost absurdly proud of himself even though he actually hadn’t done much during said mission but stand around and scream. A moment later, his eyes suddenly widened until they threatened to drop out of their sockets. It was good that they didn't as such would have been a major catastrophe since you couldn’t see without eyes. Had Nightshade just invited him? Yes, he decided, she definitely had!

He had never been an actual patron at Cally’s. He’d only ever been the bard who got free food and free drinks as part of his job. “Yes, please!” he exclaimed because he was absolutely looking forward to the experience. That trial, he decided, he would dine like a fine lord! He was back to smiling and being nice and somewhat humble and eternally grateful now because he was just so absolutely flabbergasted that he’d been invited – and that he wouldn’t have to pay anything, which was the best part about the whole thing. He loved it when people gave him free stuff!

Everybody ought to give him free stuff in his opinion!

Smiling brightly, he followed Nightshade and Rynata into the restaurant, raising his right hand in a greeting as he did so, just in case there was somebody that he knew there – or one of his adoring fans. He probably had a few fans at that point. At least he hoped that he did because he absolutely deserved to have a few fans in his opinion. He was an awesome bard!

Since nobody was pulling back a chair for him, Devin did so himself and sat down before he grabbed the menu and peered at it intently. He’d never actually perused the menu in detail because he wasn’t allowed to pick his free dinner. Trudi gave him whatever was there. “Acripae, definitely”, he decided when it came to picking a wine. “It says here that it exudes glory, nobility and power, and we have three brave heroes here”, he said with a glance at Rynata, his temporary accomplice. “That wine was practically made for us! Low Hanging Zemoni might also be worth a try, although I have no idea which part of it hangs low”, he admitted.

As he noticed Rynata studying the desert section, he grinned somewhat mischievously before he asked, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Maybe we should just skip the main course and eat nothing but sweets!”
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