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In this section, players can learn how to construct their own post templates for their roleplays. Inside is a list of BBCode available on the site as well as how to use it. If anyone needs any help with developing a template, feel free to hop into chat or PM someone for assistance.

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En'yka's Templates

Season Trial, Arc

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[center][img]/gallery/image.php?album_id=2&image_id=1226[/img][/center][style=max-width: 619px; margin: auto; margin-top: -55px; padding: 40px 60px 25px 60px; background-color: #291808; color: #b59e88;font-size: 17px;][googlefont=Alegreya][align=right]Season Trial, Arc[/align][/googlefont][/style]
word count: 51

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