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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Bard's Corner

Bard's Corner


There are Bard's Corners spread out throughout the city of Andaris. Many are located around various shops. But there is also one not too far from the city gate, and others along main roads within the city. These aren't actual street corners as much as they are designated areas where bards, and other street entertainers can set up and perform without fear of being run off by patrolling guards, or irate merchants, who often take the street entertainer's profits as punishment for causing trouble. In fact, the opposite is true. Since the Bard's Corners are patrolled regularly by the city guards, they are safe places where an entertainer can perform without fear of being harmed by an unruly crowd, or having their hard earned money stolen from them.

People who live in the city of Andaris know where these dedicated areas are, so if they are in the mood for some entertainment that is easily affordable, they know where to go. Likewise, people visiting the city soon learn where at least one of these areas are. Those who come to watch the bards and entertainers perform are under no obligation to pay the performers. Instead, they are free to toss as much (or as little) as they wish into a container set out for tips.

Some Bard's Corners have a better reputation for good talent than others do. These tend to draw the best crowds. So while a performer who wishes to use one does not have to sign up in advance to do so, it is best to get there early in the day as it is strictly first come, first serve. The best corners, those likely to draw a steady crowd of passersby, require the performers to pay a fee for their use. As a result, only the most skilled performers, or those who have come into a windfall and are hoping to make a name for themselves tend to perform there. There is a locked box attached to a post at these locations where the performer pays their fee. These boxes are checked regularly by the guards patrolling the area. Performing at one of these locations without paying the fee is punishable by a heavy fine, and possibly jail time or time working in the Endor mines if one cannot afford to pay the fine.

Performing Tax: 15% of daily earnings.
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