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Known colloquially as the "Realm of Dreams", Emea is a mysterious place accessed primarily beyond the realm of consciousness as the mortal body sleeps in Idalos. The mind travels far at night and Emea's not without its unique risks and dangers, though Jesine's vigilance keeps mortals mostly safe.

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Thu May 17, 2018 1:47 pm

Date: 718th Ashan, 11th trial
Lowell sat next to the campfire with his arm outstretched towards it, he gazed at the flames as they shrouded his arm, a few bits later he pulled it out from the searing flames to look at it. It was noticeably redder and there was this stinging pain coursing through it however, as far as he could tell, it was fine, How odd. He quickly got bored and shifted his attention to the area around, his surroundings were blurred as they quickly changed from forests to deserts to even some unrecognizable biomes, almost as if all he has to do is touch them and he’ll discover that he’s only been looking at a book full of pictures and paintings.

As the aukarian was contemplating putting his hand on the blurring mirages, suddenly, an inhuman guttural cry that shook the very soul of anyone who heard it rang out
"oh fark, it’s dem!"
Lowell cursed aloud as he hurriedly stood up, in all honesty he didn’t know who “them” were, at least at nothing than a basic level, all he knew is that he didn’t want to meet whoever was the source of that sound. He turned around erratically, looking for his mount when the horse-dog amalgamation suddenly appeared next to him and headbutted his side to get his attention. Lowell didn’t have the time to question how it managed to sneak up on him or where did it come from as he could already hear the sounds of hooves slamming on to the ground echoing all around him, he hastily jumped on top of his mount, even though it was nearly 7 feet tall he has gotten used to climbing him. As soon as he had put his arms around it’s thick, muscular, long, leathery neck a path opened up within the blurry confines surrounding him. Not exactly having a choice and considering the fact that the sounds of his chasers are coming from the opposite direction, Lowell followed that path.

Now that he was safely running away on his mount he had a moment to catch a breather, so he did the stupidest thing someone in a horror situation could do, he looked behind him as he rode away. The blurry walls surrounding his now-deserted camp distorted even more as suddenly two mounted figures made of flame and ashes jumped through them, the duo felt familiar to Lowell yet oddly alien as well, however, as they quickly sped towards him the only thing he felt was fear, intense and primal fear at being touched by their flames. the flaming couple started catching up to them when abruptly, the path curved vertically and the earth started shaking all around them, causing all parties present to forcefully stop dead on their tracks, the ground shifted and rocks kept jutting out at random location until finally, they found themselves halfway on the side of a newly formed mountain. Not intending to waste this moment of confusion, Lowell tightened his grasp on the gorde’s neck and ordered him to start climbing, the mount did so as it started to nimbly and easily run along the mountain's steep walls, easily jumping from cliff to cliff and using any crevices to get higher and higher, faring much better than the two blazing hunters’ mounts. Eventually, they reached the mountain top which was strangely cut off midway as it transitioned into a sea. with nowhere to go and with their two hunters right on their heels, Lowell made the gorde mount jump onto the water with him on top.

Somehow, not only did they manage to survive the thousands of feet fall unharmed, they somehow were currently running on the water. Lowell didn’t know how they managing such a feat, he just knew that as long as he kept moving and didn’t stop, he shouldn’t sink. The two flaming figures that were chasing after them stopped at the edge of the mountaintop, letting out terrifying wails of fury. Lowell thought he finally managed to shake them off but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. The two creatures of flame opened up their mouths as if to let out another scream, or so it seemed, their mouths kept widening further and further beyond what is humanly possible as a light brighter and hotter than their own bodies conjured inside of them, eventually forming into giant balls if flame. The flames vanished from the two creature’s jaws as soon as they appeared as they flew towards Lowell at unimaginable speeds, quickly slamming into his mount and decimating it. Lowell rocketed off his now dead mount by the force of the terrifying explosions created by the flames and fell several feet from his previous location. He had stopped running! The sea started convulsing around him, sucking him in with the speed and viscosity of quicksand. He struggled to get out but that only made it worse as his body became halfway inside the water with one his arms already stuck, was he gonna die? The question kept popping up in Lowell’s mind, of course he didn’t want to die, but it seems that this situation is completely out of his hands. As Lowel started accepting the possibility of death being a reality he caught sight of a ship on the edge of his vision,
" ’ELP! I’M OVA ‘ER"
he lifted his one free arm as far up as he could and started shouting in hopes of getting the attention of anybody on that ship. His fate was now in their hands.
"the best thing ya could do is master the chaos inisde of ya, yer not thrown into the fire, YOU ARE THE FIRE"
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Sat May 19, 2018 6:44 am


The sea and sky were painfully blue. Stark against the rich backdrop, wispy white clouds marbled the heavens, floating and swirling along at a leisurely pace. Occasionally, a cloud lost altitude and drifted downwards. These fluffy masses dove into the calm waters and mixed into seafoam which was quickly carried away by the waves. Leaning back against her perch on the prow of The Gilded Siren, Rynata let out a deep sigh. Was it the color of the sky that made the water so blue? Or was it the other way around? All the way to the horizon, it seemed that both enteties reflected off of each other, enhancing their colors.

The beautiful seascape around her only served to deepen the sense of longing woven into her being, and though her only crew member was doing nothing to control her sails, Siren sped along faster on a cheerful wind. Rynata was on this journey to see someone. Someone familiar and dear and very very far away. However, as she tried to pursue the thought in more detail, no face or name came to her mind. Perplexed, she tried to confirm with herself if it was a family member. They were, after all, separated, and hadn't seen each other in a good while. Yet that didn't seem quite right. It was definitely someone else but she strangely could not recall who. Before Rynata could worry about the matter much more, however, there were two bright flashes out of the corner of her eye.

Jerking upright and eyes straining in the direction of the disturbance, Rynata patted the railing of her ship to gain her attention. "Was that canon fire?" she asked, shielding her eyes from the sun. The ship slowed slightly and changed her course to face where Rynata was looking. As if agreeing to take a closer look, The Gilded Siren sailed forward smoothly.

Rynata saw him before she heard him. A shock of red in the sea. A young red headed man, struggling to stay afloat in the water. Jumping into action she ran toward the center of the deck.

"Oop! Man overboard, Siren. You bring him up port side and I'll bring him in," she said, already scooping up a length of sturdy rope.

Dashing to the side of the ship, Rynata lashed one end of the rope to the railing and leaned out in expectation as her ship brought them closer to the drowning man. She didn't know how he had managed to get himself all the way out here. Land was a considerable distance away and there were no other crafts in sight. It was possible that the poor ship carrying the person had sunk, but judging from the fact that there was no debris around, this was also strange.

"Ahoy there! Come on up!" she called when they were close enough. Siren pulled up cautiously, careful not to create any jostling waves. Rynata tossed the rope in her hand near the man's desperately flailing hand and pulled once she managed to confirm that he had a firm hold on it. The ship herself didn't sit idly by either. Small footholds materialized on the port side of the ship, allowing the man to gain some footing as he climbed onto the vessel.

"Are you alright?" Rynata asked, eyes curious and attentively scanning the red head's condition. "How did you come to be out here?"

Meanwhile, Siren resumed her previous course, satisfied that the poor duckling that could not swim was now safely on board. Wind filling her sails once more, the craft sped across the seas and off toward the horizon.
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