Joseph Meier

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Joseph Meier
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Joseph Meier
Name: Joseph Meier

Age: 30


Date of Birth:Vhalar, 688


Factions Joined:N/A

Languages Spoken: Common (Fluent)


Joseph is a tall, imposing man of six feet three inches. He is bound in muscle, with caramel skin, black hair, and striking dark eyes. While is physique is massive, he has been deaf in one ear since birth. This means that he always stands with his head cocked to one side to compensate for the bad ear, and provides him with a strangely intimidating stare. Like most Aberrants he is heavily scarred from his initiation into the dangerous magic, though his has taken on a strange manifestation. A network of grey scars covers his chest, artful and spidery like the roots of a tree. They extend down each thigh, splitting just above his pubic bone. There is no hair where the scars slice through. His hands are gnarled from a life as a younger man working as a carpenter, where he earned his corded muscle.

Joseph is a serious creature. He has experienced far too much in life to laugh or smile, and prefers never to relax. He has been abused, beaten, and the scars of that life still remain with him. He is, essentially, a broken human being. He does not play, has laughed very little in his life. He is concerned with two things; maintaining the balance with his Harvester, and survival.
When Joseph puts his mind to something he can be crafty. He is used to subverting those who want to suppress or destroy him, and often thinks very carefully about his moves before he makes them. He is constantly evaluating others, believing first that someone is out to destroy him rather than give anyone the benefit of the doubt. Guided by his Harvesters this has turned into full-blown paranoia, edging into sociopathy.

Joseph was adopted by a carpenter after his parents died in a house fire when he was six, just outside of Ne’Haer in the small town of Millstone outside of Ne’Haer. The carpenter had use for a young boy, but not for his sniveling. Any time Joseph attempted to mourn his parents, he was beaten with slender willow rods until he bled. A boy could be useful to a carpenter, as his small fingers were capable of carving intricate patterns or holding the tiniest of nails. His small stature could climb into the tiniest of cabinets that would take a larger man leaning over and expending his back, and he was forced to rub oils into wooden instruments, furniture, and the railings of sweeping staircases. At six years old his education stopped and the hard work began. He shed the small amounts of a child’s baby fat for narrow, corded muscle. He learned carving and sanding, polishing and how to lathe. There was no play. He was locked in a small basement when he was not working, and Joseph didn’t see sunlight for the next ten years save for through windows.
By sixteen he was a capable apprentice and was taking over the majority of his master’s work. He was still beaten relentlessly. Scars striped his back, his arms, his knuckles and thighs. After the mistress of the house passed into the veil of death, his master began abusing him sexually as well as physically. Joseph’s mind was driven further and further into the black. He rarely spoke, flinched when others moved too quickly, and avoided men like the plague. He found minor comfort talking to children of his master’s clients. It was his only social interaction, and he began to look forward to seeing one little girl in particular.
Prasha was the youngest daughter of a merchant in Ne’Haer, only around seven years old, but her father frequented Joseph’s master. She was interested in the large, silent young man working on her father’s projects, and Joseph started to make things for her: little wooden horses about the size of a large thumb from scraps around the wood shop. Every time he visited her collection grew, and Prasha was the only one gentle enough to coax words out of him. This persisted until Joseph’s early twenties, and the aging master caught Joseph giving Prasha her customary gift.
All went well until they returned home, and Joseph was in for a final round of abuse. It was harder this time; the old man meant to draw blood. The leather cord was studded in pieces of ironwood, and tore deep into his skin. This time the old man wasn’t stopping at a few stripes, he was tearing deep into muscle and Joseph was afraid. Fear snapped, and Joseph turned years of strength and anger on his master. He snapped his neck in his bare hands, and left his service forever.
The darkness in him drew others to it, as they were wont to do. The next man who came into the shop that was now Joseph’s was an Aberrant. Joseph’s initiation was forced, brutal and savage. Joseph’s mind was forced to return to the basement he grew up in. The scent of sweat and fear, his own blood drying on his skin and the stink of infections that ravaged his skin and turned neat white scars into horrific abominations on his back.
It was there, in that dark and damp hell, where Joseph met Asi and Oav. In that hell, he followed whispers that told him to seek the lamplight. Tiny flittering lights that were his only refuge in the darkness. Joseph followed them, struggling with the last shreds of his sanity as he reached the lights, only to have them vanish and appear in another corner of the basement.
‘Follow the lights.’
Follow the lights to the corner where he’d pissed and shat, the ceiling he’d caught light motes through, the door where he’d clawed and clawed until his fingers bled. It was Asi and Oav that gave him the power to open that door, and when he did he was confronted by the Harvester. They looked like a pair of children, twisted and blackened with head cracked open. Light streamed through the cracks, eyes, ears and mouth like skulls made into lamps. The two were linked by a long cord of muscled umbilicus that writhed like a snake and burrowed deep into their stomachs. The first was much brighter in appearance though they both had only little orbs of light floating in darkened eye sockets. Only one thing was astoundingly clear; they had been children once.

‘I am Asi.’ The firt said, shifting a large glass jar in his hands that held more of the firefly-like light motes. ‘And I am Oav.’ The other said. ‘We are two parts of a whole.’
‘You get one of us the other must follow.’
‘Two halves of a coin.’
‘A package deal.’
‘And we’ve come to offer you one.’
‘A deal that is.’
‘A partnership.’
‘A marriage.’

The second one finished the other spoke, bouncing back and forth. It truly seemed like one entity was speaking, and with the speed they both spoke. They were so much smaller than Joseph; standing they each barely reached to his hips. There was power between them. Joseph could sense it. His only words were, without question:
“I accept.”



Joseph owns one small travelling wagon and horse. Inside are his basic necessities (bedroll, a small basin and pitcher for washing, and a few cupboards to keep his belongings in. His existence is rather spartan, but he does what he can to add bits of metal and adornment.
Knowledge & Skills

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Strength10/100 (10/250)Novice
Aberration20/100 (20/250)Novice
Discipline10/100 (10/250)Novice
Blades (RB)15/100 (15/250)Novice
Aberration: The Harvester
Aberration: It's all about the Balance.
Woodworking: Identifying wood
Woodworking: Basic joints.
Blades: Small carving knives
Skill Point Ledger

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Starting Package 500050
Blades: Kinves ..15RB
Strength ..10 40
Aberration..20 00

Starting Package: Traveler's Pack
  • (SP) One Set of Clothing (Coat, shirt, trousers, and a pair of boots)
    (SP)Weather Gear (Thick coat, thick pants, undergarments, winter boots)
    (SP)Horse and Wagon
    (SP)100ft of rope
    (SP)One tinderbox
    (SP)Set of six torches
    (SP)Fishing pole with (30) hooks
    (SP)A blanket
    (SP)Four rucksacks
    (SP)Utility Knife
    (SP)One toiletry set
    (SP) 2 rags
    (SP)Optional: One set of trapping equipment

Starting Package: Traveler's Pack ... 25
(SP) One Set of Clothing (Coat, shirt, trousers, and a pair of boots) ... 25
(SP)Weather Gear (Thick coat, thick pants, undergarments, winter boots) ... 25
(SP)Tent ... 25
(SP)Horse and Wagon ... 25
(SP)100ft of rope ... 25
(SP)One tinderbox ... 25
(SP)Set of six torches ... 25
(SP)Lantern ... 25
(SP)Bedroll ... 25
(SP)Compass ... 25
(SP)Fishing pole with (30) hooks ... 25
(SP)A blanket ... 25
(SP)Four rucksacks ... 25
(SP)Utility Knife ... 25
(SP)Waterskin ... 25
(SP)One toiletry set ... 25
(SP) 2 rags ... 25
(SP)Optional: One set of trapping equipment ... 25
Total Currency: 0 ON, 25 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN

]Item/ ThreadRenownTotal
Starting Race +/- 10 Total
Starting Race in City +/- 10 Total
Starting Profession (if applicable) +/- 10 Total
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