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Kirei and Serin work in the gardens at Elyari's Hope.

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Mon May 14, 2018 3:14 am

89th Ashan, 718

Serin greeted Kirei politely when she arrived at Elyari's Hope. Kirei was a little surprised, but she managed to cover it with a welcoming smile of her own as she returned her coworker's greeting. The other woman was quite shy, and although they had formed a friendship of sorts, "small talk" was something Serin had difficulty with, and she tended to avoid it when possible, even with people she knew. Once she opened up to you, she would happily talk at length about a topic that interested her, like herbs, or her gardens, but without the lure of an interesting discussion, or the need to pass on information, Serin was unlikely to initiate a conversation.

"Cassandra mentioned that you went to volunteer at her greenhouse again a few trials ago. She said she thought that you were developing an interest in gardening. Is that true?" Serin asked after a little while.

"I wouldn't say that I was developing an interest in it exactly. When I lived in Rharne with my family, one of my duties was to help Lihara with her garden. I loved every bit I spent doing it. We had a lot of good times in that garden..." Kirei remembered with a fond smile.

"But I haven't really had much of a chance to start a garden on my farm yet. And even if I had...I don't really know enough to manage a garden on my own yet. Most of my time helping Lihara was spent on basic tasks like weeding, and fetching things for her while she worked."

Serin nodded. She had a thoughtful expression on her face. After a few bits of hesitation, she nodded again, as if confirming something to herself.

"Would you like to help me in the herb gardens today? Andiron and Aris got into an argument that led to the kitchen turning into a disaster area yestertrial. It took breaks to clean everything up, and Elyari had to call everyone in to help, or it wouldn't have been finished by this morning. Even Carlisle had to pitch in."

Kirei's eyes widened as she tried to imagine the mess her friends and fellow apprentices must have created to make it necessary to drag Carlisle in to help clean it up. He hated kitchen clean up duties! Both he and Elyari were likely to be in bad moods this put it lightly. She was glad that she had had the trial off. That way, she had managed to avoid getting caught up in their fight. Kirei winced at the backlash she was likely to face as a result.

"Elyari has a "special" lesson planned for Andiron and Aris this trial, so she's going to be busy with them. I don't think she would mind if you wanted to work on something of your own, but..."

"But it would be better to avoid the situation entirely. I would be happy to help you in the garden this trial, Serin."

Serin offered Kirei a shy smile of gratitude.

"Thank you. We can talk about gardening while we work, if you like? Or...Cassandra mentioned that you were interested in herbs, too. If you want, we could talk about that, too?"

It was Kirei's turn to smile as she nodded.

"Why not talk about both? A good conversation always makes the work go faster."

"That sounds good. Let's get started."
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