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Kirei returns to help Cassandra with her greenhouse once more.

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Mon May 14, 2018 3:13 am

85th Ashan, 718

Cassandra did say I could stop by and help out any time I felt like it...but I really think I should have asked to arrange for a time to come first. Too late now, though... Kirei thought as she entered the greenhouse, and began looking for the older woman.

She found the herbalist on her knees using a trowel to churn up the dirt in a square plot. It looked to Kirei as if she planned to plant something there later.Kirei must have made a sound loud enough for Cassandra to hear as she approached, because the older woman stood and turned before greeting her.

"So you did come back. I thought you might. We had a good conversation while we worked together last time."

Kirei nodded.

"I enjoyed it a lot. And you did say that I could come back to help out again any time I felt like it, so...here I am." she said with a smile.

Cassandra chuckled.

"So you are. And there is always plenty of work to do, so your help is welcome."

"What can I do?" Kirei asked simply.

"Why don't we start with you telling me what you know about gardening? I seem to remember you telling me that you didn't know much about it the last time we worked together. But it's possible that you may know more than you think. And even if you don't, having a better idea of what you do know will tell me what it's safe to have you helping me with."

Kirei nodded in agreement. Cassandra's request made a lot of sense, so she thought back to the lessons in gardening she had had during her slave training. She took a few trills to gather her thoughts, then began.

"I know that plants need three things in order to survive. Those things are soil, sunlight, and water. Different kinds of plants need different amounts of sunlight, and different kinds of soil, but all plants need those three basic things. I also know that weeding a garden is important because if allowed to grow, weeds will crowd out what you are actually trying to grow. The weeds will strangle the roots of the plants you want, and kill them. When you are weeding, any plant that isn't what you are trying to grow is a weed, and should be removed. Plants that aren't actual weeds can be carefully uprooted and transplanted elsewhere if you have room for them, but they don't belong in the same bed as what is meant to be there. Also, by getting the roots of the weeds out as well as the weeds themselves, and getting as many of the smallest weeds you can up, you can go longer in between weeding times. And I remember that fertilizer isn't strictly necessary, but if used, it will make your gardens thrive. I'm not really sure why, though." Kirei confessed.

"We can talk about different kinds of fertilizer, and why they are important another trial if you'd like. It's kind of a complicated subject."

Kirei nodded to show that she understood.

"So. You seem to have a decent grasp on the most basic elements of gardening, but my current project is a little too advanced for your current level of knowledge." Cassandra explained as she glanced at the bed she had been working on when Kirei arrived.

"There's plenty of other things we can do, though. Let me think for a trill."
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