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The resting place of Nora Venora

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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Nora's Rest

Nora's Rest

Nora was the one and only child of Verne Andaris and Cyrene Venora. On the morning of her death, at the young age of twenty-two, the people of Andaris chose to build a shrine at the foot of the tallest mountain in Rynmere which later came to be known as Nora’s Rest. It is considered a holy place and each year on Nora’s birthday, Ashan 3, the people of Rynmere gather at the foot of the mountain to partake in an age old ritual. They say the caves leading into Nora’s Rest tunnel all the way to Warren’s Peak and that somewhere beneath the realms of Burhan, Endor, and Gawyne is a lost labyrinth that was built by a race of men that have long since passed. Explorers have gone looking for the labyrinth countless times but say the caves are too deep and dangerous to explore further. Not everyone shares the same belief, however, as some believe the labyrinth is really the belly of the giant Jacadon Rynmere, brought down by The First Shields.

Nora’s Ritual is an excuse for most to take a day off work once a year in favour of climbing up into the high set vineyards on the south side of the mountain, which people climb in droves following a decorated black bull that is painted with white markings and sacrificed so that the next growing season may be blessed. This is not the only ritual that takes place, as in recent years it has come to light that an underground group of sorcerers called ‘The Seers’ partake in their own dark ritual, sacrificing a young woman Nora’s age that a necromancer then brings back to life for a few short moments, believing Nora’s ghost inhabits the host and shares a vision regarding future events with the group.
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