[Sev'ryn Bond Story] Shadows in the Night

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[Sev'ryn Bond Story] Shadows in the Night

Shadows in the Night

It started with a strange dream. In the dream, Lei'lira walked unseen among a bunch dark skinned strangers wearing clothes made out of animal hides. Although she had never seen the strangers before, they reminded Lei'lira of her mother in some way. After a while, the scene would shift into that of a deep, still forest. Without knowing how she knew, Lei'lira got the feeling that the forest was near the home of the dark skinned strangers.

At first, Lei'lira kept quiet about her dream. Strange as it was, it was just a dream, after all. Nothing to get worked up over when there was plenty of work to do around the farm. But the dream came night after night. And with it came other dreams. Dreams of running through the forest, the wind racing past her fur. Dreams of the thrill of the hunt as she and her brothers nipped at the legs of a fleeing deer, wearing it down bit by bit. And the beautiful, haunting melody that filled the air as she and her brothers sang to the moon. The dreams were pleasant ones, if strange. But they all had one thing in common; all of the dreams left Lei'lira with the sense that something, or someone was waiting for her, longing to be found.

After several days of such dreams, Lei'lira finally confided them to her mother, asking her what the dreams might mean. Her mother's reaction surprised her. Instead of telling her not to worry, that the dreams were just that, she hugged Lei'lira tightly, and spoke of a wonderful bond between a Sev'ryn and her familiar. Her mother's pride was plain for all to see, as was the almost painful relief that at least one of her daughters were more Sev'ryn than human. For the dreams were just that; a sign that Lei'lira was Sev'ryn enough to be worthy of a bond that few non Sev'ryn ever achieved. As close as the young girl was to her mother, Lei'lira simply basked in her mother's joy, and was happy for one more thing that would bring them even closer together.

And so they made the long journey to Desnind, the place where her mother was born, and raised. To a young girl who had never before traveled further than Andaris, and even that only rarely, it felt as though she had journeyed to another world. Far from the comforts of home, and all she knew, Lei'lira was lonely, and uneasy. She missed the farm, and the familiar comforts it offered. More than that, she missed her twin. They had never been this far apart before. Nor had they been apart for this long. And without her comforting presence, Lei'lira felt lost.

By day, Lei'lira searched for her familiar. The dreams were of the forest, so she wandered the forest alone, searching for...something. She didn't know what her familiar was, but she did get the sense that she would know it when she saw it. If she saw it. And the more time that passed, the more Lei'lira doubted that she ever would.

By night, Lei'lira dreamed. Some of her dreams were normal dreams. She longed for home, and to be with Lazuli, and her dreams reflected this. But there were other dreams as well. The dreams that had brought her to this strange place remained, driving her to continue her search. Something...someone out there was calling her. Urging her to find them. Those dreams kept her searching far longer than she would have otherwise. And throughout it all, a ghostly, disembodied voice asked; who are you? Lei'lira didn't have an answer. And that disturbed her greatly.

A season passed. Then another. As Lei'lira searched, she learned to know the forest well. She also came to understand that her dreams were deeply connected to her search. In some ways, they were her search as much as her trips into the forest were. If Lei'lira came to an understanding, or realized something about herself as she dreamed, she would dream of a place within the forest. A grove, a stream, a thicket. Something. And if she could find the place she had dreamed about in her waking search, she would find traces that something had been there. A tuft of fur clinging to a bush. Perhaps a paw print. Something to tell her that she was on the right track.

Time slowly lost all meaning for Lei'lira as she continued her search. The people of Desnind didn't believe that she would succeed. She was a half blood. To them, it was amazing that she had even had the dreams that brought her to their city at all. Although they were never cruel, they made it clear that they did not consider her to be one of them. And that hurt the young girl. With her close relationship to her mother, she had always identified herself as more Sev'ryn than human. More her mother's daughter than her father's. But their rejection made her question her beliefs. She did not want to be part of a people that did not want her. That realization made her long for home even more keenly.

Even her mother began to lose hope. Lei'lira could see it in the woman's eyes. Bit by bit, the pride her mother had expressed in her when she came to her about her dreams faded. And that hurt more than the rejection of a people that were clearly not her own as much as she'd once thought they were. But still the dreams persisted. The more Lei'lira came to accept that she was both human and Sev'ryn, the clearer they became.

A third season dawned, and with it came a realization. This was not her home. She did not belong here. Her mother did...or at least she could. That much was obvious. When Lei'lira took the time out of her search to look, she could see her mother reconnecting with friends and family she had grown up with. Lei'lira longed for her home. Her father and sister would be starting to bring in the harvest. Who would help them since she and their mother weren't there? Lei'lira wished that she was back home to help. Back where she belonged. This time when the unseen voice in her dream asked "Who are you?" she had an answer.

The voice in her dream seemed satisfied, and the dream shifted into a familiar scene. A small pond surrounded by trees.

Lei'lira had seen that pond many times in her search for familiar. But this time, something felt different. She got the feeling that something was waiting for her there.

When Lei'lira woke, it was still dark. But the sense of being called to the pond was so strong that she couldn't wait until daylight. The very thought of waiting even a moment more was unbearable. So she quietly made her way out of the city, and used the light of the moon to see by as she ran to the pond. There, standing at the edge of the water, bathed in silvery moonlight was a beautiful black wolf. It had a
pale, translucent black coat, and wings that appeared to be a pale silvery translucent gray. It's...no, her eyes were as gray as her wings.

Lei'lira knew without question that the wolf was her familiar. In silent awe, she extended her hand, reaching out to her other half in longing. The wolf cocked her head, watching her for a few moments, as if judging her. Then she moved towards her, having seemingly found what she was looking for. When the wolf's head brushed up against Lei'lira's hand, a bright light enveloped them. Lei'lira felt whole in a way she never had before. A part of her that she had longed for all her life, but never knew was missing had finally been returned to her. When the light faded, the wolf's eyes were a bright golden color. Overwhelmed by emotion, Lei'lira laughed, and threw her arms around her familiar. After a few moments, she released the wolf, and stood.

"Let's go home." she said simply.
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