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A bandit clan known to most as 'The Mountain Men'

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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Fort VII

Fort VII

High atop The Burning Mountains on a cliff face called Raven’s Point, The Mountain Men hold the forgotten fortress of Vulken, the rumoured son of an immortal, given life by a mortal mother known only as Sura. The road to Vulken’s Fort is treacherous, long, and accessible only on foot or the back of a Ramthor mount, taking over three to four days to arrive at the iron gates. On the edge of the cliff face in the depths of the fortress, a three by three metre chute (nicknamed the 'Mouth of the Jacadon') is used to send intruders to their deaths onto the rocks over seventeen hundred feet below.
Here bandits have lived, thrived, and hoarded their treasures for hundreds of years without much quarrel from outsiders. Unique to this group, every member born into the clan is given a name that begins with the letter V (not commonly known) in honour of Vulken’s legacy, and a secret tattoo (pictured right) under their left armpit on the side of their chest. For generations they have robbed, terrorised, and killed the people of Rynmere, especially in the regions of Warrick and Endor, but have been quiet for the last five to ten years, leading people to believe their numbers are dwindling, while others feel The Mountain Men of Vulken are planning something big.

The group is led and run by a woman named Vishal, with seven key members making up the leaders of regional bandit groups, one assigned to each city or village in Rynmere, running unlawful businesses, scams, and taking whatever they want. Trial by combat is the only way to escape sentencing and usually an untimely end with a trip into the 'Mouth of the Jacadon'. Anyone can challenge the leader of VII in an attempt to overthrow her, and while many have tried, none have even come close to defeating Vulken's Savage.

VII Ranks

Crook: New recruits under competent in chosen weapon.
Outlaw: Competent in at least two weapons and one related bandit skill, smuggling, gambling, stealth, etc.
Highwayman: Expert in at least one weapon and bandit related skill. Competent in mount and leadership.
Chief: Expert Leader, competent in tactics, Master in one weapon and expert in a second.
Leader: Win a fight against current leader of VII after working as a Chief for at least one arc.


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Race: Sev'ryn
Age: 38 arcs
Title: Leader of VII, Vulken's Savage, Bandit Chief of Warrick
Skills: Ranged Combat: 60, Tactics: 40, Stealth: 45, Smuggling: 50, Leadership: 55.

Vishal is a ruthless killer who sits on a throne of skulls. She is a revered leader, loved and worshiped by her followers, the members of VII. Vishal oversees the majority of the bandits in the region of Warrick, the village and surrounding land boasting one of the highest crime rates in the kingdom.


Race: Human
Age: 41 arcs
Title: Bandit Chief of Endor
Skills: Melee Combat: 55, Stealth: 40, Smuggling: 45, Navigation: 60, Weaponsmithing: 50.

Veer is a third generation bandit of the VII faction. He has called The Burning Mountains home for over forty arcs and knows their paths and peaks like the back of his hand. He was once leader of VII, but was overthrown the day he met and fell in love with his wife Vishal who has held the throne ever since. Veer oversees all that goes on crime wise in Endor.


Race: Mixed Blood (Human x Sev'ryn)
Age: 17 arcs
Title: Bandit Chief of Venora, Daughter of Vashal & Veer
Skills: Unarmed Combat: 50, Endurance: 45, Stealth: 35, Smuggling: 40, Leadership: 30.

Famed daughter of Vashal, Vardell is destined to lead VII as it is believed she will overthrow her mother before the age of twentyfive. Vardell is resourceful, insightful, and strong willed but for the time being oversees a small bandit force in the region of Venora.


Race: Human
Age: 39 arcs
Title: Bandit Chief of Krome
Skills: Unarmed Combat: 55, Endurance: 40, Seduction: 60, Lockpicking: 45, Seafaring: 50.

Vadin is the bandit chief of Krome, seldom traveling back to Raven's Point up in The Burning Mountains as the journey is too risky by land and sea for a man so well known. He is Veer's younger brother, loyal, resilient, and deadly. Bards sing songs about Vadin's escapades in the northern region of Krome, and he is a hit with the ladies.


Race: Mixed Blood (Human x Biqaj)
Age: 26 arcs
Title: Bandit Chief of Burhan
Skills: Ranged Combat: 50, Stealth: 55, Disguise: 45, Gambling: 35, Animal Training: 40.

Vallen is the resident Ramthor trainer and Bandit Chief of Burhan. His team specialises in disguise, stealth and ambush tactics in the forests of Burhan where he has made his fortune. Rumoured lover of Vardell, some worry that the man cannot be trusted, and whispers about his plans to overthrow Vishal and take the throne of skulls for himself have reached the woman's ears. Vallen could have a bright future ahead of him if he learns to keep his head down.


Race: Human
Age: 45 arcs
Title: Bandit Chief of Gawyne
Skills: Melee Combat: 50, Shield Combat: 60, Jewelcrafting: 45, Intimidation: 55, Persuasion: 40.

Verel is a bitter old man with a severe twitch in his right eye and tired hands, one of which is missing the pinky finger completely; some say he was born without it while others argue that he bit it off in a dare. Verel never backs down from a challenge, and while the members of VII believe this will be the death of him, others argue that it is the reason he is such a good leader and thief.


Race: Biqaj
Age: 34 arcs
Title: Bandit Chief of Andaris
Skills: Melee Combat: 60, Endurance: 45, Ranged Combat: 55, Seafaring: 50, Politics: 40.

Vilhelm was born in Ne'haer and emigrated to Rynmere in 709, later falling in with the wrong crowd, he was set upon on the road and taken back to Vulken’s Fort where Vashal gave the order to throw him into the 'Mouth of the Jacadon', but was convinced by the man to give him a second chance via tiral of combat. Vilhelm defeated eleven men single handedly that day and was tattooed the following morning, readily accepted by the members of VII. He worked hard and by 713 earned the title of Bandit Chief of Andaris.
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