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Ysuhyn Híldiamh
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Ysuhyn Híldiamh

Ysuhyn Híldiamh
Name: Ysuhyn Híldiamh

Age: 38 Arcs

Race: Eidisi

Date of Birth: 10th of Cyrus 678 Arc

Marks: None

Factions Joined: None.

Languages Spoken:- Common (fluent)
- Ancient Tongue (basic)


Standing at six foot seven inches tall, Ysuhyn is a giant amongst men but nothing more than a natural individual amidst his kin. Prussian-blue flesh shimmered in rays of light, but dimmed within the shadows. Following a minor stereotype of a giant, his lean and muscular form portrayed his strength. Emaciated phalanges curl into nocuous weapons in hand to hand combat. Numerous whip lashes healed over in time were criss-crossed on his back, obvious by the paler shade of blue and the bumps of each scar. He does not have a trout-like mouth, but they were in the shape of cupids-bow. His cheek bones and jaw line are incredibly distinctive upon his face. The hair on top of his head is a multitude of kohl-black and frazil-silver, neat and flowing down the length of his spine. Appearing glossy-like underneath the rays of the sun; in the Solo-mon spears of the moon, it's like pebbles whisked about in the under-wash of a lake like pieces of glitter.

Everyone commented on his vivacious character and his forbearing nature, even his superiority complex. Arrogant and big-headed in groups, however a softer, warm-hearted individual in one-on-one conversation. His voice could be foghorn loud when he was booming out a guffaw but it was normally mellifluous; especially to the opposite sex. Strong with confrontation, incredibly self-confident, Ysuhyn is a forward, honest and blunt individual. However step on his toes and his nature becomes something more malignant. He spires into a frenzy, malevolent and aggressive, he's the first to pounce into action and accept forgiveness later.

Ysuhyn was deserted at birth. His mother during labour couldn't retreat to a mid-life for the delivery of the child. Cruelty is the best word to describe the leaving of Ysuhyn beneath a bedding of leaves and within the wilderness. His mother was taken from him to be used as an experiment within the FRA. She didn't breathe a word about his birth, she didn't feel the need to.

Ysuhyn squirmed and cried on top of the forest floor, his cries catching the attention of animals that were hunting for their evening meal. However, a human male had got to him first. Wrapped within the pelts of his past pray in honour and respect of their sacrifice for his survival, he took Ysuhyn within the comforts of his cloak and took him home in Viden. A small shack where he kept the rooms warm with chopped wood and coal. His wife, a human too birthed two other children and frowned upon her husband taking back an Eidisi to their home.

He was raised within the household though with only the affection of his 'father'. The children were spiteful towards Ysuhyn, so was the mother. Bullied consistently, physically and emotionally abused, Ysuhyn developed a hateful sentiment towards them. He thought it was for the better to have left him for dead within the woods. The Fatherly figure raised Ysuhyn to be respectful, though he knew deep down that it wouldn't always be the case with the Eidisi. Their arrogance, at least he attempted to dim the chances of it beginning. Older now, through out the years he was taught how to wield a sword and learned the art of pottery; which was a substitute for his fathers job when the hunting became dry.

Father took ill, a terminal illness that spread from his lungs to the oesophagus and crippled his ability to speak. He died beneath the comfort of his duvets on his bed. It was gore-filled, blood gargling in the back of his throat that swelled and forced him to choke. The whole family gathered to witness the event, and the biological children and their money wept with grief for months afterward. Their grief, their aggression, was taken out on Ysuhyn who only shredded a single tear for the loss of his father.

" You're nothing but a bastard, he should've left you to die! You are a diseased ridden freak, an abomination, a disgrace to this household! "

The final words the mother spoke before Ysuhyn saw her throat torn open by the dull end of a butter knife during dinner. Malice, a demon of hatred that was swelling for years released with rage. Thoughtless, callous, he ended the children's lives too with the same knife.. Ysuhyn fled from the house afterwards, gone for years until he felt it was necessary and appropriate to return a new man and the whispers of the murders gone with the passing wind, no longer creeping upon the minds of the old generation, and never broken out to the majority of the new.

No House.
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints Acquired/XP GainedLevel
Melee Combat [SP] 25 +5 XP Competent
Pottery [SP] 6 Novice
Hunting. [SP] 5 Unskilled
Acrobatics [SP] 6 Novice
Linguistic [RB] 10 +5 XP Novice
Seduction [SP] 8 Novice

Basic Knowledge

Location: Viden
Location: Yaralon
Location: Rhakros
Race: Humans
Viden: Weather

Specialized Knowledge

Gladius: Dual Wielding
Gladius: Striking
Gladius: Blocking
Gladius: Stabbing
  • 2 Steel Forged Gladius
    • 1 Black Cloack
    • 1 Shirt
    • 1 Knee-high boots
    • 1 Pouch ( containing standard package utensils including tinderbox)
Gladius ... 12 gn
Gladius ... 12 gn
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
Total Currency: 0 ON, 326 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
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