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Race: Tunawa
Profession: Slave
Renown: 20
Character Sheet
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Wealth Tier: Tier 1




[columns=2]Name: Ohua (pronounced: Oh-uh)
Age: 3 arcs
D.O.B: 34th of Ymiden, 714
Race: Tunawa
Marks: Yithnai (Pending approval or denial)
Partners: Cane (NPC--Owner)
City: Etzos
Themes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5[/columns]

Doll-like and if she stays still, statuesque. To any who have seen a Tunawa she looks the same as any other, to those who have not she is a strange looking being often confused with a walking plant. But underneath the mass of leaves that masquerade as hair of sorts it is revealed that the plant-like being has a face. Small seed-like eyes with a pointy nose and thin lips. Her skin is bark like with the veins of a leaf visible as if her body has tattooed itself and are always visible since the Tunawa never wears clothes.
[columns=2]Scars: N/A
Eye: Icey blue
Hair: Cylus/Ashan: Greens/Yellows-Ymiden/Saun: Orange/Reds-Vhalar/Zi'da: Brown
Skin: Dark teal
Height: 7"
Weight: 1lb[/columns]

Ohua rarely speaks, she can understand things easily and is neither deaf or mute, she simply refuses to speak preferring to observe and let her actions speak for themselves. Her master is one of the few exceptions, and at times she natters him to the point of punishment. She is often mistaken as subdued or meek because of this but that would be far from the truth, the tiny slave has a quick temper, little patience for herself or others her pride expecting great things, and holds grudges as though they were onyx nels.

She has an insatiable appetite for knowledge with the perseverance to see a task through though she can easily be persuaded to find distractions in pranks that are mostly malicious rather than harmless. But the Tunawa is loyal and would never hurt one she cares for or owes a debt to, in fact, she can be very helpful even if her beside manner lacks any sort of sympathy in favor of efficiency. Its easy to see she has grown up quickly and solitary, her seeming maturity steaming from the harsh conditions of her slavery.
[columns=2]Likes: Sweets, Ymiden, Water, Flying
Dislikes: Incompetence, Salty Food, Mornings, Singing
Fears: Fire, Dogs
Hobbies: Astronomy, Gardening[/columns]


Name: Cane Ivory
Race: Mixed (Avriel/Human)
Date of Birth: Ymiden 16th of 686 (32)
Skills: (Assassin)
  • Blades (Daggers): 30
  • Stealth: 30
  • Deception: 20
  • Disguise: 20
Appearance: Cane hardly looks half Avriel, at the first passing glances he is an average 5'9, mid-length dark hair, and dark blue human eyes. But his gloves cover bird-like hands while nothing can cover the blue tinted birthmarks on his face that mark his heritage for what it is and should he take his shirt off, nothing could hide the feathers that line his back.

His clothing nearly always covers his whole body regardless of season, his hair neatly and obsessively pulled out of his face with an expression of permanent nonchalance he is easily deemed unremarkable.
Personality: Thrown away and raised by no-one while being scorned by nearly everyone Cane does not enjoy the company of others, he tolerates Ohua (and any "sub human") because he views her as less than an animal, enjoying that she is viewed as more of freak than him. Raised like any street urchin on the wrong side, Cane grew up violent, sadistic tendencies developing as he grew which served him well when he decided to put those skills to use killing to get what he wanted. He's a secretive man of sharp words, keeping his plans to himself but he has a very dark sense of humor that showcases especially when he feels slighted (which is often). He takes his business seriously and develops little relationships, using the Tunawa as his spokes piece and often leaving the detailed work to her while he makes plans of his own to try and take down any Avriel he can and eventually plans to try and wipe them out entirely. Plans that he intends to use Ohuas abilities for, though she doesn't know it yet.
Relationship to PC: Master/Owner
Anything: N/A




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For precisely twelve arcs in a row Ohua’s parents bloomed. Why they had so many saplings they couldn’t say but they loved each and enjoyed watching their sprouts grow into their own selves with their own saplings, not to mention it gave them a set of extra eyes to mind the younger Tunawa. Into this fray Ohua was born, the seventh and quietest sprout she was often falling behind or running ahead, lost within the tight-knit group of varying ages except under Sunos, her second eldest brothers, watchful gaze.

Suno and Ohua were inseparable for a time, the sprout resembling him almost more so than her Pa, with their love for the stars and quiet demeanors. But while Ohua had a passion for gardening, Suno had a passion for adventure and was becoming an excellent navigator with his love of the stars and was waiting to find passage to leave. It wasn't long before he did find one, much to Ohua's ire. The sapling sulked for days before her brothers departure, refusing to speak to him or to anyone else until the he was to leave when the whole family went to see him if style with gifts and laughter. Surprising everyone by showing up with a dramatic goodbye, during which her brother gave her star map of Desnind, but surprising no one when word was sent home that she had stowed away to join her brother on his adventures.

For a time the two traversed the ship, hardly docking except to change ship with Suno planning a round trip to drop Ohua back off at Desnind but fate frowned on them when they met Arthur. A simpler traveler, or so he claimed and perhaps he was at one point, who needed help navigating the waters back to his home. Ohua has never been certain if it was money or he had planned it from the moment he met the duo but only two trials into the ships journey he declared the Tunawa his prisoners. The two fought their captive with whatever they had, nevertheless, the were subdued and as soon as they touched land they were to be sold. For several trials the Tunawa were kept in a cage, Ohua withering in fear and Suno plotting escape. They plotted escape leading to the tragedy that followed.
A trial before they were to land, with land in sight, Suno managed to convince Arthur they were willing to go along with this so long as they were given good homes. Agreeing the two were to sign a contract but upon release Suno fled and set fire to a dozen parts of the ship, planning to sink it while he and his sister floated to land and freedom but Suno had forgotten Ohua. Ohua who was going to be ground to be pulled apart piece by piece unless Suno helped Arthur put out the fire. Together they were able to prevent significant damage to the ship right before Arthur ripped off Ohuas legs anyway and threw Suno into the last of the fires, forcing the Tunawa to burn then throwing the charred being into the sea as a reminder for Ohua to never try anything so foolish.

Unable to sell damaged goods, Arthur kept Ohua when they landed for a time, using her a test subject to learn her "value" when he sold her though this proved to be helpful to the Tunawa in a way, giving her skills she hadn't before, even if she didn't have the courage to attempt escape. Once healed it did not take long for Arthur to make a hefty profit off the her, selling her a pet of sorts. Kept locked up and forced to sing or to do all manner of things as a show to prove durability Ohua fell into despair so great she lost the will to do anything, now thought to be useless she was nearly thrown away or at the very least left to wither to nothing in her cage until Cane came.

Cane was her liberator, of sorts. Stealing her away from her life as a trinket and giving her a new master, though he was never outright cruel he was far from kind, giving the two a relationship of give and take that Ohua was not allowed to refuse. Though in the beginning she did try, Cane kept her on a short leash, literally. Keeping the Tunawa bound in a thin silver chain that he would lengthen or shorten with good and bad behavior. He became her sole companion, keeping her so restricted she was forced to rely on him but he was easy to please most of the time and Ohua found it easier to submit now that she had a parody of freedom. When the two had grown accustomed to each other Cane persuaded the Tunawa to help him in his endeavors, making poisons or whatever small tasks he gave. She became one of his closest confidents and fell in love with him. In warped form of Stockholm and vengeance, she decided he was hers and only hers, whether some days she loves him or some days wishes to kill him, it doesn't matter to her. Nor does it matter to Cane, who only cares that the Tunawa follows his orders, whatever they may be. And she does, though as the arcs go by the Tunawa grows more and more wary of his tasks, wondering exactly who and what her secretive master is searching for and hoping it doesn't swallow them both.
Starter Quest
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Posts: 16
Joined: Tue Apr 24, 2018 3:46 pm
Race: Tunawa
Profession: Slave
Renown: 20
Character Sheet
Plot Notes
Wealth Tier: Tier 1





SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Poisons 11 N/A: FT Novice
Climbing 25 (25/251) Novice
Investigation 10 (10/251) Novice
Intelligence 10 (10/251) Novice
Linguistics 10 (10/251) Novice
Stealth 10 (10/251) Novice
Endurance 3 (3/251) Novice
Herbalism 2 (2/251) Novice
Gardening 1 (2/251) Novice
Skill Point Ledger

Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Climbing--RB 25(RB) 25 00
Starting Package 50 00 50
Poisons .. 10 40
Linguistics .. 10 30
Stealth .. 10 20
Investigation .. 10 10
Intelligence .. 10 00
Endurance (BH) 3 3 00
Poisons (BH) 1 1 00
Gardening (BH) 1 1 00
Herbalism (BH) 2 2 00


  • Poison: Poison delivery methods(SP)
  • Poison: Using thickeners and thinners(SP)
  • Poison: Using Triggers (SB)
  • Poisons: Ingest a poison to grow its antidote(BH)


  • Climbing: Finding proper foot holds(SP)


  • Linguistics: Common Slang (SB)


  • Stealth: How to tip-toe(SP)
  • Stealth: Stowing away on a ship (BH)


  • Intelligence: How to gather general intelligence(SP)


  • Endurance: Dealing with limb-ripping tortures (BH)




  • Suno: Brother (BH)
  • Suno: Killed to teach you a lesson (BH)
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... ... ...
Total Currency: 0 ON, 0 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN


Wherever her master lives
As of Ashan 718 they are in Etzos, staying at an inn.

A Tunawa sized plain blouse and pants SP
Tunawa sized shoes SP
A 30ft adjustable link simple silver chain with a manacle for Ohuas ankle and a clamp that locks it to Canes pants SP
A star map of Desnind (SP-PP)
A small quantity of the poison 'Ghost Mushroom' BH
Thread List
A Taste of Etzos 75th IC N/A
Performance of a Lifetime 80th IC N/A
Item/ ThreadRenownTotal
BH 20 20
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word count: 505
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