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It is said that when the Immortal Treid was slain, his heart was buried in the shadows of the ice, cursed by the Immortal Audrae. His people built a city atop the frozen wasteland in hopes of one day finding it and resurrecting their fallen leader.

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Norgrim Dyrdahl

Sinew and Hide

~16 Cylus 716~

The scent of dyes and oils filling his nose as the door opened, Norgrim looked upon the interior of his workplace as the morning sun cast it's scarce rays into the building. The only workman here, he was responsible for next to everything regarding the shop, from taking orders, to accepting payment and even working on the projects himself, yet all the same Norgrim cared little for that as it meant that everything remained as it should.

Taking the time to light a few candles, the young man stepped up to his workbench after opening the upper half of his shop's door. The sudden rush of cold air invigorating his frame before the male's eyes fell upon an unfinished pair of boots and the initial form of twin bracers, already sized for the clients forearms and the dimensions set, it was simply a matter of setting the rawhide down before finally wrapping leather around it. The boots simply waited on a special threading requested by the client as these were made purely for the purpose of houseware, allowing Norgrim to focus his attention on other things until it's arrival.

Taking time to step in the back and retrieve some previously tanned hides, such dyed black and grey per the order itself. The hides then were placed upon the table, Norgrim reaching over into a series of hooks and shelves upon the wall before him to grasp the cold metallic handle of shears. Setting the tools down for the moment, he placed the tanned hides face down upon his table, pressing and then rolling the form upon it to make a crude impressing of it's form and the patterns to be engraved upon it. The process itself repeated multiple times in order to set this somewhat and allow at least a crude tracing of such onto the backside of the hide itself.

The nearby bowls of various wax sticks and chalk served as marking instruments for such, Norgrim carefully running a pointed piece of chalk over the pressed lines. Taking care to trace just outside of each impression as to give himself a touch of room for the process of folding, and pressing the hides into their respective places. The flow of traffic within Treidhart's markets picking up, the young man knew that soon enough he would have another customer aiming to buy one of his already pre-prepared items, such as belts, gloves of varying sizes, or perhaps even some of the more supple leather he sold to furniture makers and tailors. That or someone aiming to place another order for perhaps an article of leather armor, or perhaps a customized engraving, all the same such was the way of the world for Norgrim. Such being expressed as the shears that were previously set aside finally bit into the hide which he finished tracing upon just prior.

The cutting itself is typically one of the far more arduous processes in the making of custom fit articles, or any kind of armor in general. The sheer thickness of the leather used being the main factor, as there was no way to cut such quickly, even with heat if it were used wouldn't burn through these compressed hides in any short order. Such was the point of these armor grade hides, they were meant to be resistant to blades and punctures, as such it took at least an hour for the young man to cut the two pieces of hide necessary to wrap about the forms later on.
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Norgrim Dyrdahl

Sinew and Hide

The final thud of the shears against a wooden backboard signaled that the initial cutting of such was finished, yet all the same there was another far more crucial aspect that had yet to follow and preceded the engraving process that loomed like a daunting spectre in this instance. For there was not much enjoyment that ever came of engraving armor, after all it was for the very reason that it was called armor, using any edge against it was hard and most tools dulled rapidly. Yet thanks to his apprenticeship, Norgrim realized a simple trick to make the process easier when it came. However that was far off as the hides for now had to soak overnight in a solution of water and wood ash. Preparing such now by shoveling coals from within the currently dead firepit into a washbasin filled prior by melting snow with the fire that made such ash. The hides submerged after being cut and allowed to soak in the lye which was present from the mixed in ash, softening and preserving it further as well as making it fit for any kind of further crafting.

Having now a few moments for himself, Norgrim took this time to rest his hands and forearms from the morning's strain. Sitting up near the front of the building as he went over some ledgers and calculated just how much needed to be sold for any profit to be made. The numbers as usual being somewhat tight, yet thankfully for now such was acceptable to his father, as for a single man to receive his pay not much money was needed, and there was enough being sent back to Solaero to prove that such a choice was in fact the right one on Ingemar's perspective. All the same Norgrim only looked and aimed to further improve his efficiency in the craft, to the point where he would even be able to apprentice himself, or hire a workmen to aid him with lesser projects while Norgrim himself handled the more intricate ones. For now though such was a dream, the young man's hand only pressing upon the bottom of said ledger, done after various annotations and side notes. The words "Office copy" written across the bottom of such before the young man began to copy the ledger onto a fresh piece, such retrieved from a nearby shelf in the tucked away "office" which was just off the structure's door.

A light rapping however interrupted Norgrim's penning, as a customer saw the wares presented in the small storefront which was outside of the building yet attached to it. Looking very much like a stall, multiple wares were places on display for those to come by and purchase, remaining locked in cases as Norgrim worked in the back, a precaution paid for out of the young man's own pocket to prevent theft given that there were those within Treidhart that acted akin to wolves. Taking what they saw fit and running amok if left unchecked, far different from his home in Solaero which by contrast was far calmer and trustworthy. All the same Norgrim exited into the stall, only greeting the customer with a weary smile as they inquired of just what was for sale.
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Norgrim Dyrdahl

Sinew and Hide

"Oh, all of what you see is up to be bought. Does anything happen to catch your eye?"

Norgrim's voice with those words far from aggressive, in fact there was a hint of genuine kindness in there. Yet the throaty rasp which followed it quickly caused him to come off as at the very least tired. All the same what was displayed ranged through simple accessories, from gloves and belts, to sandals, shoes, even some cloaks. Not having the expertise of a tailor, Norgrim didn't care make full articles of clothing, yet all the same these simpler pieces were often far easier and sold more than full leather clothing. Such able to easily be customized with an engraving if needed, or sold as is. In this particular instance the customer wished for a pair of gloves to be engraved on the cuffs. The design of it relatively simple, yet all the same such was the bread and butter of his business for this stage in it's life.

"That's more than possible for me to do, it will however span about two to three breaks. If you were to come back then I will give you the final price and you will be able to pick such up then."

A quick agreement sealed the deal for the moment, Norgrim taking the gloves in question, already treated to be supple and pliable for fitting upon the owner's hand, and then moved to a small engraving table outside within the stall. Treidhart's cold breeze a welcome advent from the slowly warming interior of the shop itself, the sounds of traffic rustling about doing little to distract the young man, he only drew in a deep breath while holding out his right hand. His palm upturned, only focusing upon the space directly over it, ice seemed to be drawn from his body as it coalesced above his palm, the Ellune practice of Nilas this was. Norgrim in particular taught to form the finer blades and single use implements in his craft from this, such saving an immense amount of money in terms of tools and upkeep.

All the same, such was commonplace among his kin, most taught this craft from youth in varying degrees. Norgrim's own experience coming from his apprenticeship and Ingemar's own guiding hand. Knowing well the forming of finer blades in particular for the art of engraving, the ice itself following Norgrim's mental shape to take a form similar to that of a scalpel. The blade itself impossibly sharp as it's handle came to rest within the man's grasp, fingers curling about to hold it much in the same way one holds a pen. Nearby clamps used to secure and stretch the leather cuffs, their final stitching yet to be in place for this very reason, allowing Norgrim to begin cleaving single layers of the leather from it's cuff, beginning the design requested and focused almost as a hawk upon the intricacies of this aspect regarding the man's craft.
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Hi Norgrim, you have a wonderful writing style and the finish is very professional. This was a really good work thread as the character stayed on task and covered a lot of the skills linked to his line of work. Congratulations on diving in head first and getting your work thread for the season completed so quickly! It felt a little unfinished, or perhaps I was just enjoying the read so much you left me wanting more? Enjoy the rewards, they were well earned.

I must request that you put a timestamp on the thread, day, season, year. (There are 30 days in the rebirth season of Cylus, and the year is currently 716).
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