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Ryder and Yndria

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Re: Workers for The Roost




Business Management: Finding New Workers
Business Management: The Benefits of More Workers
Business Management: Workers Should Get Along
Business Management: Negotiating Pay
Business Management: Analyzing Worker Skillsets
Business Management: "Business Mode"
Meditation: Repetitive Actions
Persuasion: Money Is A Good Reason To Work

10 Expanding your operation.
These points can NOT be used for Domain Magic

Skill Points:

That was a pretty cool job interview. :) Id work for her.

word count: 88
"In Play by Posting Role Playing, inaccurate and inconsistent lore is considered especially heinous.
On Standing Trials, the dedicated investigators who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Lore Analysis Unit.
These are their stories..."
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Re: Workers for The Roost (Graded)

Review Rewards

Name Yndeary

Points awarded: 15

Etiquette: How to make an introduction
Etiquette: Being right on time
Linguistics: Using context clues
Linguistics: Using previously learned words to understand what's being said
Linguistics: Simple sentences are easier to understand
Negotiation: Working on contract details
Negotiation: Discussion on wages
Tactic: Going all in at once

Loot: Counts as a Job/Wealth thread, congrats!

I really do enjoy how you write Yndira. It's somewhere between a petulant child and a headstrong princess. She has all the entitlement of a highborn noble but she can back it up, and she's not an idiot. She's so used to getting her own way, and things being made simple by virtue of the force she can bring to bear, that she has very little patience for anything else. Even in a simple thread like this. Bravo!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns in regards to this review, feel free to PM.
word count: 163


  • Habitually dressed in boots, breeches, tunic, and cloak.
  • Long hair down to the shoulders, usually swept back or in a rough ponytail
  • Prefers a trimmed beard and mustache


  • Star-shaped scar on each palm.
  • Air around him seems to thicken and become more turbulent the closer a person gets to him.
  • Pitch black eyes, from tear ducts to the pupils.
  • Arms from shoulder to palms appear as if heavy chains are wrapped around them.
  • Wisps of black smoke constantly drifts around his body, forming the rough outline of a cloak. The more agitated he becomes, the thicker the layers get.
    Note: the torch-motif medallion Kasoria wears negates the visible effects of this mutation.
  • Roughly circular pattern across breastbone, constantly transforming, and resettling
  • Sunken, closed eyes in the back of hands; they open when stared at
  • Skin takes on the tone and quality of whatever material he's just Transmuted
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