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Note: This is for Jade. I am officially posting the moved business location (as it transitioned from Sabaissant to Kaelserad) as per her request, so that I can move forward with selling the Kaelserad location. Thank you.

Character Name: Alistair Venora
Current Wage: 41.5 as of Ashan 718
2gn base, +5gn skill bonus (medicine 100), +2 Season of Ashan, +2 Season of Ymiden, +3 Season of Saun (Business), +3 Season of Vhalar (Business), +3 Season of Zi'da (Business), +3 Season of Cylus (Business), +2 Season of Ashan, +2 Season of Ymiden, +2 Season of Saun, +2 Season of Ashan = 31
Business Modifiers: 5.0 (Business), 6.0 (Skill), -0.5 (1 Employees) = +10.5
Profession's Main Skill: Medicine 100
Business Management Skill: 51
Business Name: Kaelserad, formerly Sabaissant Medical Offices
Business Location: Ne'haer
Type of Business: Physician's Center
Business Description: This is a physician's office, specialized or general, as well as a surgery center.

The business charges a standard fee for each procedure, as well as the cost of any antidotes or drugs supplied to cure one of any diseases or poisons or prevent further illness, etc. Drugs NECESSARY to the surgery and absolute wellbeing of the patient are given for free, though extra dosages (if one complains about pain for example) will cost. The company promises not to give patients unnecessary supplicants/antidotes/drugs, and asks before applying any sort of drug unless the patient is in critical or unaware condition.

Disclaimer: Kaelserad is not responsible for the deaths of patients, and has been excused from any legal drawbacks in their death unless evident willful neglect of their health can somehow be proven!

Value of Location: 3,500 GN
As depicted in the purchase of Kaelserad

Number of Employees: 6; 1 NPC named Kleine Volgotha (Nurse/Receptionist) -- up to 6 Employees Possible due to Expert Business Management

Price List


Poison Antidotes
Ivorian Kora Sap: 5gn each Snake antivenin
Whitemoss:30gn each General poison cure
Buzz: 10gn each Cures Fuzz (which over-sensitizes and strengthens nerve connections)
Fuzz: 10 gn each Cures Buzz (which numbs and can break nerve connections)

Medical Drugs
Acid Crocodile Blood: 25gn each General speed healing supplicant of the Northern Region
Brain Berries: 5gn each Mental recovery/enhancement supplicant
Cat's Tongue: 2gn each Helps cure food poisoning
Clam Leaf Tonic: 5gn each A numbing agent, multipurpose (almost always applied before a surgery)
Fist Nut: 30gn each A coagulate for excessive bleeding by competent doctors
Fog: 5gn Drug resistant
Garrotte Vine Sap: 25gn Slightly less effective anticoagulant than Fist Nut
Giant Leech: 2gn Saliva is anesthetic
Ice Block Tea: 25gn Helps one survive the extreme cold or the effects of it.
Ignis Beans: 1gn Protein supplement
Leechbane: 10gn Blood booster
Psinia Shield: 20gn Versatile painkiller
Scarf-Rot: 5gn Anti-Infection Poultice blend, sleep agent, anti-scarring burn balm, and anti-aging cream
Rockmaze Moss Powder: 5gn For rapid bone healing and health
Strangler Fig Bark: 2gn Boiled, the steam is a general health tonic

Eye Cataracts: 100gn An extremely painful and dangerous surgery that does not usually yield the greatest of results due to the unsophisticated medical technology by modern standards. This is gruesome. Period. However, some people require it and so they deal with the pain and high cost.
Blocked Bladder Surgery: 80gn This surgery requires less exceptional focus and precision, and so costs less than some of the other more extreme surgeries. This is more advanced than the old medieval catheter surgeries performed, instead using pressure as well as Cat's Tongue. Sometimes incisions are made and the stomach is inspected to uncover damage or other issues, but this is often considered an extreme that is avoided.
Brain Surgery: 150gn An extreme surgery performed by several medical professionals, with Alistair often requiring large numbers of assistants for such an operation, often the family of the patient. Incisions are usually made to inspect the skull and tools such as a 'drill' as well as a plucking tool are used to repair damage to the skull and inspect the greatest ailments of the brain. This is extremely dangerous and has often resulted in death, frankly about as frequently as it's saved individuals, though a more proficient medic can increase their success rate over time.
Arrow Removal: 25gn per arrow Another dangerous procedure, though much less dangerous than the others. Arrow removal is tricky as often arrow heads come off of their shaft when loosed into a victim. This procedure involves an "arrow spoon", a device that with proper precision can attach onto the arrowhead and pull it out before it causes further damage. After that, cautery is performed to improve the recovery of the victim and prevent bleeding out. However, scars are almost certain.
Childbirth: 75gn Childbirth is somewhat deadly. Usually for childbirth the patients are requested to bring in any family or dear friends they have in case of the relatively low (but still notable) chance that the mother is to die. The surgeon will perform the midwifery and give birth to the baby, though the extremely long and drawn out process results in a fairly high cost. As surgical experts, Kaelserad flaunts a much higher survival rate for the mothers than with midwifes or other random groups of individuals, often giving mothers a much cleaner process with the use of painkillers, recovery tonics and other agents.
Amputations: 50gn One of the most gruesome surgeries, the amputation is one reduced in cost merely out of support for the victim who is assured of a negative outcome. This requires precision by the doctor as well as the use of hot irons and other practices to prevent wild infection after the amputation has been performed.
Other Surgeries: Variable There are many more surgical procedures out there, and their prices and procedures can be discussed IC.

Business NPCs/PCs

Kleine Volgotha


Full Name: Kleine Volgotha, known previously as the slave "Kaiserion"
Race: Lotharro
Age: 24
Title: Receptionist
Skills: Menagerie

Kaiser, or Kleine, was born in the Fields of Gauthrel, to the clan Nordhoff. Born as the life mate (Likrjyr) of the leader of the clan, Kleine was cherished among his people and given exceptionally high status. As he developed, he was placed in charge of slave control and affairs, essentially an intelligence position within the tribal territory meant to ensure the continued subjugation and obedience of the slaves. This was considered an extremely high station within Nordhoff, and as such he was seen with much credence and respect. However, as time went on and as he pursued his profession, he discovered that - in fact - he loved the slaves he'd been assigned to subjugate.

Servitude as loyal as theirs was something he admired, and shortly after the rise of this realization, he determined that he would help slaves from within rather than without. The reason for this, unbeknownst to others, was due to a rise of commitment to the Immortal Famula. In her name, he swore to serve the interests of slaves and servants, ensuring their happiness amidst their dedication and labor. He would live as a model example, educating and empowering them to have integrity and to possess depth and will, while yet still content from behind their shackles. He commanded his life-mate, the leader of the Nordhoff, to place him in chains as a sign of his own free will. Reluctantly and with sorrow, the man obliged. However, considering Nordhoff bears no Lothar slaves, Rio was sold to a black market organization within Ne'haer that trafficked slaves through the city.

In the midst of transport between one city to the next, Kaiser encountered Alistair Venora, a man he considered to have exceptional depth from the start. Rio, given greater autonomy due to his almost fanatical obedience, was allowed to spend portions of the evenings with Alistair while being brought from Rharne to Rynmere. Over time, he began to grow a devotion for Alistair, and what appeared to be a subliminal message ultimately brought him to request the Venora Lord take and keep his lock and key: in his own personal journal, from combining the capital letters of each paragraph, the words "ALISTAIR YOUR MASTER" were formed.

Being sold to the Lord, Kaiser has since begun a new and very different life.
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Approved for use in the city of Ne'haer.
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