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Beyond the city of Rharne lies the Stormlands, which is home to a number of farms, forests, fields, Lake Lovalus, and the River Zynyx. This subforum also includes the Stormwastes to the south.

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Rescue Me (Sabine, Lynessa, Khama, Gem)

Miraculously, her plan went without a hitch.

The moment the trees were broken off, the back of their boat slammed into the water and they began floating down the creek. Everyone cheered, causing their vessel to shake.

Their victory didn’t last long.

It seemed like the forest was now aiming its anger specifically at her. Before she could do anything about it, vines whipped around her arm and then yanked her down. She would have been thrown right into the water if her hand hadn’t shot out to grab the boat’s gunwale. An older man moved fast, grabbing her captured arm so that she wouldn’t be pulled further. It was a tug of war and she was sure they were going to lose.

And then for whatever reason, the vines suddenly released her. She was thrown back in the boat, courtesy to their effort in pulling her. Something changed. Lynessa could feel it. It was as if the world itself had gone still.

The rest of their journey… was quiet. They were all expecting something to happen again, but nothing did. The forest let them go without much of a fight now. Before long, they spotted the village from afar. She looked back and saw that the other boats were following, all their passengers intact.

She jumped out into the water first once the water was at least knee-deep, assisting in guiding the boat to shore. When the boat hit land, the people cheered and Lynessa found herself grinning. She turned to find that the Mistral villagers had took notice of their return, most of them began running. They were a lot of names being called out and tears of joy as children scrambled out of the boat hastily. She helped them out gently, making sure no one slammed their faces into the gravel in their excitement.

The priestess’s presence was somewhat forgotten in that moment, but she didn’t mind. It was worth it, to see the relieved faces of friends and families who were finally reunited with their lost ones. Feeling her legs weaken the slightest bit, the young woman walked away shortly and let herself sit down on the ground as her gaze settled on the forest. The water from the creek lapped at her boots and she realized she had been sitting far too close to the water.

She wondered what it was that caused the change in the forest and what had made it stop…
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Rescue Me (Sabine, Lynessa, Khama, Gem)

I want to thank both Lynessa and Gem for sticking it out in this thread. You both did a lovely job of rescuing the missing people of Mistral Village. If anyone else in this thread feels as though they are missing out on a grade please contact me via pm.
Gem, feel free to make that wrap up post and I'll move forward with giving you your grade. You are a little under the 1500 word mark (I think) but a wrap up should fix this and I'll get you your goodies.

Lynessa was fantastic in this event! I enjoyed her perseverance and her ability to take charge when necessity demanded it. She was forced into the role of a leader and she pushed forward with flying colors. I rather enjoy the fact that she sometimes seems to be a little unsure of herself, but still makes difficult choices because she knows that others look up to her as a Thunder Priestess. Well done, and I can't wait to see where she goes next!


XP: 20
This is NOT for domain magic


+15 for rescuing the villagers!

Rewards and Consequences

Stormsister (Dagger-Masterwork): Lynessa finds that after returning to Mistral Village that the hatchet she borrowed from the shrine has been replaced in her pack by something wondrous and strange. It is a dagger shaped into a jagged lightning bolt with an ebony handle inscribed with gold filigree. There is a bright teal blue leather sheath and the weapon itself seems to have been made to balance perfectly in Lynessa’s hand. On the flat of the Adamantite blade, there is a small very tightly engraved inscription that reads: “Strike true, daughter of lightning.” The blade itself seems to glimmer with afterimages of violet and indigo lightning strikes within its metallic surface. (This effect is purely cosmetic)

Fight or Flight: During their flight through the forest from the packs of boars, a piece of jewelry somehow finds its way into her pocket. It is a silver necklace made of a large beautifully cut piece of amethyst placed in a simple pewter setting. The jewel seems to shift from a rich purple to a blueish indigo depending on the lighting.

Lost Boys : Walden Marr was especially thankful that Lynessa comforted his son when she found William in the forest, as payment for caring for his son in his stead; he has offered the priestess up to 250gn to spend at the local smith on armor. (Just shoot me a pm once you decide what you would like to spend this on)

Taking the Lead: The people of Mistral Village that made the escape with Lynessa are eternally grateful for her taking the lead and getting them out of the forest. As proof of their admiration, word has gotten to the senior Thunder Priestesses of Rharne of her heroics. Lynessa will be given extra training and attention in the coming trials by the other priestesses. (You may choose 2 bonus knowledgesof any type, except for Domain Magic to add to your CS.)

Mistral Reward: To show their appreciation the people of Mistral Village award Lynessa with 250gn. This amount is a direct result of her taking charge of the escape.


Some scraps and bruises, but these should heal within the next four to five trials.


1. Acrobatics: Keeping your balance in a boat
2. Blades (Axe): Cutting through underbrush
3. Blades (Dagger): Testing the balance of a blade
4. Cosmetology: Removing leaves and twigs from your hair
5. Detection: Noticing the presence of blood
6. Discipline: Staying calm even when being attacked
7. Endurance: Hiking through the forest
8. Etiquette: Exchanging things equally
9. Etiquette: Making an introduction
10. Hunting: Checking tracks for information
11. Hunting: Discerning between heavy and light footprints
12. Hunting: Trying to figure out if local wildlife has been in an area
13. Intelligence: Using your contacts to learn about village news
14. Investigation: Asking for details concerning a missing person
15. Investigation: Questioning others about local information
16. Investigation: Scanning your surroundings
17. Investigation: Taking account of wear and tear on clothing
18. Leadership: Being willing to take the lead
19. Leadership: Commanding nervous defenders
20. Leadership: Instructing your followers to ‘be prepared’
21. Leadership: Physically grabbing others to encourage them to move
22. Leadership: Staying in control of those under your command even when under stress
23. Navigation: Remembering details about landmarks
24. Running: Escaping from an angry heard of wild boar
25. Strength: Hanging on to a boat when dragged down by vines
26. Strength: Jumping from the boat and guiding it to shore in water
27. Tactics: Choosing to act rather than wait
28. Tactics: Staying close to a senior priestess Non-Skill Knowledge
Location: Mistral Village- has a neighboring forest known as Mistral Wood
Location: Mistral Village
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