The Giant

Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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The Giant


Volker was resting quietly in the alleyway. He was tired from the events of the day, and too wrapped up in his own thoughts to eat or drink like Oor wanted him to. He was restless, listless. He settled with his back against the stone and his eyes looking up at the cold sky thinking of little. Sometimes he tread down the dusty road of what would have happened if Oor hadn't taken his hand that day. He knew the most likely answer; he'd have died, or walked along a similar feral path to the one he did now. Orphans didn't last long in Idalos. They were sold as slaves, killed outright, or worse. He'd done so many things, and had so many marks on his soul. It was far too late to turn back now. Oor was his guardian, and only friend, and that was the way they both needed it to be.

He looked up when he heard footsteps, teeth bared slightly. He didn't like being intruded upon, especially in such a dark mood but he'd have recognized the shape at the end of the alleyway anywhere. He relaxed slightly, and Oor nodded to Amaris. 'Look at that, the cat lady has a backbone.'The Harvester said with no small amount of mockery. There were a lot of emotions around why he and Volker had been alone for so long, and none of them were particularly positive. He didn't know how to express himself without the mockery, but if he had been able to, he might have been grateful that Amaris had come after him.

Volker sighed. "The Elements are behind you?" he asked. He fully expected her to have gone to the Elements and told them where to find him. Perhaps now he was ready.
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The Giant

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Perhaps in their paranoia, they might have thought the elements were behind them. Panicking for a trill, they glanced over their shoulders at the man's question. No; there were none that they could see. And they certainly hadn't called for any. Looking back to Volker, they noted how tired he'd seemed. It was understandable, giving his choice of lifestyle. Rather than speak at first, they shook their head, some strands of silvery hair falling into their face.

"There aren't any here," they stated, and then fell silent again. What were they supposed to do? An apology would be fitting of another situation, but this - this was complicated. They were confronting an admitted murderer who seemed intent on keeping those ways about their own behavior. It couldn't be an outright explanation, either, as the man had felt that Amaris was in the wrong. But it was neither of them, they'd already concluded. "Volker, I...I did not come here to apologize."

They paused again, considering. "But I did not come here to harass or turn you in to any authorities. You still have a chance, you know. learn a different way of living, maybe you could avoid the authorities altogether." In no way would they say that they would condone the consumption of the kind of meats Volker liked to indulge in. They couldn't be party to that; and they wouldn't. A reformation is what he needed, and they would be sure that he would start on it.

"I'm sure you've eaten things other than people. You have to know that this is wrong. I don't want to know how many other victims there are, but I want to know that in the future you can stop. This...this is bound to create a sickness in you. We must be honest in our assessment, and while you are a lot more active than some of your age I've seen, you've got a few arcs on you and there's no telling what your cannibalism has done to your body and mind. There are obvious alternatives."
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