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Norgrim Dyrdahl


Norgrim Dyrdahl qalar-Treid
credit to Javier Charro for image

Age: Twenty-Four Arcs

Race: Ellune

Date of Birth: 5 Cyrus 692

Marks: None

Factions Joined: None

Languages Spoken: Common (Fluent), Leni (Fluent)

Partners: None

His height at 8'3", average for most Ellun, Norgim is a man who is far more rough than most would care to appear. A heavy beard always is upon his face, serving only to add to the worn features upon him despite his young age. Hazel eyes which convey an obsession which will be carried through the remainder of his life set within dark circles. Such a feature instigated by both fatigue and the general stresses of life. Despite this, and despite the skin which tells it's tale of years exposed to the elements within Treidhart, there is a strength displayed in the young man's stance. A vigor that only is held in youth and one that is held onto throughout his short life. Thus his overall visage is more likened to the stone that his people expanded into versus the ice they initially flocked to, one that is resolute, unflinching, and brutal in what it can teach others. Yet all the same being compassionate, and protective of those that are it's own.

Choice of attire isn't much of an issue, as generally muted colors do the male justice. Adding to his generally abrasive and irritated appearance while being able to stand up to the vigors of his trade and general lifestyle. Never opting for anything flamboyant, generally comprising of simple hemp shirts and pants. The only mainstay to this choice of attire are stained leather boots, their appearance attesting to the use of these shoes, being as worn as the young Norgrim owning them.

Blunt- Never one for being polite, Norgrim was always direct and sometimes demeaning with his words. Coming off more oft than not as someone who is generally arrogant or even insulting to others, those who get to know the young man realize that it’s not with malice that he speaks how he does. Yet the result of his life thus far which leads him to such a tone.

Obsessive- Pouring himself entirely into his craft, his efforts and in turn his being formed around the craft. Taking such care in it that most things done with his work never go noticed save for by him, Norgrim’s talents as a result are exceedingly well for one so young. This trait manifesting in other aspects of his life, such as having a need for some things to be absolutely perfect or having the need to keep objects arranged in a way just so that his mind can be calmed knowing they're in a proper place.

Aloof- As a result of his obsession, Norgim is generally very “off” when it comes to dealing with others, his focus elsewhere and in a place that isn’t conducive to discussion when he does need it. Combined with his already blunt wording, this leads to the man more often than not being misunderstood socially. Something he has come to accept and learned to deal with through experience along with the few friends gained and held throughout his life..

Raised in a family of generational leather smiths, he was introduced to his craft early on which only fueled the man’s unnatural obsession with it. Learning from his father, he came to grow extremely close to such a man as they spent nearly every moment together both at home and when Norgrim worked alongside him. His mother having stayed at home, due to the need with his two siblings about for Norgrim’s entire life thus far, growing to know his father’s accquaintences over forming his own, however the young worker over the years gained a silent respect of the other men in his father’s circle due to his dedication. As such, Norgrim didn’t have many of his own age he could call friends, yet all the same he had those he could rely on. In turn strengthening the already existing bonds his family had with the other Ellune leatherworkers and forming his own relationships, strengthening the bonds already established. The added effect of carrying on his father’s and in turn grandfather’s line gave the young man a sense of respect for the craft that wasn’t easily passed on, only furthering his own talents.

In his early teens, Norgrim’s mother was forced to take on more tasks as the familial needs grew, this added strain alongside her duties of caring for his younger sibling and maintaining their home had a negative affect upon her health, causing her heart to begin failing due to her duties and the stress they placed upon her. The nature of the Ellune in their dealings with others didn’t help, as while Norgrim’s mother was almost too kind to others, willing to give to any who needed such and aid them when necessary, the lack of gratitude as is normal amongst the Ellune took it’s toll upon her particularly so. Adding fuel to the fire as it were and reciprocating her own downward spiral over the next few years, her condition silently worsening while she did her best to hide such an illness from her family, not wanting to cause them to worry over her and only to enjoy the lives they had.

As a result the death of his mother subsequently was a shock to the remaining family, in particular Norgrim. As at only age 15, the sudden lack of mother hit the young man far harder than it should have, especially given how much she did and the bond formed between her and her children. The jarring of losing a parent pushing the young man into his current abrasive state, grief plaguing him and weighing upon the young man, such that a scar remains to this day of the wound inflicted. Then taking upon himself the burden of work as his father grieved, Norgrim poured more and more effort into his craft, bordering the point of obsession as he used his work to escape from the pain of his mother’s death. Paying attention to the most minute details, honing his skill at a rapid pace even for one of his age, the other Ellune only remained silent at Norgrim’s state, even his father without a voice on the topic. Only praising the young man for his growing skill and dedication to work, it being the only form of praise and love the young male accepted at this time in his life.

The passing years only cemented his outlook and treatment of others, as while Norgrim is still far from hostile towards anyone, his words and general demeanor have taken an abrasiveness to them that isn’t like most Ellune. His tongue like that of a grater when anyone comes to him, the young man not turning away the chance to aid another, yet all the same an air of almost constant irritation follows him. For his formed obsession with his craft deepened and added to this state of mind, every detail bothering the male and not being satisfied until every aspect of a project is absolutely perfect.

Having moved off onto his own, Norgrim since acquired a relatively small mountain alcove in the "newer" additions to Treidhart. This in particular overlooking the glacial slopes and giving the man a nice view of his homeland with the morning's crest.
The apartment sized home consists largely of four rooms which are all simply arranged as to most efficiently use the space. When one enters they're greeted with a simple living space cut of rock and reinforced with ice arches. Two chairs are in the room along with a simple fireplace for when Norgrim has the time to actually relax. Moving further in, they enter the small kitchen, adorned with only a simple stove and sink. Not much in terms of storage space yet enough to be called such. As the placement of a lone table and two chairs define the room as it were, giving it what little character there was. Off to the left lay a small hallway, tucked tucked into it's left wall is the restroom, nothing terribly special within there save for some simple grooming and hygienic supplies. Dimly lit by candle flame as to give at least a semblance of livability.
Finally you come to the only bedroom within the small home, as with the rest of Norgrim's things it's simple and rugged in appearance. A lone bed and chest lay within the room, yet it's lit by the day itself. Nigh crystalline ice formed into the cut opening, allowing a glimpse to the outer world. Giving Norgrim the ability to at least know of the oceans which lay around his homeland.


-Ingemar Dyrdahl dina-Sunai: The patriarch of the Dyrdahl line and Norgrim's mentor in regards to his leathersmithing career. Taught the young smith nearly all he knows over his short life and is responsible for the newest shop opening in Treidhart, the only attempt that he could give his son at starting anew and possible healing from his wife's untimely death. He own and runs the family shop in Solaero, living there with Norgrim's elder sister, Liv.

-Jesca Dyrdahl dina-Sunai: Norgrim's deceased mother, having succumbed to a failing heart during Norgrim's teenage years. She is responsible largely for the remaining kindness Norgrim shows to others and the capacity he has to help others. Her life leaving an indelible mark upon the man that remains much akin to Treid's body, elluding time's grasp and rooted in memory. The only reminder of her that is kept within the family is a single gold necklace, currently in Norgrim's possession when he departed to begin his life in Treidhart.


-Liv Dyrdhal dina-Sunai: The eldest daughter of the Dyrdahl line, took over her mother's duties upon her death. A meek woman, one who focuses upon serving others, she follows almost completely in her mother's footsteps. Being compassionate, and almost blindly kind when it comes to helping others. Leading Ingemar to be unusually protective of her, and when they were all together as a single family, Norgrim as well took the role of a protector when it came to Liv. Such that it could often be said that she was the favored child of the family, at least from an outsider's perspective.

-Olle Dyrdhal qalar-Tried: Born in the capital alongside of his elder brother Norgrim, Olle resides back in Solaero with the remainder of his family. Being the youngest of the three children, he is still too young to strike off on his own and thus apprentices under Ingemar's eye in the family's shop. A position which has the odd effect of putting Olle in Norgrim's shadow, as Ingemar often places the same expectations as he did on Norgrim's almost meteoric rise upon this younger sibling. Leaving a light resentment of Norgrim's success in the young man's outlook despite the clear love he holds for Norgrim.
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Norgrim Dyrdahl


Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Research [RB] 10 [XP] 5 15
Leather Working [XP] 27 [SH] 5 32
Observation [XP] 18 18
Writing [XP] 5 5
Cooking [XP] 5 5
Intimidation [SH] 5 5
Tanning [SH] 3 [XP] 1 4
Business Management [XP] 2 2
Negotiation [XP] 1 1
Mathematics [XP] 1 1
Socialization [XP] 3 3
Etiquette [XP] 1 1
Storytelling [XP] 1 1
Unarmed Combat [XP] 1 1

Basic Knowledge

Layout: Triedhart
Culture: Treidhart
Treidhart: Assassins Lurk About
Location: Dyrdhal Tanning & General Leather [SH]
Location: Treidhart's Marketplace
Location: Hall of Statues
Location: Treidhart's City Square
Location: Fine Blades
Location: Marketplace
Location: Alea Sunai's Cottage
Tanning: Scents of Dyes and Oils
Business Management: Commitment
Business Management: Time Management
Nilas: Sword forged of Pure Ice
Worship: Giving Service to Treid
Instincts: Preserve Life
Snow: Pleasurable to an Ellune
Vasir: Expert Ice Smith
Black Ice: Tactical Force of Treidhart
Alea Sunai: Former Black Ice
Nilas Sword (Owned): Precisely made but temporary
The Frost: Assassins

Specialized Knowledge

Tanning: Working with Rawhide [SH]
Leatherworking: Applying dyes
Leatherworking: Cutting thick leather
Leatherworking: Treating hides with lye
Tool Use: Blade wear when engraving
Business Management: Working with Different Individuals [SH]
Nilas: Tool crafting
Nilas: Ice Tablets
Black Ice Operative: Chilling and Dangerous
Elder Morso: Religious, Wise, and full of Advice
Vasir: Stocks Norgrim's Leather Scabbards
Scabbards: Ice and Leather suit different swords
Alea Sunai: Proficient at Nilas
Alcohol: Fermented Furr Tree fruit




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Norgrim Dyrdahl



Equipped Items

Steel Hatchet
Hemp Pants
Hemp Shirt
Leather Boots
Tanner's Apron
Large Bag (Heavy Canvas)
Ice Short Sword
Ice Scabbard (Modified for Blade Preservation)

Stored Items

Utensils (Dinner Forks, Carving Forks and Knives, Goblets, Spoons, Plates)
Tools (Small and Medium Clamps, Washbasin, Craftsman's Glue, Small Hammer)
Extra Clothes (Undergarments, Spare Boots, Additional sets of clothing, Ramie Coat)
Cookware (Small Pot, Small Cauldron)
Åminnelse (Reminder of deceased Mother, Gold Necklace)
Loans & Wages
City Dweller [SP] +100 gn
Total Currency: 0 ON, 1 GN, 6 SN, 0 CN
Hemp Shirt x5 3 gn, 3 sn
Hemp Pants x5 7 gn, 8 sn
Men's Undergarments x5 1 gn
Ramie Coat 7 gn, 7 sn
Steel Hatchet 10 gn
Iron Hammer (Small) 5 sn
Leather Ankle Boots 4 gn
Craftsman's Glue x3 3 gn
Clamps (Small x10) 6 gn
Clamps (Medium x5) 4 gn
Washbasin 4gn
Large Bag (Heavy Canvas) 1 gn
Spare Utensiles (Dinner Fork x5, Boning Knife, Steak Knife x3, Goblet x2, Bread Knife, Meat Fork x2 Tablespoons x5) 14 gn, 1 sn
Furniture (Rocking Chair) 10 gn
Cookware (Small Cooking Pot, Small Cauldron) 11 gn
Ice Scabbard (Modified for Blade Preservation) 9 gn
Currency Spent: 0 ON, 98 GN, 4 SN, 0 CN
word count: 279
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