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Gunvorton used to be a rather nondescript and unimportant area in Scalvoris. However, it's logistical importance and tactical use became more and more evident following the shadow beast attacks of Vhalar 716 and, since then, Gunvorton has become much more influential and important to the residents of Scalvoris. It has several docks and piers, a few warehouses, two barracks and a stable. It is used primarily as a landing point for supplies which are then brought overland to the Tower and Scalvoris Proper via one of two roads found on the Island.

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[Gunvorton] Warehouse District

Gunvorton Warehouse District
The warehouse district of Gunvorton is a tightly controlled area where people who are not residents of Gunvorton are, simply, not allowed. There are patrols (of Shania's private guards, not any Element presence here) and patrol houses along the way and anyone is stopped. People who are not residents in Gunvorton are politely, but very firmly, turned back. There is no doubt that things go in nor that things come out of there, but still, it isn't people who are not Shania's Kind Of Person.

If asked, those who do live and work in Gunvorton are open about it. The warehouse district is where the grains are stored, where the food is kept. Shania and the Collective run a tight ship and they make sure that Gunvorton, and her people, are well cared for. Then, that the rest of Scalvoris is. If anything were to happen to the Warehouse District, well, the whole infrastructure would collapse. So it makes sense to guard it, keep it safe, doesn't it?

Why would anyone think anything different!?


To be discovered IC


There are jobs here - but you must be a resident! In order to become a resident, you must have an interview with Shania and she is very, very picky. Give it a go - you never know!!

Player Notes

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In order to get into the Warehouse District, please PM a Scalvoris mod. Please note, this is a significant challenge and will be a high risk endeavor (for not necessarily high reward). Depending on your skill level / proposed tactics, you might need a moderated thread.
There are many secrets to be discovered here!


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