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Kingdom Events: Ashan 718

One of Idalos' two suns comes up once again at dawn on Ashan first, and everyone across Rynmere is glad to see it. While the beginning of the season is still cold and snowy, the end of the season begins to see humidity and warmth set in, ready for the hot cycle. Fields are tilled and planted, for by the end of this season, the growing cycle has begun for farmers everywhere across the Kingdom.


Player Notes[/color]]
The weather below is more or less for Andaris, with regions south of the capitol having slightly warmer weather and temperatures. To the north, the temperatures are colder, the snow not thawing in Gawyne until Ashan 30th, and the weather always a bit frostier and foggier. To the west, the weather is wetter, with more rain, and to the east, the weather is generally more mild, especially in the Eastern Settlements.


Trials 1-10[/color]]
The first few trials of sunlight are still very frigid and cold, dustings of snow and a few clouds covering the Kingdom. Toward the south, the snow is actually a heavy downpour that ends in hale. The nights are still frosty.


Most of Rynmere begins to thaw slowly, though there is still a lot of wind, a few more snow flurries, and only a few trials of sunshine.


A windstorm rages across the Kingdom, knocking over trees and stripping roofs, causing general chaos. The winds bring a heavy downpour in their wake, but warmer temperatures, finally.


Recovery from the wind storm is done in sunlight and the first warm temperatures of the Rebirth Cycle, with only a few days of clouds. Frosty nights are replaced with just cold ones, and the ground begins to thaw, even as far north as Gawyne


Partly cloudy and windy trials continue, though the ground temperature warms steadily and everyone enjoys the thawing of the Kingdom. Preparation of fields begins for farmers everywhere.


Sunshine and the first flowers begin to bloom across the Kingdom, coating Rynmere in a rich tapestry of color and warmth. Everyone finds an excuse to venture outside, and while some trials are windier than others, the mild weather is welcome and celebrated.


Another period of rain brings an unexpected drop in temperatures and one trial of snow flurries as if Cylus' cold grip just doesn't want to let go. Once the chill subsides, however, the temperatures are warmer than before.


Hail and thunderstorms begin this period, only to finally fade into clear skies, light and gentle breezes, and the sweet promises of Ymiden.


Clear skies and a slow creep up in temperatures bring a permanent end to the chill of the Cold Cycle, trees now full of leaves and gardens in full bloom. The sun sparkles off of Cyrene Bay and everyone packs away their warm clothes in favor of ones more appropriate to the warm weather.


Unseasonably warm, thunderstorms rumble across the Kingdom, bringing more rain, lightning damage, and a few isolated hail storms. It almost feels as though Ymiden has come early this arc, with the humidity high and the storms so powerful.


The rains fade but the clouds linger for this whole time, hiding the sun and creating a general dullness to the otherwise beautiful and green landscape spread out across all of Rynmere. The humidity stays and the weather warms further.


The end of Ashan feels just as Ymiden normally would: humid and hot, with afternoon showers common across the southern region and fog in the north. The clouds finally give way to bright sun.
cylus 718 events
3rd Nora's Birthtrial Non-Moderated Kingdom Wide Holiday — On the third day of Ashan people from all across Rynmere gather at the foot of Nora’s Rest to celebrate the birthday of the first Queen of Rynmere. Nora was beloved by all and her kindness and generosity has echoed through the ages. Some say Nora was a witch with the ability to see things unfold long before they took place, though many laugh at this notion, stating that if she had such gifts, why then was she unable to foresee her untimely death at the young age of twenty two. Nora had twin boys and all twins are celebrated on this day. While the third of Ashan is a day of enjoyment and rest for most, sharing wine and fond stories., this arc, Nora's Birthtrial is admittedly more somber than most, dampened perhaps by the atmosphere of conflict and anticipation growing heavier in the kingdom, though the attendance of the main celebrations by King Cassander and his Empress Queen are much discussed for the rest of the season.
7th And On The VII’th Day... Moderator Exposition Post Open Impact — The seventh day of the new season, those who come into their town squares will find the previously-kidnapped Guards, strung up dead on tall pikes. Its a message for the leaders of the baronies. "Submit to us." There are clues to be found here on possible VII threads (location/witnesses to give faces to names ect)
17th Scalvoris Delicates Arrive Non-Moderated Open Impact — Caloo callay, fraptious day! We have visitors from a foreign land. Welcome honoured guests. Come and gawk at the arrivals, or rub shoulders with the Scalvorians.
22nd Imperial Ball Moderated Open Impact — A great ball to welcome the most honoured guests of Scalvoris to Rynmere. Held in the Imperial Court. All nobility from the Seven Houses are invited to attend.
20th The First Hunt Non-Moderated Open Impact — Takes place in Warrick, attracting hunters from all over Rynmere. This arc the hunters are on the search for a fabled Särkïn, winner takes all.
25th Order of Adunih Non-Moderated Open Festival - One Arc Anniversary of the establishment of the order. A daylight fasting festival with a gift of thanks to be left for the Seven at each of their temples before partaking in any meals.
36th VII Debarcle Moderated Exposition Post The VII attempt another attack on the capital this time, only the guards are more prepared and it doesn’t go as planned. There’s a scuffle, an arrest, and a newly minted VII Mage is amongst the captured. The VII do not come to their aide.
40th Hanging Out Moderated Exposition Post (open to guest story teller) Captured VII mage, one who had found "sanctuary" but was caught on the 36th. Protests border on the violent, if only because of the panicked atmosphere. It is quelled without death, but injuries are again reported. Given the overwhelming public dissatisfaction with the pyres, the this time it’s by hanging.
53rd Meat Market Protest Non-Moderated Open Impact — The game shortage rumored in Krome in Cylus was not just a tale told around the fires in the dark but a reality that quickly set in at the end of the season. Now with the promises of the weather warming in this new season, the prices of meat have reached up to 20% higher than usual across all of the Kingdom. This sparks riots in Andaris for affordable food sources, the strain between commoners and the crown made more uncomfortable still. Smaller riots in Krome and Warrick are also reported.
67th Rosepetal Cuisinier Moderated Open Competition — Held in Venora at The Chateau Languedoc, this is the Rose’s Kingdom-wide cuisine competition, held on the 67th of Ashan, every single arc. Cooks from all around Idalos come to test their mettle here, the winner awarded the title of Rosepetal Cuisinier.
71st-74th Low-town Fire Non-Moderated Open Impact — A quick catching fire begins near the Jail, burning through quite a bit of Low-Town near the area. This is a suspected arson attack, and investigation of this could lead to some interesting information (PM Khymarah if you pursue this)
100th The Crown’s Faith Non-Moderated Open — A newly created festival to honour the successful seasons of Cassandar and Emmerson’s marriage. Lanterns light up the evening, and people engage in deep mass prayer to the Seven lead by the monks of the city.
110th-120th The Travelling Dragon Moderated Exposition Post Open Impact — The fun of the fair! The circus has arrived back in Rynmere. Starting their tour of the island in Andaris they’ve set up their booths on the outskirts of the city to attract Nobility and Common folk alike with a variety of food stalls, exotic goods, an ale tent and entertainment booths. The glorious event opened on the 110th Ashan and will close on the 120th ready to move onto Venora and work their way through all seven duchies. So come one, come all, while the fair is still around! Anyone entering the fairground must walk under the banner proudly proclaiming: The Travelling Dragon by Medel and Co.

Color: Pyre Light Red

Image The color for this Ashan is Pyre Light Red or a variation of it. Inspired by the burning of the mages, it’s unclear if this is a protest or a show of support but red and orange is rampant this season in the clothing and accessories of the people.

Women's Fashion

Image Hair chains. The more intricate the better, representing the many chains that hold the mages during the burning.

Men's Fashion

Image Elegantly carved walking canes. Inspired by Oliver Venora’s recent addition.


Image Fancy snuff boxes on delicate chains or necklaces.


ImageIridescent fabric, intertwined with metallic threads so that it shimmers like the fires of the mage burnings. Silk, chiffon, satin, brocade...the make doesn’t matter as long as it shines.
kingdom overview

Population Growth

Total population is slowly growing. A season of rebuilding has led to increased birth rate. Population raises from 19.4 million to 20.6 million.


Slaves: The supply of slaves is still steady, with no real increase needed or desired.

Leather: Leather importing remains normal.

Sugar: Sugar prices rise again slightly.

Stone: Stone prices are steady, returning to a reasonable price.

Metal: Stable.

Livestock: Massive inflation here. The hunting seasons of Vhalar and Zi’da have seen an over-hunting of natural game, leading to heavy reliance on domesticated livestock. Prices in Rynmere have tripled for purchasing bovines, swine, and fowl, especially given the harsh weather Cylus brought. Whilst the weather is better, the situation doesn’t immediately ease in Ashan.

Rumours that some of the poorer citizens are eating horse and rat are confirmed. Riots continue to be experienced in the markets over the bloom infected fish.


Each duchy’s exports are moving, but Krome is suffering from a lack of game meat. Andaris’ war on mages has also decreased the number of intellectual and political works coming to and from Andaris, meaning that places like Nekhet and the Eternal Empire aren’t importing and exporting political texts.

Kingdom Impact

The impact for the citizens of Rynmere is as follows:

Rynmere is having a hard cold cycle, the hardest in many arcs. Drastically less game means a heavier reliance on produce, and the growing population has put a strain on that harvested bounty, which was good, but not good enough.

The general atmosphere of Rynmere is changing, with the war on mages and the Citizens’ Alliance (RCA) gaining prevalence as well as increased bandit raids along trade routes by VII. Because of this, many citizens of Rynmere, poor and wealthy alike, are gravitating more towards intellectual pursuits instead of manual labour. This has caused some scarcity in certain professions, and the economic result is a Rynmere whose currency is inflating and whose economy is not rising to meet it.

If this economic trend continues, the divide between those who have and those who wish to have will only increase.
kingdom state of affairs

House Warrick

Wealth: Balanced - House Warrick supplied most of Rynmere's harvest, and while this year was not a surplus crop, they still made a profit.
Military Might: Very well armed - House Warrick has the largest population of Skyriders in Rynmere, and a well-trained, well-fed populous. Due to their high population, they have a high amount of deployable manpower.
Allies: Venora (Excellent), Andaris (Positive), Gawyne (Positive)
Neutral: Burhan, Endor, Krome
Enemies: VII (Abysmal), Coven (Abysmal)


Wealth: Excellent. House Venora continues to be one of the largest exporters of luxury goods in Idalos, selling wine, art, poetry, fineries and clothing across the world through the Cyrene Bay. They have a surplus of food due to the large farming presence across the Dutchy, allowing them to export their extras to Andaris. They are also the largest supplier of floral arrangement across Rynmere, particularly in Saun.
Military Might: More than capable. House Venora is one of the main bastions of the Moseke Knights, and possesses sizeable population to draw from.
Allies: Andaris (Excellent), Warrick (Very Positive), Gawyne (Positive), Krome (Positive)
Neutral: Endor, Burhan
Enemies: VII, Coven (Abysmal)


Wealth: Wealthy - House Endor manages trade and business throughout all of Rynmere, and they take tariffs and commission within their deals. Mining activities have recently been impacted by mysterious worker deaths. No impact to wealth as of yet.
Military Might: Average - Endor’s biggest weakness is it’s lack of manpower. Nevertheless, House Endor is one of the larger benefactors of the Skyriders.
Allies: Gawyne (Excellent), Krome (Excellent)
Neutral: Venora, Andaris, Warrick
Enemies: Burhan (Negative), Coven (Abysmal)


Wealth: Declining - It was a particularly wet year in Gawyne, making already few harvests poorer which in turn led to a much larger percentage of food imported from Warrick in the arc of 717. With all of Rynmere recovering from the civil uprising, the interest in academics was much less of an emphasis for the Kingdom, and the outlawing of magic by the King that led to a cleansing of Rynmere University does not bode well for intellectual profitability for the coming new arc. That said, many rebuilding projects across the Kingdom have kept Gawyne's quarries, the heart of its economy, as busy as ever and so the Duchy has simply recognized where its profitability can be found for the time being.
Military Might: Stable - After the civil unrest, which much of Gawyne didn't participate in anyway, the isolated Duchy quite loyalist as a whole, much of the hardy northern people found a new reason to focus on martial training and the Hearth Guard, Gawyne's own militia, has found a surge in numbers this arc. While the Duchy has continued to provide loyal and skilled U'Frek's Sailors as well as offer the Kingdom's most exceptional rugged training to all its military, the firmer establishment of an internal force is seen as a bold move.
Allies: Endor (Excellent), Venora (Very Positive), Burhan (Very Positive)
Neutral: Andaris, Krome, Warrick
Enemies: The VII, Coven (Abysmal)


Wealth: Poor but Improving - After the failed rebellion against the Crown, Krome lost a great deal of financial resources, including food imports from Warrick. Now supplied food by Venora at a higher marked price, while also taking loans from said Duchy. Recent marriage relations between Krome and Endor are seeing some funding support being provided to Krome to pay off its debts to Venora.
Military Might: Well-armed - Krome has a large force of Moseke Knights and a militaristic, trained population. While their population is moderately low, Krome’s populace is much more militaristic than the other Duchies, and your average adult citizen can typically fight to some degree. They also house the fearsome Riders of Krome.
Allies: Andaris (Excellent), Venora (Positive), Burhan (Positive), Endor (Excellent)
Neutral: Gawyne, Endor
Enemies: Warrick (Negative), Coven (Abysmal)


Wealth: Very wealthy - Andaris, wielding both half of Cyrene Bay and the capital city, is a wealthy duchy and the center of much of Rynmere’s financial industry. The land manufactures the most goods out of all of the other regions, and wields the majority of Cyrene Bay’s trade power, exporting many goods outward. Celeste Andaris has also brokered a trade agreement with Tristan Venora (Oakleigh) and Andraska Venora to export to their Baronies/Dutchy paper, books, medicine and luxury goods.
Military Might: Well-armed - Andaris has a high population and a focus of Moseke Knights. While their population might not be the best suited for combat, the sheer size of their army makes them among the greatest military powers in Rynmere.
Allies: Krome (Excellent), Venora (Positive), Warrick (Positive)
Neutral: Gawyne, Endor
Enemies: Burhan (Negative), Coven (Abysmal)


Wealth: Surplus - House Burhan, continues to maintain their financial status from 716. They are renowned for trading and privateering for the Kingdom, and bring back many spoils from the surrounding regions.
Military Might: Poor but Improving - After Veljorn claimed such a large portion of Burhan’s military for the Qe’dreki, the House’s military was cleaved in half, with many more members loyal to the Crown fracturing off and either retiring from the military or relocating to other Duchies, however they are slowly improving.
Allies: Gawyne (Excellent), Krome (Positive), Venora (Positive)
Neutral: Endor
Enemies: Andaris (Negative), Warrick (Negative), Coven (Abysmal)
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