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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Potions and Tonics

Potions and Tonics

Luther Verran had travelled the world selling his medicines, potions, and tonics before setting up a permanent shop in Andaris City, a place he fell in love with over a decade ago, and hasn't left since. The shop is small with high set, narrow windows and dusty curtains. He keeps his bottled goods in the dark out back though regular customers usually know what they are looking for; his special elixirs, made with care, time, and a long history of experience.

Of course, not everyone in Rynmere is quite as devoted or trusting of Luther's concoctions as his small group of hardcore followers, but business has been good in the last few arcs, and Luther is looking to train up an apprentice to help run his store or manage a second location in one of the busier regions like Warrick or Endor. Applicants should be familiar with local herbs, tradition medical recipes, and have some idea about running a business. Luther has high standards and his customers even more so.

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