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The Forsaken Mites

The Mites are a small tribe of Tunawa led by a 'King' named Cazuth. They originate from Desnind, having resided there for many arcs, Cazuth and his four brides, who birthed several hundred sprouts for him in their time, all but one of these sprouts being female. While living in Desnind, they were falsely rumored to be in league with the Lisirran cult. The one that resides in hiding somewhere in Desnind territory, with ties to Rhakros. They were thus expelled from the vicinity of the Ojogbon tree and had to face exile or punishment by the Desnind authorities.

From there, they made their exile sailing for the shores of the Western Continent, and eventually ending in the Plaguelands of Rhakros. Unfortunately for Cazuth and his kin, Lisirra held no such illusions to his devotion to her cause. She knew him to be a long-time servant of the Arachnid Queen, Sintra, providing little hatchlings for her cause. They were horribly persecuted and hunted for arcs while living in Rhakros, and for a time. Many of his children and one of his wives, Cavmiusa were captured, subjected to all manner of experiments in an attempt to twist the tunawa to Lisirra's designs. Some of them were even converted to Yithnai, much to Lisirra's delight.

They suffered these injuries for decades, until Ymiden of 719, when Sintra came to Etzos and subsequently marched south to Rhakros. There, while on the way to the city of Lisirra, Sintra's agents came upon Cazuth and his dwindling kin, who related his tale and bemoaned his fate, asking the agent if Sintra had forsaken his years of service and sacrifice. The agent, seeing an opportunity to turn these tribal tunawa into loyal agents of the Webspinners, informed Lady Sintra. Lady Sintra, ostensibly moved by Cazuth's plight, offered him a place, and even promised a way for him to recuperate the losses of his kin. She offered the opportunity to grow his own Ojogbon tree in the forests of Etzos, if he would only uncover the secrets of the wilderness in the Forbidden Spit.

Cazuth agreed, and so was given safe passage back to Etzos by several of Sintra's trusted agents. There, in the eastern wilderness of Etzos, they were given a base of operations. At the very least they were given a temporary home on the very edge of the wilderness, a plot of land selected by Cazuth for where the Ojogbon should be planted, should Lady Sintra make good on her promise.

Here, Cazuth, his wives, and three score of his remaining children (Not including his son), reside doing Sintra's bidding, and slowly collecting geographical information and intelligence for the Webspinners.

The Mite King, Cazuth


Name: Cazuth
Mark: Adored of Lethroda
Race: Male Tunawa
DoB: 648 34th of Ymiden

Skills: - Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Master; Stealth: Master; Leadership: Master; Poisons: Expert; Detection: Expert; Tactics: Expert; Trap-making: Expert; Mount (Arachnid): Expert.

Description & Personality: Cazuth is a cold and pragmatic tunawa, who nevertheleess enjoys the company of his beautiful wives. Although he'll think little of sending any of his children or even sometimes his wives on expeditions into the wilderness or cities of Idalos, he is capable of incredible fits of rage when even one of his children should suffer injury or casualty. He is devoted to Sintra only as a matter of pragmatism, and not true unconditional devotion. He sees himself as a monarch in his own right, and will not abide being treated as yet another servant. He will see her fulfill her promises to his people, and will honor his end of the bargain in turn.

History: Cazuth wasn't born in an arachnid's den, as some of his children had told as bedtime stories to each other. He was an ordinary, yet ambitious and driven sprout, born under the darkness of night as all male tunawa are. Yet before long, he caught the attention of the Queen of Arachnids, through his adeptness at the art of trapping his foes and subtly manipulating situations to his advantage. She allowed that he could earn her favor, if only he delivered a phial of Ojogbon sap for her. He did this, and was swiftly blessed by the Mistress of Manipulation.

His accumulation of wives and children began soon after the theft of the sap. His courtships were partly driven by the fear that Sintra might have designs upon the Ojogbon, and thus compelled his urgency to spread his seed as it were. Before three decades had passed, he'd already accumulated a couple hundred children, and four wives. Thus bolstered, he slowed the expansion of his little kinship, and focused on strengthening his bond with each of his children.

This didn't escape the notice of Sintra. She saw an opportunity to further her influence, to gain hundreds of followers by the ministrations of Cazuth. She appeared to Cazuth a second time, and offered him the power granted by her adoration, as well as a small colony of spiders that would forevermore protect and serve his family. Thus intrigued, he agreed to another service in her name. This time, however, the ask was far more personal. She asked for the legs of his first and only son, Bracken. Bracken was an accomplished rider of beasts, a hunter and an acrobat. He cherished his mobility. Cazuth was horrified that Sintra would make such a request. Yet the promise of more power and security for his growing clan proved too much not to indulge.

He found his son in the night, and pruned his legs with an oshgon blade. Sintra appeared on the spot, lest Cazuth change his mind, and took the legs, also deigning to show mercy on his son, thus sealing his wound with a droplet of magical spider venom. From then on, his son, Bracken was half a tunawa, but they set him up with his very own spider mount and special riding equipment, so that he might be able to move yet.

Even so, Bracken never forgave his father's betrayal, and has sought to undermine him, with dreams of usurping his position in the clan.

It was shortly after this that Cazuth was found to be lacking in moral and verity of accord with Moseke and the spirits of the forest. Thus he was expelled, and forced to flee with his clan and his spiders to the very shores of the Southern Continent. There, they found a seaworthy boat that might transport them to the Western Continent. The rest of Cazuth's history is wrapped up in the story of the clan itself.

More information pending on Cazuth's Wives, children and his Bracken...

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Re: Players' Development Forum

Southwood Alligator
"South-Tooth" / "Gator Tooth"


The Southwood Alligator lives along the Southwood River and the waterways that branch off from the river and in marshlands/swamps. They live on mostly land animals who come to the shores to drink water, but are opportunistic feeders that prefer fresh raw meat. They can crack bones with their teeth and jaw, swallowing entire animals whole. A full-grown adult Southwood Alligator can weigh anywhere from 500lb to 999lbs, and be 8ft to 14ft in length. They reproduce fast and frequently, usually anywhere from 80-100 hatchlings every cycle but out of that, only around 10 survive into the next arc. Of those who survive, they go from tiny babies to full-grown adults within an arc.

They are known as dangerous predators to the people of Etzos, but outside of Etzos, the Southwood Alligator is also known for having teeth which when ground up into a powder can be peddled as an aphrodisiac enhancement for stamina, endurance, and strength... with varying results. When combined with powder made from Southwood Alligator scales, mixed with Southwood River algae and then dried out for a few trials, this makes an actual stimulant drug known as "Southwood Gator Tooth" or for the sake of time, "South-tooth" (or "Gator Tooth"). It can be ingested in a myriad of ways, often smoked or dissolved and then injected into a vein.

South-tooth is considered both a medical and a recreational drug. The difference is in the dosage. South-tooth can cause any of the following effects (depending on the individual, the quality of the drug, and how much they've taken within the same trial): Hyper-alertness, euphoria, intense confidence, insomnia, boundless energy, heightened tolerance to pain, paranoia, loss of appetite, constant thirst, depression, mania, and various other stimulant effects.
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Re: Players' Development Forum

Milaq the Shanker
Full disclosure, I do plan on killing Milaq by the time I've finished my placeholders. But, you know, if you use an NPC repeatedly and they don't have a write-up...


Milaq the Shanker

37y/o, human, male
Immortal marks: none

Relevant skills:
Expert: Blades, Detection, Intelligence, Investigation
Competent: Unarmed Combat, Endurance, Strength, Tactics, Stealth, Deception
Novice: Larceny, Discipline, Leadership

A thug for hire with a twisted personality. Milaq is notoriously hard to work with, often refusing orders, and doing things his own way. He generally doesn’t like to work alongside others as they ‘get in his way’ and overcomplicate things. Even if he would be in charge himself, he’d rather work alone as he doesn’t trust others to follow his directions adequately. It is said there are only three things Milaq truly loves: his nana, his blade, and stabbing people in the back. Unsurprisingly, he is not very well liked.

Milaq has a short temper and a lust for violence, his mind jumping to thoughts of vengeance for every perceived slight. He carries his grudges for a long, long time, and it is not uncommon for people to mysteriously disappear several cycles after having wronged Milaq in some way. Despite a general lack of patience, Milaq tends to extract his vengeance when his targets experience peak happiness or satisfaction with their life or situation, so they’ll fall all the deeper into despair when he stabs them in the kidneys.


Having been abandoned on the streets, Milaq needed to fend for himself from an early age. As a street urchin, the only person he could trust was himself, everyone else was out to get him. He fought for sleeping spots, food, tattered blankets, and copper nels, every single day a struggle. Though he was almost feral, he only truly cracked after killing an old beggar with a shard of glass. From then on he grew bolder and more violent, which often backfired, leaving him battered and beaten in a dark corner of the Oh’Pee.

After one such beating when he was ten years old, an elderly widow passing by took pity on him and plucked him off the street. She bathed him, clothed him, fed him, treated him well, and over time managed to instill civilized human behavior into him. Under her care his life regained a semblance of normalcy, though Milaq never could quiet the urge for violence. But he suppressed it as much he could, for he wanted to make the old widow proud, and he got hit with a belt if he was caught misbehaving. Though she was very strict, she fawned over him and tried her damnedest to bring him happiness, so Milaq called her Nana and loved her very much.

Grateful for taking him in and showering him with affection, Milaq adored his nana and did whatever he could to pay her back in kind. He beat up everyone who dared badmouth her, threatened to maim a street vendor who sold her apples that were black on the inside, and killed a burglar who broke into her house. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for her. So, as she advanced in age and her body and mind began to severely deteriorate, Milaq sat her down in her rocking chair, brewed her a cup of tea, told her he loved her, and recited the story she used to read him before bed when he was younger. Then, when she fell asleep, he kissed her gently on the forehead and killed her with a kitchen knife.

Wanting to honor her wishes and make her proud, he tried to get an honest job, but found himself ill-suited for it. With his nana no longer around to keep him in line, the parts of himself he’d suppressed for years came back to the fore. He retreated to the Underground where he found himself fitting in far better than among the civilized folk above. He needn’t wear a mask here and was far happier, which ultimately was what his nana would have wanted, so he did not once look back.

Kellan and Grant Zefihr


Kellan & Grant Zefihr

32y/o, human, male
Immortal marks: none

Relevant skills:
Expert: Detection, Stealth, Athletics
Competent: Navigation, Unarmed Combat, Blades, Endurance, Strength, Socialization, Intimidation, Larceny
Novice: Calligraphy & Storytelling (Kellan), Research & Science – Chemistry (Grant)

A pair of brothers with dark hair, brown eyes and an lean build. Having operated most of their adult life as small-time crooks within the Oh’Pee, they were recently scouted by Barash One-arm and his Clan. They are greatly in tune with each other, to the point that they can anticipate each other’s actions and thoughts, and communicate non-verbally using only subtle changes in expression and meaningful glances. Many people find it unnerving, which suits them just fine. They always have each other’s back, their loyalty for each other overriding any other promises or oaths they may swear. Separating only rarely, when you see one you can be certain the other is lurking somewhere nearby.


Often mistaken for ‘normal’ siblings, Kellan and Grant are actually non-identical twins, a fact they take great pride in. They were born 30 minutes apart with Kellan being the older brother, which he used to lord over Grant any chance he got. However, as they entered puberty, Grant gained a few extra centimeters of height on Kellan. Now proclaiming Kellan as ‘the little brother’ he retaliated relentlessly, much to Kellan’s chagrin.

Building maturity by the time they entered their twenties, both of them mellowed out significantly. The frequency with which they tease each other has decreased and with it they developed a tolerance for when it does occur. Nowadays, when either hurls a childish insult the other’s way it’s mostly in good fun, and they both have a good laugh at their younger selves’ expense.

Both brothers are fairly easy-going and love to bicker. They’ve got a sense of humor most would describe as immature or plain weird, their repertoire consisting mostly of inside jokes only they find funny. They’ve got a bit of a sassy streak and often speak their mind, regardless of who they’re talking to. While they’ve found some people appreciate their candor, it’s gotten them into trouble far more.


Having grown up in the Etzori Orphanage, Kellan and Grant stuck mostly together. Their interests in more intellectual pursuits set them apart from their peers, and not in a good way. Kellan had a fondness for stories and hoped to one day become a writer. Grant displayed a curiosity for the sciences. However, neither the basic education at the orphanage nor the orphanage’s funds would suffice to get them admitted to the university, and they were encouraged to pursue a more standard apprenticeship instead. They refused, and when reaching the age of sixteen, they found themselves on the streets without home or means of income. So they reluctantly turned to theft and mugging instead, eventually gaining a measure of notoriety which got them hired by shady figures for one-time jobs. A large part of the money they earn they donate to the orphanage in hopes it’d help children with expensive interests follow their dreams and not land on the same path they did.

The Clan

The Clan, led by Barash One-Arm, is a very territorial, medium sized gang in the South of the Oh’Pee. Once kept under the strong thumb of the pervious Lord of the South, Bangun Vorund, they paid levies to operate within his purview, as did many others. When word got out Vorund died and his gang crumbled, the Clan and their rivals rushed to grow and claim as much territory as they could to fill the power vacuum he left behind. Though the Clan isn’t the largest gang of the South and doesn’t control the most area, they are fierce and dangerous enough for the rival gangs to not disregard them. With the Clan having effectively claimed a sizeable portion of Vorund’s former turf, managing to hold on to it with great success, and vying to bring the many smaller gangs to heel, they are actually one of the current power players. As such, Barash and five rival gang Southern leaders have proclaimed themselves as the ‘New Lords of the South’. Though they differ greatly in personality and modus operandi, they all have one goal in common; to become the undisputed – and singular—New Lord of the South.

The Clan operates from a small office building where merchants and others in need can pay for mercenary services. Though they are low-lives from the gutter, the Clansmen’s prowess is not to be underestimated. They are drilled by Barash himself, and are more than worth their price, as many a bandit on the road will think twice about attacking a traveler protected by people bearing the insignia of the Clan.

Barash One-Arm

Barash One-arm

46 y/o, human, male
Immortal marks: none

Relevant Skills:
Master: Business Management, Logistics, Strength
Expert: Bludgeons (Warhammer), Detection, Intimidation, Unarmed Combat, Endurance
Competent: Politics, Tactics, Socialization, Leadership, Discipline

Soldier turned mercenary, turned bandit, and the founder and current leader of the Clan. Barash One-arm is easily recognized by the lack of his right arm, which he lost during his days in the army. Barash is muscular and dark-skinned, though he looks taller from a distance. He’s not one to dress in fine fabrics with fancy brocades, preferring simple wool and cotton. Likewise, he wears no jewelry, keeps his hair cropped close to his head, and his beard neatly trimmed to stubble. Barash is fiercely competitive and has a reputation for being overly territorial, seeing just about any intrusion on his domain as attacks to be smothered.

During the early days of the Clan’s existence, he inadvertently saved Joe Gaenell’s daughter from harassment by a group of belligerent drunks, and gained Gaenell’s gratitude, respect and friendship. Forging an alliance, Gaenell helped the Clan to grow into what it is today, and both leaders still regularly meet up for drinks and a friendly game of cards.

Despite having lost his good right arm, Barash remains a fearsome opponent. Frustrated with his sudden helplessness, he trained his left until he could use it comfortably. Not just for everyday tasks, but also to once again be capable of holding his own in combat. Though his proficiency in battle isn’t quite as high as it used to be, Barash makes up for it with sheer tenacity and a strong sense of pride that refuses to accept defeat.

Gaenell Gang
Not too keen on the name, though it flows nicely. If you have something else in mind that might fit, feel free to rebrand them!
One of the biggest gangs of the moment, controlling a large swath of territory in the North Eastern Oh’Pee. They are fairly old as well, dating back at least fifteen years. Under the leadership of Joe Gaenell, the gang enjoyed a steady growth of wealth and power, until the Prince of Eternal Mercies subjugated the entire North side. However, after his disappearance and supposed demise, the Gaenell Gang is back in a position of power in the North alongside a select few rival gangs. Due to Lisirra’s plague culling many members, any plans for expansion are put on hold as there isn’t quite enough manpower to police as large an area as before. The same can be said for the other gangs though, and so an uneasy equilibrium is being maintained… for now.

Located in the crafting zone, the Gaenell Gang runs a simple restaurant called “Joe’s”. Joe Gaenell himself started the business and served as the chef for many years, though in recent years he’s taken a step back to focus more on the logistics of both the restaurant and his criminal empire instead. Every so often he visits the kitchen to supervise the cooks, usurping the head chef’s position and giving orders without a second thought. Even during hectic shifts this meddling is not appreciated by the kitchen team, but no-one has the guts to tell Joe.

Though the restaurant itself makes a fair amount of money, most of the Gaenell Gang’s revenue comes from a protection racket encompassing most of the North Eastern Crafting Zone.

Joe Gaenell

Joe Gaenell

55 y/o, human, male
Immortal marks: none

Relevant Skills:
Master: Business Management, Logistics, Politics, Leadership, Cooking
Expert: Detection, Discipline, Intelligence, Socialization
Competent: Blades (Cane-sword), Unarmed Combat, Strength, Endurance

Joe Gaenell is not an imposing man. Though he is tall, he isn’t broad. Calling him lanky would be an overstatement, but he does lean towards that sort of build. Age has crooked his back, greyed his hair, and wrinkled his face, but it hasn’t addled his mind in any sense. His left leg has a limp, causing him to need a cane to walk for more than a couple feet at a time.

As he isn’t much of a fighter, Joe Gaenell has grown his influence not through violence but through his easy charisma and political finagling with his rivals. Forging alliances and trading favors, he steadily built his empire from the ground up. Interacting with others as the leader of the Gaenell Gang, Joe Gaenell is professional, strict, cordial and to the point. Any orders he gives are clear and expected to be followed to the letter. Though he is not fond of politics, he plays the game well and is tough as iron during negotiations.

Otherwise, Gaenell is a laid-back with an easy smile. He believes in following correct etiquette at all times, in treating others with respect, and keeping promises made, be they small or large. He has no patience or kindness for those who go back on their word or weasel their way out of a deal, viewing them with absolute contempt. It is no surprise then that two of the hard rules of the Gaenell Gang are to never make promises you can’t keep, and to never break a promise made. Those who break the first rule often break the second, which gets the offender promptly kicked out of the gang if they’re lucky, which is to say, if someone other than Gaenell himself decides on the punishment.


  • Joe Gaenell is called ‘Chef’ by his subordinates
  • An unofficial rule of the Gaenell Gang is to respect food, as Joe himself despises wasting it.
  • Supposedly, a previous head chef lost his pinkie fingers after telling Joe he ran the kitchens, and that Joe should stay out.
  • In the early days of the restaurant, Joe would feed the leftovers from his restaurant to the nearby beggars. Now he has his subordinates do it. This has earned the goodwill, if not outright loyalty of the beggars, who are often called upon to serve as informants for the Gaenell Gang.
  • The Gaenell Gang has an alliance with the Clan
  • Joe Gaenell’s left knee is stiff with arthritis, causing his limp and need for a cane. According to Joe himself, if the joint aches more than usual, there's trouble brewing.
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