• Location • [Gunvorton] The Docks and Harbormaster

Gunvorton used to be a rather nondescript and unimportant area in Scalvoris. However, it's logistical importance and tactical use became more and more evident following the shadow beast attacks of Vhalar 716 and, since then, Gunvorton has become much more influential and important to the residents of Scalvoris. It has several docks and piers, a few warehouses, two barracks and a stable. It is used primarily as a landing point for supplies which are then brought overland to the Tower and Scalvoris Proper via one of two roads found on the Island.

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[Gunvorton] The Docks and Harbormaster

The Docks
The docks in Gunvorton are busy and getting busier. Vessels cine in and go out, inventories are checked and double checked. Everything is bustling and above board. Gunvorton is becoming, or maybe has become, a vital area of trade for Scalvoris and at any time of the trial, light or dark, there are dock workers, fishermen and a fair number of security to be seen. They don't rely on the Elements here, preferring to fund private guards who are better skills and better equipped. It makes sense, Shania says.

There are inevitably a number of vessels here, even in the coldest trials of the arc. This is helped by the fact that the volcano runs underneath here, it seems, and the waters are warmer here than in the treacherous Treid's Teeth. There is money to be made here, there is no doubt. Raven is always looking for workers with a strong back and an ability to keep their mouth shut. It isn't that there are nefarious trade dealings going on here, it's that everything is considered to be private. In a hostile market, a little bit of information goes a long, long way.

Are there nefarious dealings here? Maybe. Perhaps even possibly. But from the harbormaster's office, Raven looks down on the place and he seems to be utterly determined to run the place according to the law.


These NPCs are free to use in a general sense. Please check with a Scalv prophet before using one in a more detailed manner than just in passing.
Raven Fleetfoot.
Race: Human
Age: Born Cylus 5th 693
Role: Harbormaster
Skills: Socialization (Expert), Discipline (Expert), Detection (Master), Logistics (Expert), Business Management (Expert) and others, as yet unrevealed.
Appearance: Tall, dark, brooding and rather cruel of feature.
Personality. Raven is all business, all the time. He is a shrewd business man who is out for the love of money and nothing else, or so it seems. He is always polite, albeit cool, and he is deferential to Shania and anyone who works with her. He runs the docks and harbour like a well-oiled machine and nothing goes on here without him knowing about it. He doesn't play favourites, he doesn't make special deals. He simply drives a hard bargain and gets on with his job.
Pet Fleetfoot
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Role: Raven's "daughter"
Skills: Detection (Expert), Larceny (Expert), Medicine (Expert), Endurance (Competent), Strength (Competent) and others, as yet unrevealed.
Appearance: Small, slight, very thin and nervous looking.
Personality: There is no slavery in Gunvorton, everyone knows that. And yet, if Pet is not Raven's slave then his parenting leaves a lot to be desired. The young girl is always at the docks, running around and keeping the place tidy and the people happy. She ducks under the many apparently casual blows which Raven aims at her and she wears ragged clothing compared to his well dressed manner of being. But, ask anyone and they'll tell you. She's his daughter.


General items from the pricelist are available here.
Residents of Gunvorton get 10% off the pricelist here.
Non-residents, add 10% on.

Illegal goods might conceivably be available here - please pm a Scalvoris prophet before posting.


There are jobs here, or you could set up a business - but you must be a resident! In order to become a resident, you must have an interview with Shania and she is very, very picky. Give it a go - you never know!!

Player Notes

 ! Message from: Pegasus
Anyone is more than welcome to visit the Docks
Please assume that reasonable items from the price list are available. Unusual / rare / illegal - speak to a mod first.
There are many secrets to be discovered here!


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