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As hostile races, monsters, villains and/or escaped or rebellious slaves gain notoriety, and accumulate moral debts to the worthy citizens of Athart, Those in positions to do so will grant license to administer justice upon them for pay. The degree and nature of the allowable justice will be posted here, along with the identities of the guilty, and the identity of the highly-placed citizen or office advocating the contract. This is the person or office one should seek out to obtain a signed contract permit, allowing one to capitalize on the offer.

All citizens, visitors, and possibly even slaves, are advised to check back here from time to time for information on those tasks that would gain the appreciation of city leaders.

Arakiza Airefall
Three Avriel were found dead outside the city walls, mutilated and with their wings shredded. Suspect is a male Avriel called Arakiza, a grounded criminal recently escaped from slave preparation after extreme crimes against the city of Athart. Considered highly dangerous and extremely volatile, Arakiza was known for his cunning and weapon experience. Extreme caution advised to those that matter.
Reward: 100gn alive or dead
Difficulty: Medium to Hard
word count: 203

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