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Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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The Auction House

The Auction House
Whilst Viden is considered to be one of the bastion cities of enlightenment and civilisation, there are many things that happen in the city because they must, or because people refuse to let go of tradition. As such, some of the more questionable actions and displays can be found operating in the open and done so without worry of persecution. Many of these activities have been prohibited for a period of time, but the Directorate was not able to quell the institution slavery for long. As with all such practises, there seems to be little logic behind the rules of the enslaved. However all slave owners are required to keep their slaves in good condition and protect them from the harsh climate and/or starvation, or face a hefty fine. While the Directorate cannot stop slave fights or corporal punishment, they will protect lives where possible. The city does a little to pretend the institution does not exist, though, as the only thing in the city which is auctioned is slaves, they hide behind a euphemistic name for the building.

While pretty much any race of slave may be had; for the right price of course. Eídisi and Ellune are the only races which are not to be enslaved, as following a proclamation by Yvithia herself: anyone bringing a slave of these races into the city forfeits the slave instantly and said slave is offered refuge, protection and paid work, depending on skills. Those with citizenship or studentship papers are also unable to be enslaved. As a general rule, however, those in the city are pretty safe from sudden enslavement; trade merchants supply the city generously, in exchange for any of Viden's many exports.

The slave market varies in popularity: new students or young professionals are often keep to purchase a pleasure slave the moment they think they can afford it. Wealthy families, too, will return to to purchase depending on their various needs. Finally, the drudge work is a role reserved solely for slaves, and has a high turnover rate. Owned and operated by the Merchants' Guild, the market is used by slavers to peddle their goods to the populace. A massive, straw-covered circular building has been constructed to house up to thirty slaves at a time. Cold, iron poles rise up from the ground and shackles of all shapes and sizes, to hold both ankles and wrists, hang from them, ready for a slave to be placed for auction. In a room just off from the side, there are a number of iron cages, for excess slaves to be housed until they, too, can be sold.

A large stage has been set up in the center of the pavilion where choice product is put on display for all to see. Sometimes their are auctions while other times would-be owners can negotiate over the details of a particular sale. While humans are the most common slaves sold, there are without a doubt others to be had. The pick-of-the-litter as it were is advertised from the stage with posters put up all over the plaza detailing the pros and cons of particular specimens. Unless noted otherwise, most slaves are in need of discipline training. This may be included for a higher price however.


Unskilled Male: (Novice skills) 200gn
Unskilled Female: (Novice skills) 250gn
Skilled Male: (2 or more Competent skills) 300gn
Skilled Female: (2 or more Competent skills) 350gn
Accomplished Male:(1 Competent, 1 Expert) 500gn
Accomplished Female: (1 Competent, 1 Expert) 600gn
Outstanding Male: (1 Expert, 1 Mastery (+85xp)) 800gn
Outstanding Female: (1 Expert, 1 Mastery (+85xp)) 900gn
Prophet's Note: This location requires no permission from a local prophet to self-moderate, unless purchasing a slave. Please refer to the Slavery Guide before approaching a Prophet.
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