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[Viden] Cycle Events

What Went On
(30 days)

  • 1st - The beginning of the Rebirth Cycle is met with much celebration.
    4th - The clean up continues after a period of recovery, especially for the students of the Academy.
    9th - A number of students are dismissed from the Academy following tribunals after word of their behaviour reaches the university
    17th - The first hunt since the storms of the previous Cycle are brought into the city. Mean is sold at an extortionate price as people fight to acquire enough to feed their families.
    21st - Surprisingly, Cylus seems much warmer to most than Zi'da. Most put it down to the lack of storms and winds, though the temperature never rises above -20.
    23rd - A man is found dead in the city. A post mortem examination shows his blood alcohol level to be at unacceptable levels. All sales of alcohol are banned for ten days.
    27th - The troupe of minstrels remain in the city, pleased at the good business they seem to be acquiring as they raise the spirits of all the locals.
    30th - The end of the season of Cylus.
(123 days)

  • 1st - The beginning of Ashan.
    6th - The first trade of the new year arrives in the city, carrying non-perishables and the much-needed salt to grit the roads of the city.
    17th - A moderate amount of snowfall falls, though it lasts, which leads to people to stocking up on food once again, fearful of another storm.
    41st - Most land hunting halts until the end of the season, to allow the herds to replenish their numbers with the birth of foals. Attention turns to fishing.
    58th - The warmest day of the year sees temperatures rise about zero at the peak of the day, though it plummets soon after and will remain there until a steady rise ten days later.
    62nd - More trade is brought into the city and prices return to normal.
    74th - Smoke is seen rising from the Prime Atheneum and the entirety of the city guard are sent to put out the potential fire, though rumours are quelled around the city.
    76th - Quiet investigations continue around the city to discover the cause of a fire that no one knows for sure happened.
    80th - Yay! More snow!
    82nd - The troupe of minstrels leave with one of the trade wagons, much to the dismay of the majority of the city.
    97th - Another body of a young man is found, under a snowdrift. It is assumed to be the body of a visitor, dead at least a season past.
    110th - Catches of fish increase and sailors report unusually high amounts of fish: it is suspected that a group of Mer are close to the Bay of Synnefa.
    123rd - The end of the Rebirth Cycle heralds warmer weather for the long-suffering Videnese citizens.
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