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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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The local Blacksmith used to take care of all horse shoeing in Rynmere before the population boom. The high military presence now sees more horses than ever housed in and around the Capital, so a young apprentice by the name of Ray Blackthorn decided to start his own business, specialising as a Farrier. Business is better than ever and he is now looking to take on two or three apprentices to learn his craft and help keep up with the high demand and expand his business, going as far as to travel for work in neighbouring regions.

Farrier NPC List

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Ray Blackthorn

Race: Human
Age: 34 arcs
Title: Blacksmith & Head Farrier
Skills: Blacksmithing: 55, Endurance: 40, Animal Husbandry: 45, Mount, Horse: 30, Mathematics: 35

A specialist in equine hoof care, Ray Blackthorn has worked as a Farrier for the past eight arcs. He has skills in Blacksmithing and Animal Husbandry, and is firm but fair in his approach to working with animals and people. Ray is currently looking for young, aspiring blacksmiths to help him expand his business in Andaris and the six other regions of Rynmere.
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