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A cold spa, bar, and lodge maintained by immigrant Ellune.

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A project 20 years in the making, Oscillette – as the venue is popularly known in Ne'haer – is the life's work of Baelam Sheulai qalar-Treid, an immigrant Ellune and citizen of Ne'haer. As the story goes, Baelam's quest find a means to save Treid led him to the corners of the world. Having sailed all the frozen seas of Idalos without an answer, he dared the warm waters of Central Idalos at the risk of his life. As his Ellune brethren fell beside him, he called for a settlement to be made to offer refuge to Ellune from the raging heat of these lands so far from home. Making landfall in Ne'haer, Baelam erected a palace of ice, becoming its lord, and offering refuge to any Ellune who sought relief in their life-born quest.

Of course, Baelam would tell a more modest and accurate story. Though Baelam did sail in his own quest for help to save Treid, his stop in Ne'haer was not expected to be something of permanence. Noticing the dangers of the world outside of Oscillus, he worked to creating a small home-away-from-home. Taking advantage of his mastery of Nilas and the Ne'haer's limited access to ice, Baelam struck a deal with a young Rauve de Visci and Ne'haer's council at the time and secured himself citizenship, wealth, and fame.

Founded in 693, Oscillette started as an ice distributor and packing business operated almost solely by Baelam and the occasional Ellune passing through. Noting an opportunity, Rauve de Vesci capitalized on Baelam's initiative and struck a deal with the Ellune (much to the disappointment of other investors of the time). In the 20 years since, it has grown to a sizable feature of Ne'haer's economic ring dabbling in just about anything there is to do with ice. Baelam has retained ownership of the facilities since its founding, but it's thought that Rauve still receives some kickback or benefit from the Ellune's venture to this day.

Reputation and Business:
Oscillette is a resort most locals cannot afford. Oscillette operates a cold spa, offering an assortment of skin tingling services to help relax and cool its clientele. As night approaches, however, Oscillette is transformed into an evening bar, offering exclusive drinks and treats unlike any other in Ne'haer (and quite likely, unlike any in West Idalos).

The true prize of Oscillette's business is its ability to create and sell ice. A majority of the complex is dedicated to this function. Ice is made, cut, and sold for a myriad of purposes. Purchased by weight, ice as a raw material is available for purchase by any customer, provided orders are appropriately made and paid for. Baelam's services are popular among ship captains with any temperature sensitive cargo sailing great distances. Luxury businesses in Ne'haer similarly benefit from the operation. Lastly, though there's no certainty of it being an act of good will or good measure, Oscillette is known to provide ice freely to Seacres Hospital as well.

Baelam, being a master of his trade, realizes ice can melt quickly. Though he does not disclose his secrets to insulting Oscillette freely, his services can be contracted to help alter a holding unit to safely transport ice. Ship holds, carriages, and small ice boxes are a few examples. Customers may even order ice boxes from Baelam's business directly, though there's a bit of time for the product to be properly made.

Though not commercialized, Baelam and Ellune among him are vigilant of traveling kinsmen. Knowing full well the dangers of the heat, Oscillette offers lodging services strictly to Ellune. For a pledge of service, the lodging may even be free of charge.

Oscillette's management, namely Baelam, hires a surprisingly wide variety of persons to his service – given the service he provides is nearly irreplaceable without the power of Nilas. Strongmen and laborers are always welcomed to aid in security and operation of the ice and packing business. Masseurs (namely those with softer hands!), bar tenders, and part-time entertainers are also welcomed in the operation of other facilities. Most business operations are permanently staffed by Baelam and his Ellune kin, though the old winter king of the west isn't one to turn down talent. While not widely advertised, Baelam wouldn't mind the help of Ellune gifted with Nilas or mages skilled in the ways of ice when it comes to helping maintain Oscillette. The Ellune draws closer to his dying breath with every day, after all.

Oscillette's façade is simplistic in its elegance and design given the functionality of the facility far outweighs its appearance in value. The entire complex is engineered for maximum insulation of heat (or lack thereof) to preserve the ice and prevent melting. That being said, there are no openings in the structure save for exits, and window spaces tend to be thickly glassed and narrow. Small lanterns are the primary source of light in climate controlled areas such as the warehouse and bar, while other areas may have more exposure flames and heat sources. Through the main entrance, customers come to the main lobby (which serves as the bar during evening hours). Here services and transactions for all of the facilities features are handled during day time hours. A pathway through the back leads to the main spa. Cloistered from the city proper, the area offers a number of beds, hot baths, and a large swimming pond among the décor. Offshoots from the main cloister lead to small rooms for massages, ice baths, and more. Closer to the city harbor and walls is the ice packaging complex. In a large warehouse styled setting, enormous ice-blocks are frozen in molds, cut or chipped apart, and picked up. Oscillette features a quick access to a smaller pier in the west part of the city for ships to efficiently load their cold cargo for later use. Similarly, carriages can pull around to this back area for pick up too. Residual ice chips are collected and sold in small sacks as well, though this is the least reliable way to get ice from Oscillette.

For those Ellune seeking refuge from the heat, Baelam offers lodging in his private quarters. Dug into the rock and densely structured in ice, the lower quarter is a near replication of a home in Treidhart. The residence is as cold as Ne'haer's climate will permit and designed with an array of Ellune works of art and other sentiments of Oscillus. Most rooms are simply places to store things and rest, though with the power of Nilas they may also be customized. The immediate areas of the lower quarter are mainly dedicated to storage, along with some office spaces and restricted rooms. Note: These rooms follow the typical starting package space and item arrangements offered to players. Any upgrades within the confines of Oscillette will need to be pursued in-game. Enjoy!



30 minute session |15gn| any service
1 hr session |30gn| any service
Day package |80gn|
Services provided: swimming pond, hot/ice/mud bath, massage (body parts and full body), hair and skin treatments, body waxing.


Glass x 2 | Bottle x 4
Alcohol | Price
Sev'ryn Wine (Weak) | 2 GN
Apple Brandy | 5 GN
Orcage Wine | 5 GN
Hynith Ale (Pale) | 3 GN
Draska Ale | 5 GN
Red Lager | 2 GN
Irea Lager | 2 GN

Chocolate| 2 GN
Strawberry| 2 GN
Blueberry| 2 GN
Vanilla| 2 GN
Orange & Mango| 2 GN

Frozen Treats
Ice Cream | 2 GN | 2 Scoops, any flavor.
Ice Cream Cake | 4 GN | Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla.
Frozen Fruit | 1 GN | Choice of any.

Ice and Packaging

Item | Price | Notes
Ice | 1gn per pound | chipped or blocked, containers and transportation not provided
Ice box (small) | 1gn | lunchbox sized
Ice box (medium) | 25gn | chest sized
Ice box (large) | 40gn | bed sized
Custom Container | Inquire within | Some designs on hand, other designs require blueprints provided by customer


Inquire within.
Name: Baelam Sheulai qalar-Treid
Race: Ellune
Age: 38 (born )
Title: Owner of Oscillette, "Ice King of the West" among high society
Blessings/Curses: Ezere: Hated
Languages: Leni, Common, Rakahi
Skills: Business Management (master), Nilas (master), Observation (expert), Deception (competent), Interrogation (competent), Logistics (competent)

Other Information: Making landfall in Ne'haer over twenty years ago, Baelam made a lucky encounter with the young Rauve de Vesci. Starting an ice business in the city, Baelam spread his wealth beyond anything he could have imagined in Treidhart and became a permanent resident of Ne'haer. Though abandoning his quest to help restore Treid, Baelam became a caretaker of fellow Ellune who strayed too far from home. Founding Oscillette, dina-qalar-Treid – "Little Treidhart" in his native tongue, Baelam rapidly established himself as a talented figure among the people of Ne'haer and its surrounding territories for his entrepreneurial spirit, though perhaps at the cost of his honor.

Baelam is known for his keen business practices. Brief with his words, he mostly keeps his head in his books. Though he often operates within Oscillette, it is unbecoming of him to interact freely if it does not suit his interests. He tends to show some friendliness to his kin, though he retains a coldness about him that's even discomforting to Ellune - courtesy of the curse he bares. He is incredibly private in all aspects of his life, successfully so as he is still a mystery in Ne'haer today. He is tall by Ellune standards and well-kept, despite his lankiness, after years of operating Oscillette's ice mill. His face has few wrinkled grooves and a notable lack of laugh lines. Without a serious means of getting his attention, Baelam is more likely than not to walk by anyone without even a passing glance.
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