• Location • Siason's Stitchery

The finest alterations and custom clothing creation in the city.

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Siason's Stitchery

Siason's Stichery

Developed by Qia'nru
Siason's Stitchery has been doing business in Ne’haer for over twenty arcs. They provide the finest alterations and custom clothing creation in the city. Their quality work isn’t the only thing that keeps people coming through the doors; it’s as much the professional environment and superb customer service. There are scant few seamstress shops in Idalos that are able to offer such fine craftsmanship with a guarantee of timeless on garments altered or ordered from the shop. It’s also why they’re able to boast members of the Council of Minäihe as some of their top clientele.

Each of the warmly painted walls in the waiting area is adorned with pictures of the owner’s work, making it as much a showroom as a work space. Colorful garments hang from racks around the room, so that customers might sample her stitching for themselves. Behind the counter is a large, open room where the seamstress’s workstations are set up. Customers can view them hard at work on various projects at any given time. The transparency of the open space both creates excitement and helps the fledgling seamstresses better their work.

Nicasia Saison, the shop’s owner is as passionate about teaching others as she is about her work. She has a sharp eye when it comes to picking out new talent and while her methods of squeezing the best out of them may seem odd at times, she has turned out many of the season’s top seamstresses.

Nicasia Saison

Name: Nicasia Saison
Race: Human
Age: 42 Arcs
Skills: Sewing 55 Expert, Business Management 50 Expert, Negotiation 30 Competent, Politics 35 Competent, Teaching 40 Competent

Nicasia is beautiful and passionate. It’s under her steady hand that Saison’s Stitchery has grown into the successful business that it is. When she bought it all those arcs ago, it was falling apart at the seams. It is her unwavering will and steel backbone that helped her build it back up to what it is today. She's given up everything personal to invest all of her time, energy and nels into the shop, so there is no way the rumors about her long-standing affair with one of the Council members could be true.

Price List

Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Undergarments (Women) 5 sn Coat 7 gn
Undergarments (Men) 2 sn Cloak 5 gn
Dress 5gn Stockings 10 sn
Overdress 2 gn Robes 18 gn
Underdress 1 gn Shirt 12 sn
Gown 9 gn Gambeson 3 gn
Corset 10 sn Brigandine 7 gn
Skirt8 sn Tabard 5 gn
Blouse 6 sn Doublet 3 gn
Chemise 12 sn Jerkin 15 sn
Bodice 10 sn Briefs 8 sn
Tunic 8 sn Gloves 2 gn
Vest 1 gn Pants 3 gn
Breeches 1 gn Trousers 5 gn
Jacket 3 gn Cape 1 gn

Trimmings and Modifications
Item Name Pricing
X-Small x.15
Small x.20
Medium x.30
Large x.60
X-Large x.80
Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Lace (Trim) 5 sn Ribbon (Trim) 5 sn
Fur (Trim) 4 gn Gimp (Trim) 15 sn
Passementerie (Trim) 2 gn Fur (Misc.) 10 gn
Buckles 12 sn Bells 7 sn
Lining 1 gn Fastener 5 sn
Cord (Braided) 18 sn Cord 12 sn
Embroidery 8 gn Tassels 2 gn
Fringe 5 sn Chains 12 sn
Beads 8 sn Feathers 15 sn
Bone 9 gn
Note: Custom orders can be arranged.
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