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The biggest bookstore in Rynmere

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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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A scholar's paradise, intellectuals from all over Andaris City come here to get their fix of new books and worldly information, as Richard loves to buy and sell books about adventure and exploring. Local literature groups from the University meet here a few times a season to discuss new books, and the owner loves to give guest lectures about local authors, and for a small cut of the sales fee, will put work up on display for visitors to see, giving young and upcoming writers the publicity they need to get off the ground.

Every now and then, Richard hosts events for authors to come into the shop and give readings, do book signing, or just talk about their new upcoming work. Though he looks like a grumpy old fart, Richard is a kindhearted man who enjoys giving back to the community and does this by donating children's books to the local schools, or by teaching struggling students of all ages to read and write in small groups or on an individual basis after closing hours for free. For advanced students, however, there is a fee of 5gn for a lesson. Richard also offers a scholarship to the most promising student each arc to attend the local University and further their education. He prefers to give this scholarship to young writers or poets, but has been known to offer it to students interested in trade type courses like ship building, or architecture.

Bookstore NPC List

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Richard Gustav

Race: Human
Age: 64 arcs
Title: Book Keeper
Skills: Writing: 50, Linguistics: 55, Etiquette: 35, Research: 30, Storytelling: 45

Richard has always had a fascination with books from a very young age and dedicated most of his life to reading, writing, buying, and selling books. He likes to stay up to date with new releases and is said to read a new book every day. Even after all these years, the boy in him still enjoys the tale of a pirate captain and his crew, exploring the world and burying treasure. Though he has never travelled himself, he admires those who do and loves to listen to their stories.
word count: 376
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