Vivian Regina Warrick

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Wed Feb 24, 2016 9:33 pm

Vivian Regina Shiryu

First Of Her House
Name: Vivian Regina Warrick

Age: 21

Race: Mixed Blood, Human and Biqaj

Date of Birth: Vhalar 27, 696

Marks: None

Factions Joined: None

Languages Spoken: Fluent Common, Basic Rakahi

Partners: None

Point Bank: 306
- 60 for two Elemental Illusions - 240
- 30 for Chalice of Fortune = 210

Vivian has dark curly hair that falls to her shoulders, a pale complexion, and icy blue eyes. Standing 5'10", Vivian is tall for a woman and carries herself with a confidence that speaks of her sense of superiority. In addition, her long practice with fencing and horseback riding has given her movements a natural grace akin to that of a dancer but more aggressive, as if one were watching a hunting wolf. Typically seen in a white shirt with tight fitting trousers and boots, so as not to interfere with her movement, along with her favorite red jacket.

Upon first meeting Vivian, one might easily dismiss her as just another arrogant noble, with good reason. Proud, vain, and somewhat haughty, Vivian treats those she considers beneath her with cold arrogance and disdain. Even her equals and superiors are frequently met with a cold attitude that, while respectful, gives no hint that there is any warmth to this child of the esteemed Warrick family. Underneath her wintery exterior there is warmth to be found, but it takes time and patience to for Vivian to open up enough for anyone to find it. Those that make it that far will find that Vivian, while still proud and vain, harbors some very deep seated insecurities about living up to the legacy of her ancestors and worries about whether or not she's as skilled as she hopes. In addition, those that crack through her cold exterior will find that she possesses a loyalty to her friends that is virtually unbreakable. The only time her cold exterior cracks in public is when she's confronted with the notion of having to be submerged for any length of time, as Vivian suffers from intense aquaphobia due to a childhood accident that sends her into panic attacks if someone tries to make her swim.

Born to Wren and Garret Warrick, Vivian was raised on the tales of her forefathers heroism and daring. To say this had an impact on her youth would be an understatement, as most of Vivian's childhood was spent on mock adventures and fighting imaginary monsters in her room, usually to the distress of the cleaning staff after they were expected to make up her bedding for the third time in a single day. However, this is not to say her childhood was all sunshine and imaginary monster battles. As the daughter of the noble Warrick Family, she was expected to learn the manners and stylings of the Rynmere court and had to attend many private lessons courtesy of her domineering mother.

Though if Wren Warrick was controlling it could perhaps be forgiven as Garret Warrick had only the loosest concept of control. He encouraged Vivian's childhood adventures and even helped her escape several of her more boring classes. However, that came to an end during her seventh year. Garret, a sailor as many Biqaj were, took his daughter on a short fishing cruise, hoping that it might awaken in her the same love of the sea he himself felt. However, when Garret was distracted by unexpected damage to his ship, Vivian fell over the side of the ship. Unable to swim, she would have drowned had Garret not realized what had happened and gone into the water to save his daughter. As it was, she was ill for several weeks and though she survived, the incident left her with a crippling phobia of water and nearly silenced her desire for adventure. For his part, Garret encouraged Vivian to be astute in her studies, feeling that it her near miss had been partly his fault.

For a time, Vivian was determined to live the quiet, safe life of a noble families daughter. This manifested in an interest in horses and animals that led her mother to believe her daughter might make a fine rancher as she grew. However, in Vivian's thirteenth year, her love of adventure was reawakened, this time by a demonstration the Xiur Skyriders had given in Andaris for a parade. Vivian's family had been attending and the sight of the Skyriders soaring the skies on their winged mounts set Vivian on the path she walks to this day. After returning home, Vivian began to express an interest in weapons work took to reading the legends and tales that had grown around the Skyriders, her passion to become only growing stronger and stronger.

While Garret supported Vivian's desire, Wren was alarmed and kept trying to talk Vivian back onto the path of a rancher or other safe occupation. While this was an understandable feeling, as she had nearly lost Vivian once already, Wren could not change her daughters mind and she grudgingly added rapier lessons to her daughters curriculum. As Vivian studied, practiced and grew older, Wren began to accept that her daughter would not settle for a safe life. That being said, when Vivian announced in her early twentieth year that she planned to move out and prove that she could survive on her own, Wren made one last attempt at setting on a safe path and gave her a home near her cousins Lazuli and Lei'lira that came with some animals and prime ranch land, along with a ring that had been in the family for quite some time.

Not dissuaded by this, Vivian took the ring, her weapons and her loyal pet dog, Pakse, and moved into the small home. Though she had to figure out what to do with the animals, she still plans to join the Skyriders and trains for the day she'll be skilled enough to be accepted into their ranks.

Despite being a member of a noble house, Vivian's house is deceptively modest, with hardwood floors and basic stone walls. This is largely due to her viewing her current home as a waystation more than a permanent place of dwelling, so she hasn't bothered to decorate it. As such, her furniture is similarly simple.
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Fri Jun 08, 2018 10:27 am

Vivian Regina Shiryu

First Of Her House
Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Blades (Longsword) 50/100 75/250
Animal Husbandry 20/100 20/250
Ranged (Long Bow) 25/100 25/250
Shield (Buckler) 25/100 25/250
Mount 26/100 [FT] 26/100
Etiquette 4/100 4/250
Detection 6/100 6/250
Rhetoric 1/100 1/250
Investigation 5/100 5/250
Writing 1/100 1/250
Agriculture 1/100 1/250
Appraisal 1/100 1/250
Unarmed Combat (Brawling) 25/100 25/250
Endurance 53/100 75/250 + 3
Teaching 25/100 25/250
Intimidation 20/100 20/250
Persuasion 1/100 1/250
Leadership 25/100 25/250
Animal Training 25/100 25/250
Acrobatics 19/100 19/250
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Vivian Shiryu
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Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:52 pm

Vivian Regina Shiryu

First Of Her House


Acrobatics: Tumble and Roll
Acrobatics: Using Ride The Lightning to reach higher places

Acting: Making a grand statement out of taking a newborn infant out of a crowded area.
Animal Training
Fauna: Volareon
Everyone spoils Paske
Volareon: Wingspan
Volareon: A Skyriders Mount

Animal Husbandry
Animal Husbandry: Preferred Dog Treats

Agriculture: Certain things grow at certain times


Bladed Combat: Rapier: Repetition builds muscle memory
Bladed Combat: Rapier: The importance of wearing protection when sparring
Bladed Combat: Rapier: The importance of the first strike
Bladed Combat: Rapier: Timing the strike to maximise damage
Bladed Combat: Rapier: Judging distances used by different weapons is a key tactic
Armed Combat Fighting Style: Novice Rapier
Rapier: Thrust
Sword: Effective parry
Sword: Use all parts
Sword: Take the advantage!
Sword: Thin blade- perfect for visors
Sword: A high strike
Sword: Find a centred stance
Blades: Rapier, on-guard stance
Combat: Blade (Rapier): Fighting on horseback
Blades: Rapier: Deflection
Blades: Rapier: Piercing
Blades: Rapier: Thrusting
Blades: Sword: Non-lethal blows
Blades: Sword: Fighting multiple opponents.
Blades: Sword: Defending others
Blades: Using Ride The Lightning and Elemental Manipulation to set up a surprise sword swing

Brewing: The taste of Ilaren’s wine


Cooking: How to make Oatmeal
Cooking: Stir the oatmeal to keep it from burning
Cooking: Using fruit to sweeten the food
Cooking: The sweet taste of Edasha’s fair


Deception: White lies
Deception: Devising a Story to Explain Survival
Deception: Telling a tall tale

Detection: That unmistakeable smell
Detection: Keep focused to spot small details in your environment
Detection: Spotting tracks in the wild
Detection: Consider your surroundings
Detection: Peering around a corner
Detection: The unmistakable sound of sex
Detection: Determining Mood
Detection: Watching non verbal communication.

Discipline: Making immediate moral judgements.
Discipline: Do not give in to panic
Discipline: Face your fears, truthfully
Discipline: Maintaining control in a phobia-provoking situation
Discipline: Sheer, bloody minded, pure determination
Discipline: Speaking what you need, not what you want
Discipline: Getting yourself cleaned up.

Disguise: Masking appearance


Training makes one Tired
Endurance: Sparring is the best practice
Armour: An unfamiliar weight
Endurance: Traveling in the cold
Endurance: An unusual sensation of drunk
Endurance: Note the small details in your body
Endurance: “It will kill you” extremes of cold weather.
Endurance: Being pelted by balls of hailstone
Endurance: Long walks through Emea
Endurance: Phenomenal Cosmic Power!! Wheeeeee!
Endurance: Shocks from a Leviathan
Endurance: Stabbed through the heart
Endurance: Washed up and out of control
Endurance: Getting used to the weight of your armor
Endurance: Wearing plate armor

Etiquette: Judging the depth of your bow according to rank
Philosophy: Respect Your Superiors
Rynmere Skyriders: Ranks and titles
Etiquette: Only Tell The Grim Details She Demands
Etiquette: Tough Love
Etiquette: Responding to invitations promptly
Etiquette: Knowing when not to be formal
Etiquette: Being polite to the people you do business with
Etiquette: Paying your rent up front.
Etiquette: Be polite, even to your enemy, when under terms of a truce
Etiquette: Do not show your distaste of a fool.
Etiquette: Introduce yourself to Immortals
Etiquette: Speaking quietly around a sleeping newborn
Etiquette: Holding your friends baby so they can look at their snake
Etiquette: Represent your military status in your outfit


Field Craft: A Wet Cloak Will Eventually Dry




Intimidation: Confidence is key
Intimidation: Use your status

Intelligence: Someone can interfere without being present
Intelligence: Understanding the nature of teamwork is important.

Investigation: Putting together clues to ascertain where you are
Investigation: Considering your options
Investigation: Unusual noises can be clues
Investigation: Consider the most important details
Investigation: Noticing clues to odd behaviour
Investigation: Noting the differences in triplets
Investigation: Pay attention to your surroundings




Leadership: Give commands, people follow
Leadership: Taking command of Bandits
Leadership: Giving Your Friend Cause to Believe in Herself
Leadership: If You Can't Wake Her, Carry Her
Leadership: Sharing Your Gear With a Friend in Need
Leadership: Taking charge of civilians
Leadership: Being a glory hound is not being a leader
Leadership: Being a loner is not being a leader
Leadership: Being a team player is being a leader
Leadership: Sometimes, people won't like you because you are strong.
Leadership: State your point and do not deviate
Leadership: Understand what you give to others
Leadership: Understand what you have been given

Logistics: Prepare for all eventualities


Medicine: Basic wound care
Medicine: Applying bindings

Asher: Difficult Mount
Mount: Saddling A Horse
Mount: Novice Horsemanship
Mount: Jousting at a Gallop
Mount: Levelling a lance correctly
Mount: Horse: Fighting on horseback
Riding: Saddling up in a hurry
Riding: Getting a frightened horse on the right track


Sunset Isle: Home of the Jacadon
Location: Fort Warrick
Location: Fort Warrick Guards Training Area.
Andaris: Layout
Faction VII: Bandits From The Burning Mountains
Location: Fort Warrick
Location: Andaris Beach
Location: Andaris Caves
Location: Burning Mountains Foothills
Faction VII: At the Base of the Burning Mountains
Location: Rynmere: Warrick
Location: Burning Mountains
Location: Scaltoth Jungles



Rynmere: Political Courtesies
Rynmere: Noble Houses
Politics: Some people will stoop to the lowest levels
Politics: Only Zvez Can Make First Contact

Psychology: Giving Some Details Prevents Worse Speculation
Psychology: Giving Your Friend Hope For an Immortal Cure



Ranged Weapons
Archery: Shooting when mounted is more difficult
Combat: Ranged (Shortbow): Multiple opponents
Combat: Ranged (Shortbow): Aiming higher to compensate
Ranged Weapon: Aim Ahead of a Moving Target
Ranged Combat: Bow: Aiming for the gut
Ranged Combat: Bow: Gauging wind distance
Ranged Combat: Bow: Predicting movement
Ranged Weapon: Bow: Aim it with movement.
Ranged Weapon: Bow: Use your voice to line up your target
Ranged Weapon: Bow: Close range head shots

Resistance: Long term effects of alcohol
Resistance: To drink from the cup of the Immortals


Seduction: Seduction probably works better when the seducer is sober.

Shield Use
Shield Combat: A basic block
A shield can mean the difference between life and death
Shield Combat: Keep your balance
Shield: Quick defence
Shielded Combat: Shield Bash

Smithing: The forging of a sword

Stealth: Staying hidden in a village
Stealth: Use the outskirts of residential areas
Stealth: Use the environment to hide
Stealth: Stay in shadows and listen
Storytelling: Telling my story to Jesine.
Storytelling: The initial story to Cassion

Strength: Holding on tight!

Swimming: The Dangers of Open Water
Swimming: Through difficult waters


Never underestimate a Skyrider
Recovery: Distance helps
Bandits: Put them down once, make sure they don’t get back up.
Tactics: Bringing a threat away from a crowd
Tactics: Dampening a hell hound
Tactics: Working with a Traitor
Tactics: Sometimes, risk taking is appropriate
Tactics: Careful choices lead to wise decisions
Tactics: Consider the importance of every question, every step
Tactics: Consider what you know, and do not know.
Tactics: It’s important to know the rules
Tactics: It’s not a better idea just because it’s yours.
Tactics: Recognising the difference between a really good plan and a rubbish one.
Tactics: Sometimes, you have to have a best guess

Teaching is Finicky

Thrown Weapons
Rocks: Ranged weapons


Unarmed Combat
Unarmed Combat: Elbow to face as an effective deterrant







Rynmere: Folklore
Xiur Skyriders: Legends and Tales
Cylus: Twilight
Pythera Venora: Biqaji
Pythera Venora: Speaks Rakahi
Pythera Venora: The Bandit
Bandits: Two dead by your hand
Bandits: Tattooed with a V
Lazuli: Rescuer
Lei’Lira: Rescuer
Zvezdana Venora: Uses a short sword
Zvezdana Venora: Not as good a swordswoman as you
Zvezdana Venora: Staying with her cousin
Zvezdana Venora: No discernable sense of humour regarding Lazuli
Zvezdana Venora: Has visited Lazuli
Zvezdana Venora: Offered assistance with Pythera
Zvezdana Venora: Not above a dirty tactic
Hector: Unwaveringly professional
Hector: Doubtful of coincidences
Hector: Not sure Zvezdana can be trusted
Sacred Seven: Warrick Line
Hector Avern: Skyrider Major
Hector Avern: Battle-worn
Hector Avern: Descendant of pig farmers
Ej'Ufnaj: Forsaken of Water
Pythera Venora: Knows Vivian Fears Water
Pythera Venora: Knows of Cousins Lazuli and Lei'lira
Pythera Venora: Associated With Faction VII
Lazuli: Quiet, but can be fierce
Lazuli: Thinks you’re brave
Lazuli: Knowledgeable about farming
Lazuli: Would like to learn how to fight
Lazuli: Doesn’t take Criticism Well
Lazuli: No idea how to fight
Lazuli: Bad History with Bullies
Zveadana: Married Veljorn Burhan
Zvezdana: Loves Veljorn
Zvezdana: Has promised to avenge Lazuli
Lazuli: Tortured
Cassander: Low-born
Cassander: Had a noble tortured
Stone Creek: Nice wine
Nir'wei: A Sev'ryn who can't handle his drink.
Nir'wei: Common isn't so good.
Nir'wei: Thinks horses should be liberated
Nir'wei: Thinks you should fly if that's what you want!
Nir'wei: A contrary fellow
Nir'wei: Stubborn
Isabel Warrick: Proud of you
Lazuli: Betrothed to Veljorn Burhan
Lazuli: Heir to Warrick
Rafael: Lives dangerously
Veljorn: Fit & Healthy
Veljorn: Formidable opponent
Veljorn: Technically excellent
Veljorn: Defeated you
Genevive Allanach: Defeated by your hand
Genevive Allanach: Over-Confident
Gray: Defeated you
Gray: A mystery
Gray: A worthy opponent
Seira: A Singer
Seira: Doesn't know how to fight
Vilhelm: Faction VII Leader
Vilhelm: Intimidating
Faction VII: Bandits and thieves
Zvezdana: Changed in Andaris
Zvezdana: May have a condition
Zvezdana: Becomes a hell hound
Sessfiend: Does the Cursed Sleep During the Episode?
Sessfiend: Heat Aura Starts Forest Fires
Sessfiend: Scared of Its Own Reflection
Sessfiend: Scared of Water
Zvezdana: Leaves You All Her Belongings
Zvezdana: Leaving Rynmere, Possibly For Rharne
Zvezdana: Says Elyna Murdered Veljorn
Zvezdana: Sessfiend Cursed by Syroa
Zvezdana: Trusting the Twins to Your Care
Zvezdana: Not used to dealing with children
Zvezdana: Appreciates your loyalty
Zvezdana: Gave you a birthday gift
Pythera Venora: Plans to See Rynmere Burn
Pythera Venora: Cocky Wench
Zvezdana: Nothing Like Pythera Venora
Ronald: Your uncle’s squire
Sessfiend: Zvezdana Venora
Zvezdana Venora: Asleep following returning to her human form
Lowtown: Ruined
Knight (Peake): appeared to be dead
Drayas: Rapes Lei'lira
Drayas: Married for the Noble title
Drayas: Has the right to do as he wishes with Lei'lira
Drayas: Does not live with Lei'lira
Drayas: Visits from Andaris regularly
Drayas: You want to kill him
Lei'lira: Is afraid of Drayas
Lei'lira: Is the mother of twins
Lei'lira: Is afraid to ask the rest of the family for help
Lei'lira: Looked exhausted
Location: Ilaren's Tavern (Unknown)
Drink: Ilaren's Gold
Ilaren: Has A Task For You
Cassion: The final, and true, test
Cassion’s Gambit: A game among the Immortals
Cassion’s Gambit: You were seeking a key
Delroth: His Domains are Birds, Wind, Vanity and Greed
Delroth: Sponsored Tio in Cassion’s Gambit
Delroth: The second of four
Edasha: Her Domains are Sight, Adultery, Beauty and Jealousy
Edasha: Sponsored Nauta in Cassion’s Gambit
Edasha: The fourth of four
Emea: Gilgarod: Where dreams of kings go
Emea: Jesine’s Real
Emea: The Realm of Dreams
Epilogue: The Sword Which Killed Cassion
Ilaren: Her Domains are Alcohol, Lightning, Brawling and Sound
Ilaren: Sponsored Vivian in Cassion’s Gambit
Ilaren: The first of four
Jesine: Can appear to be a crow
Jesine: Dreams of rest
Jesine: Your Guide
Location: The Meeting Place
U’frek: His domains are Navigation, Water and Auroras
U’frek: Sponsored Arlo in Cassion’s Gambit
U’frek: The third of four
U’frek: Won Cassion’s Gambit
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Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:34 pm

Vivian Regina Shiryu

First Of Her House
Immortal Marks


Palenon: Favored


  • Elemental Manipulation - Lightning (Minor)
    • The character is able to control a small amount of lightning in relatively close proximity to themselves. Limited to a single bolt of lightning that can travel 20 feet before dissipating. Capable of throwing one lightning bolt every bit. If the bolt hits, it can cause shocking pains and numbness to any struck body part. Alcohol intoxication diminishes the power of this ability.
  • Life of the Party
    • The character is able to share their emotions with a crowd within a short range around them for a single break. Greater levels of alcoholic intoxication increases the power of this ability.
  • Rolling Thunder
    • The character is better able to understand the motions of combat and the rhythm of skirmish. Seeming to roll with their enemies blows, the character is able to mitigate some of the damage and redirect the force back at their opponent. A balanced level of alcoholic intoxication is needed to use this ability.
  • Three Sheets to the Wind (Minor)
    • The Favored is blessed with an increase to their physical capabilities depending on their stage of intoxication. When the Favored has had little to nothing to drink, their reaction speed is increased greatly, allowing them to react at speeds nearly impossible to keep up with, making it hard for them to be hit - though arrows and bolts still travel too quickly for them to stop. The more the Favored imbibes, the more they trade speed for strength until all reaction speed is lost and replaced with strength, allowing them to hit with greater force. Able to generate enough force to splinter wood and dent metal.
  • Bottomless Wineskin
    • Any container the Favored drinks from never empties. This ability only functions if the contents of the container are alcoholic.
  • Rising Lightning
    • The Favored is able to direct a bolt of lightning beneath their feet, giving them an added boost to a jump. The Favored is able to use this ability to increase the height of their jump equal to one half the distance of the Manipulation distance. Alcohol intoxication diminishes the power of this ability


Mark specific knowledges
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Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:37 pm

Vivian Regina Shiryu

First Of Her House

Clothing & Toiletries

  • 1 basic set of clothes
    • 1 white shirt
    • 1 set of black pants
    • 1 pair of black boots
    • 1 red jacket
    • 1 set of undergarments
    • 1 silver ring with a pyrope garnet stone set in it. (Heirloom)
  • 1 set of toiletries
    • 1 hairbrush
    • 1 razor
    • 1 toothbrush
    • 1 container of toothpaste
    • 1 container of soap
    • 1 set of good casual clothes
    • 1 Black wool shirt
    • 1 Brown leather coat with fur lining
    • 1 pair of Brown leather trousers
    • 1 pair of black leather gloves
    • 1 pair of black leather knee-high boots
    • 1 black leather baldric


  • House Items
    • 2 knives
    • 6 assorted plates
    • 1 Tinderbox
  • Farm Items
    • 1 Wheelbarrow
    • 1 Large Water Trough
    • 1 Large Feed Trough
    • 1 Cycle worth of feed


  • Animals
    • 1 Rottweiler house pet: Pakse
    • 1 Painted Mare: Speckle
    • 1 Painted Stallion
    • 1 Ox
  • Animal Attachments
    • 1 Bit
    • 1 Bridle
    • 1 Set of Reins
    • 1 Saddle


  • 1 Masterwork Rapier
  • 1 Masterwork Short Bow
  • 60 Arrows
  • 1 Masterwork Long Bow


  • 1 Pair of Leather Gauntlets
  • 1 Good Chainmail Shirt
  • 1 Pair of Good Chainmail Gauntlets
  • 1 Pair of Good Chainmail Grieves
  • 1 Good Chainmail Fauld
  • 1 Large Buckler with the Qe'Dreki Emblem
  • Masterwork Plate Armor
  • 1 Masterwork Plate Armor
  • 1 Masterwork Fault
  • 1 Masterwork Helmet
  • 1 Pair of masterwork plate grieves
  • 1 Pair of masterwork plate gauntlets
  • 1 Pair of masterwork plate pauldrons
  • 1 Masterwork large heater shield


  • 1 Old Rusty Key
  • 1 Dagger with Ruby Hilt
  • 1 Royal Crown (unsaleable) - As a wedding gift from Veljorn, Zvezdana received a silver crown laced with fine jewels. Although the jewels are mostly blue, to represent the house she married into, there are a few pink tinted jewels to symbolize how Venora. Following Zvezdana's death, this item passed to Vivian Shiryu, her last royal retainer. This item is worth several onyx nel, however, Vivian has no intention of ever selling it.
  • 1 small coin with a carved E on it - Obtained from Endgame

Magic Items

  • Ilaren's Cup: It could barely be described as more than a block with a hole in the top, and multiple markings from where someone had obviously been trying to hack away at it. It would even seem out off place in the room of a slave, and barely fit for purpose. Even in the waking, this is no ordinary vessel. Whenever Vivian drinks from it, it makes the contents more to her taste. Not overly so, but noticeably. It works well with any drink she doesn't like or which has turned sour. This only works for Vivian, only on non-magical, non-alchemical drinks. When one other than Vivian drinks from this cup, the contents change. If the drinker has ever made claim to or owned a human being as slave or otherwise (If they considered themselves the ‘owner’) the contents will be as the most bitter of brews. Should they have ever freed someone from ‘ownership’ in their past, it will be a delightfully sweet drink. Each act overshadows the other. Should a slave owner have freed their own slaves and taken no other, it would taste sweet whereas if a freer of slaves recently took one of their own, it would be bitter. If a person has done neither, the contents are the same as the contents that were poured in to begin with. - Obtained from Endgame
  • Delroth's Charms: The charm on the necklace provide Vivian with a one-time boost to either endurance or detection. When used, if her skill is novice, it moves to competent, competent to expert etc. It will last for one break.It will last for one break and then her skill returns to normal. - Pbtained from Endgame
  • Luminescent Tear: Your luminescent tear reverberates with the echoes of the Leviathan. It allows you to breathe underwater for one break, once a trial. - Obtained from Endgame
  • Edasha's Gift ~ shard of glass, sharp around the edges, spanning around 10 inches long and no more than three inches at its widest point.: This too maintains a taste of Edasha's touch upon it in the waking world. Once only, Vivian is granted the ability to see through the eyes of another person. This ability can be activated if she has secured uninterrupted eye contact with the individual for at least five trills, and is holding the Edasha-granted item - the ability may be used any time within that same trial. Using this ability incapacitates Vivian as she moves into a trance-like state where she is unable to see her surroundings - only what her target is seeing. This makes using the ability when in the presence of others somewhat risky. The target does not lose their own sight when the ability is activated. This lasts for one break and my be used once only before the item loses power. - Obtained from Endgame


Steel Blood
Vivian is now Steel-blooded, there is metal in her veins. This is a quality only for her and those who share her bloodline, detailed below. As she progresses in this plot, abilities related to this power can be gained with Storyteller approval.

Kinship: By sharing blood willingly with another mortal, (Both parties must agree and be aware that it will induct them into your ‘house’) they will gain the same blooded trait as Vivian and be ‘family’. Each new family member Vivian introduces (Must be either a PC or specialized NPC) will introduce a new shared ability for her ‘House’ and strengthen the sword Shiryu. Kinship can only be achieved when a significant enemy or obstacle for the Shiryu House is overcome (up to storyteller and player discretion). When five have been inducted into the House, Vivian and her family will need to return to Gilgarod to reforge the Shiryu Sword.

Passive ability for Steel-Blood: Vivian has an innate sense for the emotional weight of a weapon. When touching another weapon, she may ‘intuit’ how it has been used. She will ‘sense’ if it has been used to brutalize for greed’s sake, or used to protect, if it is lovingly sharpened and cared for or simply used without concern.

Shiryu: Shiryu is a sword that can only be properly used by Vivian or those of her bloodline. It is a perfectly balanced longsword in their hands, that weighs remarkably less than it should. In the hands of anyone else, it treats their skill with the blade as an entire tier lower when used. Shiryu cannot and will not cut anyone of her family line. The sword is remarkably durable, but if damaged it will ‘heal’ using the vitality of the weilder afterward, often mirroring its damage on their physical form to be healed before it is whole again. So long as even a single piece of it remains intact, it can heal to its original form.

Currently it is enchanted with Warrick blood. Against those who have Warrick blood, this blade will always hold a dangerously sharp edge and more easily cut through mundane armor. The wounds inflicted by this blade on a Warrick take twice as long to heal and almost always will become infected. With each new Shiryu added to the line, a sacrifice of blood must be made to the sword. The sword, in turn, will ‘hate’ any who carry that blood within their veins. Should someone with that blood be in close proximity, the current wielder of this sword will feel immense rage and hatred coursing through them. Expert or higher discipline can withhold an outburst, but it will become harder the more of that bloodline there are in close proximity.

Should Shiryu be stolen, it will communicate its location and current wielder in dreams to the most recent ‘accepted’ wielder.
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Character Sheet
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RP Medals


Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:42 pm

Vivian Regina Shiryu

First Of Her House
Money Ledger
+25 GN Starting Package 25 GN
-5 GN Rumor 20 GN
-0 GN Rebirth Cycle Expenses 20 GN
+40 GN Thread Awards 60 GN
+73 GN Thread Awards 133
+604 GN, 2 SN, 4 CN Ymiden Wages 637 GN, 2 SN, 4 CN
-300 GN Loan Repayment 337 GN, 2 SN, 4 CN
-80 GN Given to Zvezdana Venora 277, 2 SN, 4 CN
+286 GN, 5 SN, 3 CN Received from Zvezdana Venora 563 GN, 7 SN, 7 CN
-120 GN Masterwork Longbow 453, 7 SN, 7 CN
+364 GN Saun Wages 817 GN, 7 SN, 7 CN
+1399 GN, 5 SN, 3 CN Holding Zvezdana Separate Account
+1269 GN, 36 SN Vhalar Wages 1286 GN, 43 SN, 7 CN
-72 GN, 4 SN House and Inn payments 1214 GN, 39 SN, 7 CN
-1399 GN, 5 SN, 3 CN Returned Zvezdana Separate Account
+1241 GN, 1 SN, 9 CN Zvezdana's Will 2485 GN, 40 SN, 16 CN
-500 GN Endgame Stakes 1985 GN, 40 SN, 16 CN
+10 GN Endgame Reward 1995 GN, 40 SN, 16 CN
+300 GN Small Renown Reward 2295 GN, 40 SN, 16 CN
-58 GN, 99 SN, 6 CN Clothes Shopping 2236, 41 SN, 10 CN
-1360 GN Armor Shopping 876 GN, 41 SN, 10 CN
Total Currency: 0 ON, 876 GN, 41 SN, 10 CN
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Vivian Shiryu
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Race: Mixed Race
Renown: +125
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Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:46 pm

Vivian Regina Shiryu

First Of Her House
Experience & Renown Ledger
Link or SkillXP AdjustmentTotal Renown Rewarded Total
An Eventful VisitNA GF'd--GF'd45
Writing: 1----45
Agriculture: 1----45
Mount: 3----45
Ranged Combat (Short Bow): 2----45
Appraisal: 1----45
Melee Combat (Rapier): 2----45
Shield Combat: 2----45
Unarmed Combat: 1----45
Socialization: 1----45
Investigation: 2----45
Endurance: 2----45
FIrst MeetingNA GF'd--GF'd45
Observation: 4----45
Socialisation: 3----45
Etiquette: 1----45
Melee Combat: 2----45
Shield Combat: 3----45
Rivalry and RevelationsNA GF'd--GF'd45
Observation: 2----45
Socialisation: 3----45
Rhetoric: 1----45
Investigation: 1----45
Mount: 1----45
Stitches and SwordsNA GF'd--GF'd45
Teaching +4 ----45
Ranged (Short Bow) +1----45
Mount +2----45
Intimidation +1----45
Persuasion +1----45
Leadership +2----45
Sword Play1515146
Behind their Backs1212248
Animal Training 12----48
Animal Training13--249
No Tomb So Proud2022453
Treasure Hunt1436255
Release the Beast1515260
Lost Girl1515--60
Unexpected Alliance1010--60
Mountain Men1525969
Wyrd vs Bird99--69
Unarmed Combat1600--70
Drink With Me1515575
Light & Lightning20352095
+2 Bonus XP to Investigation (from Endgame)--55--115
Happy Birthday To Us15705120
+5 Renown From Book Of Life (from Endgame)--705125
House Rental 1585--125
Gearing Up and Training10110--125
Unarmed Combat-819--125
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