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Mandatory between the ages of seven and fifteen

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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Public School
Thou Shalt Seek Knowledge

The school's motto is etched into the stone above the archway entrance to the school, the words carved in large, imposing letters, towering above the children who troop into the school building every trial (day). All children in Rynmere are offered a basic education and here are the hallowed halls of learning where children come and receive this education. A central corridor runs the length of the building with classrooms either side, uniform in shape and size. Three classrooms to the left, three to the right and then a further pair of doors opposite each other. To the left, the door opens into the offices of the head teacher and to the right is the staff lounge.

At the other end of the corridor are double doors which open into the large hall and gymnasium area, used by the school for meals and events. Before any of these places can be reached though, there is the large reception area. To the left are rows and rows of hooks for coats, all at varying heights and labelled with names. To the right is a desk with a friendly young human woman sitting behind it. Judging by the number of bright drawings and scraps of paper with half-legible words on them, the school secretary loves the children and they, her. The desk is a study in ordered chaos with piles of paper on it which seem utterly random. However, any one of the children could tell you, as could the teachers, Miss Turkle was the most organised individual in the entire building. If someone needed to know something, it is Miss Turkle they went to.

School NPC List

Moderator's Note: Players are welcome to use these NPCs if they're writing about this location.

Miss Diluc Turkle

Race: Human
Age: 23 Vhalar 693
Title: School secretary
Skills: Research: 50, Medicine: 50, Painting: 30, Sewing: 25

Organised, friendly, and loves children. Miss Turkle spends a lot of time going above and beyond her job role, she is a very organised and will always be happy to help out. She has no social life to speak of and is very attached to each of the children in what she sees as her care.

Mr Middleton

Race: Human
Age: 14 Ymiden 667
Title: Head teacher
Skills: Teaching: 60, Mathematics: 50, Chemistry: 50

Stern, harsh looking man who is actually tender hearted and a real softie underneath it all. Mr Middleton was a maths and chemistry teacher who became the head when his predecessor died suddenly. He is of the opinion that everyone in the school should be focused on teaching and, as long as they are, then all will be well. He can be very demanding of his staff, but they agree that he always works at least as hard as they do.
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